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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Celiacsure/biocard Test

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I received my Celiacsure/Biocard test the other day and was able to take the test within a few minutes.


I had some issues getting enough blood to do the sample, but the control line did show and after the 10 minutes were up a faint but distinguishable line was also in the test window.


According to the instructions and the website, a line in the test window (no matter how faint) is still considered a positive.


Considering I didn't have a full sample of blood and was still able to get a result I'm guessing that it's a very good indicator that I might have more than a gluten intolerance and might actually have Celiac disease.

I'm going to try and get a 2nd opinion from a doctor and see if they will do proper blood tests and labs to confirm. Maybe with my Biocard test in hand as evidence they will be more open to ordering/paying for tests.


Anyone have similar results with Biocard (now known as Celiacsure) test? What was your experience with the product? Did it help you any?

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I had the same experience.... Almost exactly. I did not get enough blood but ended up with a very faint positive line-I almost couldn't see it at first in dim light. Two weeks later I was tested by my doctor's lab (I brought the test to show him too) and had very positive test results. The Biocard test tests ttg IgA, and total serum IgA. On my lab blood wok my ttg IgA was >200 with a reference range of around 0-20 (I forget the exact range). I also had a very positive EMA test so we stopped the I diagnostic process at that point and started the gluten-free diet.

On the other hand, I know a woman with some symptoms (pain, hair loss, behavioural) who tried the Biocard test and had a light positive. Like me, she had doctor ordered labs drawn and they were entirely negative. About a month later she discovered that Lyme disease was causing her problems.

I would definitely get more testing done. Ttg IgA tests for celiac disease and not non-celiac gluten intolerance(NCGI). It can also indicate an infection or other autoimmune diseases, but usually it indicates celiac... And you don't want to let that go untreated.

Best wishes.

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