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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Cross Reacting Diet?

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hannisa    0



I'm having a bad time, having been stable for quite a while. I'm not sure what glutened me, but I suspect it was some processed soup (supposed to be gluten-free, but.....)


Since then I haven't recovered. Normally it takes 4 days or a week, but it's 2 weeks on and I'm still struggling. I'm already extremely thin, and I'm losing weight because of the reaction.


I've found a website that says you can cross-react to a long list of other foods:



  • Amaranth
  • Buckwheat
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Corn
  • Dairy ie Milk and Cheese (Alpha-Casein, Beta-Casein, Casomorphin, Butyrophilin, Whey Protein)
  • Egg
  • Hemp
  • Millet
  • Oats
  • Polish wheat
  • Potato
  • Rice
  • Sesame
  • Sorghum
  • Soy
  • Tapioca
  • Teff
  • Yeast

So I'm tempted to go on an extreme diet, but I'm also worried about losing more weight. Can anyone suggest foods that I can definitely eat safely to help my gut recover?


Thank you!!!

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cyclinglady    723

Rotation, rotation, rotation!  If you suspect allergies (or already know of some), you'll need to rotate your foods to 1) calm down the "fire" inflammation and 2) prevent other allergies from developing.  There are plenty of websites that discuss four day or seven day rotational food diets.  


Good luck!



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kareng    1,992

There is no real scientific evidence for this " cross- reactive" foods to gluten.

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GFinDC    609

Hi Hannisa,


If you spend a little while reading the signatures of people on the forum, you will see that many of us have food intolerances beyond just gluten.  But they are not all the same.  Some people react to soy, to nightshades, some to corn, some to eggs, some to dairy, etc.  It varies by the person.  So one diet that fits all is not possible.  As far as your own individual food reactions go, you may want to try and elimination diet.  That is a pretty good way to figure them out.

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hannisa    0

OK, thanks guys. I've always felt pretty positive about having celiacs - you just gotta avoid the gluten and you're fine - but it's obviously not that simple.


I've also remembered that I've been taking high strength Vit C the last few days to avoid catching a bug that my family has. I know Vit C can upset the stomach if you take too much, so maybe that hasn't helped either.

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Have you tried coconut milk?  It has many nutrients and energizing fat.


Nuts can add nutrients and energy if you tolerate them.


Avocados help load me with energy; they aren't my favorite taste.



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I had problems with a lot of foods too and people suggested other food intolerances and that cross reacting stuff.  What I found was that a certain food item from one source would make me sick, and then if I got it somewhere else, it wouldn't.  I figured out that I was reacting to low levels of gluten contamination.  My GI told me how some celiacs react to lower levels of gluten than others.  Some can't tolerate the tiny amounts allowed in gluten-free foods.  Learning that made all the difference and I was able to take steps to get healthy again.  


Whether it be low level sensitivity, or other food intolerances, the food/symptom journal along with challenge/elimination diets is the way to find safe food to eat.  Keep track of sources of food as well as what they are.  It is easier if you keep it more simple with fewer ingredients and fewer sources of possible cc.  Produce and unprocessed meats accomplish this.  Be patient and confident that you will be able to solve this problem.  It will just take some time.

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hannisa    0

Thank you both. It's good to get advice from some real experts because I have a feeling my doctor would just be sympathetic but quite useless.


I like avocados and nuts, so I'll try having more of them. I'm in the UK and coconut milk, as far as I know, comes in tins with additives and sometimes thickened. Not sure if this is what you have in mind, but I will have a closer look when I'm in the shops.


Part of the problem is that I have been fine since I started the gluten-free diet a couple of years ago. I have got glutened a few times by processed food but it goes in a few days. So this is something new and I have to adapt to it. Perhaps I need to get more organised, as you say, and keep a track of what I'm eating, and also do an elimination diet.

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    • I am confused too.  I appears that your blood panel was indeterminate, but that your NP had you on a grain free diet for five weeks prior.  You went back on gluten for two weeks (recommendation is 2 to 4) for the endoscopy.  Maybe it was not enough time for your antibodies to build up and start attacking your small intestine.   Doctors can not say for sure that two weeks is enough.  Probably for most, but maybe not all.  I say this because I never even test positively on the TTG and EMA EVER (but my biopsies proved otherwise and my anemia resolved forever on the gluten free diet).  The number of biopsies taken (6 or more recommended) and the location should be determined.  I would ask for all medical and lab reports.   Your child had a positive DGP IgA like me, yet if I recall, they are dismissing celiac disease.  I think a second GI consult might be prudent.   Your symptoms?  If you have celiac disease it can take a few MONTHS to feel better.  Why?  Most often mistakes are made in the diet.  It happens.  There is a steep learning curve.  It flat out just takes time to heal.  I think most members will tell you that healing does not happen that fast even though science tells us that villi regenerates in just a few days.   There is usually a lot of collateral damage. Finally, something is wrong.  Maybe it is NOT celiac disease.  I though for sure my niece had it, but Crohn's was found instead on a pill camera.  She had consulted with four GIs!!!! So, keep advocating for your health and your child's.  
    • I looked at your past posts, but I’m not sure i know what you were eating then and what you’ve stopped eating now. Also what sort of medical workups you’ve had and what were the results. I understand your biopsy was negative - but I also saw on one post that you were worried they only took one biopsy. Do you have the analyst’s result report there with you? Does it say how many were taken? It’s hard for me to hazard any kind of a guess without a little bit more information, including any medications you are taking. I’m sorry you are feeling so awful. What symptoms are you having? Plumbago
    • I've posted a few different topics, so I thought I would just update in one post. I am seeing my GP later today, but apparently my biopsy results were negative. I have no further information on this. What I do know, is that I have been feeling much worse since giving up gluten after my gluten challenge. Half the days I have barely left the couch. I am so confused and upset. They had warned me this may not give me answers...I'm barely eating anything, I feel so sick. I feel like I felt better eating bread, so maybe that's how I'm supposed to be eating? At this point I just need to eat more than a banana, which is all I can stomach today.
    • It doesn't change DH, but it always makes me smile thinking someone means Dear Husband instead of the rash.
    • It's done this since I started on here, many years ago.  Kind of funny when people type g f meaning girlfriend...... 😄
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