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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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How Gluten Free Has Affected Your Life

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Hey people,

so I wanted to ask everyone what their journey with gluten-free has been like. Personally, I have been gluten-free since the age of 6 (1999, when celiac hadn't gone mainstream yet), due to a wheat allergy, so I've pretty much lived my whole life with it, and it's not really that big of a deal. My friends understand what I can and can't eat (most of the time) and I've become good at creating my own meals (since pre-made gluten-free can be EXPENSIVE). I'm in college, but I live at home. That comes with its own set of problems, right?  ;)   So, basically I'm wondering, 


1. Are you G sensitive, or Celiac?

2. What's your gluten-free story, has it been frustrating, easy, expensive, scary, funny...?

3. Do you think that being gluten-free make you unique, does it define you as an individual?

4. What do you think needs to happen in the gluten-free and non-gluten-free communities/industries to help us all out?


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1) I am a self-diagnosed celiac based on family history and response to the diet.


2) It was frustrating and downright heartbreaking at first. Now that I've adjusted, it's a piece of (gluten-free) cake! :)


3) Being gluten-free is no different to me than having blue eyes or being tall. It doesn't define me, it's just part of living that I only think of when contemplating eating out.


4) Being that I live in a tiny and rather isolated town, my wish is that there were more gluten-free options locally. My local health food store carries some decent breads and some gluten-free sausages, pizza (Against the Grain - YUM!!) and a few desserts. The trouble is, a lot of the gluten-free foods contain soy or corn, both of which I am also intolerant to. If Against the Grain can make such delicious foods in a gluten-free, corn-free and soy-free facility, why don't others? Also, it is really hard to find vitamins and supplements that are free of all three.


It would be nice if more restaurants had truly gluten-free menus and educated their staffs on CC. But I'm not holding my breath. <_<


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    • Thanks for the response, all helpful. Here is the ingredients for the Claritin reditabs:  anhydrous citric acid, gelatin, mannitol, and mint flavor. And here is the ingredients for the nasal spray: An aqueous suspension containing the active ingredient fluticasone propionate USP, and the inactive ingredients 0.02% w/w microcrystalline cellulose and carboxymethylcellulose sodium, dextros, 0.02% w/w benzalkonium chloride, polysorbate 80, and 0.25% w/w phenylethyl alcohol, and has a pH between 5 and 7. Does anyone see anything suspicious I am still new at looking up unusual hidden gluten sources.
    • Hi Spencer88- just wanted to update you on the splinter hemorrhages. I went to my GI doctor and he ran a bunch of bloodwork. I didn't actually get the bloodwork done for a few weeks as I wanted to go back to consistently taking my B-12, D3, K, and multi.(Solgar VM-75)  When I did get the bloodwork done, all the numbers came back fine. Vitamin C is water soluble so harder to test for than A,D,E, and K but I thought A,D,E, & K would serve as an indication of how my body was absorbing. Splinter hemorrhages have grown out on my one toe and seem to be growing out on my other foot as well. Today, I think one may be starting on another toe, so am increasing my clementines to 3 a day again and seeing what happens. (I had gone down to one a day). This seems so non- scientific, but I am giving it a shot. My GI also wanted me to check with a rheumatologist, but my tests for RA and Lupus all came back fine, so not sure I will be making an appointment. Getting tired of jumping from doctor to doctor. So far have seen General practitioner, GI, Cardiologist, & Dermatologist. We have ruled out a lot, but no answers as to why. Getting tired of hearing the word "idiopathic". How are you doing?
    • :-D I'm hoping the labs will show something, but I'm thinking you're right and I'll just have to go gluten-free if there're no "evidence". My doc seemed willing to ask for a skin biopsy if it flares again, so that may do it if the labs don't. The tricky thing is most of my symptoms are gone since I cut out milk, except the rash crops up every now and then, my scalp never calms down completely, and my hair falls out. Huh, I guess that's still pretty unsatisfactory, lol.  I may just need to cut out the gluten after we get through the testing.
    • Are you now gluten free? Urinary issues are definitely a celiac / NCGS symptom. I used to drink tons of water / other drinks and had to urinate quite frequently when I was eating gluten. Once I stopped this was no longer the case. I still have the urge to urinate though, but far less frequently!
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