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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Uk Not Much About Brain Fog?

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I am waiting for my final confirmation that I have coeliac although it seems pretty sure to myself and the doctors because of the blood test results.

My symptoms are tiredness, anxiety , depression, miscarriages and brain fog, which all seem to be discussed a lot on here, But practically nothing on any uk based sites. This seems a bit odd to me , cant really find a mention of brain fog at all and mentioning it to a doctor they just look at me slightly blankly. I feel a bit like i may be pinning my hopes in coeliac being the cause of my problems when it may turn out that it isn't. Anyone else found this ? Its like the Uk are just not recognising the links? Thanks!


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Hi Wiggle, I've had most of your symptoms including brain fog. I know what you mean about your family gp not understanding about brain fog. Have you been referred to a specialist yet? because mine is brilliant and totally gets it!

I joined coeliac uk in January (expired now) and attended a local seminar run by Dr Stuart Currie a neuroradiologist working with Professor David Saunders, Dr Hoggard and Dr Hadjivassilou. Dr Currie is currently in research looking at brain aspects and imaging in patients with Coeliac disease/gluten ataxia and he also talked alot about brain fog.

If you google his name, you will find info on brain fog etc.

Good luck with the testing.


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I am in the UK too, and have struggled to find up to date information here. This site has helped tremendously, especially about the mental side of things. VeggieGal's comments are really helpful.

It is great that good research is happening, my experience is that GPs are very mixed in their level of knowledge.

I am sorry to hear about what a difficult time you have had. I had many miscarriages before my 2 lovelies, sorry you have had to go through that.

I hope you get your diagnosis, but if not, consider whether it might be non celiac gluten intolerance. That is my diagnosis, and my life has transformed gluten-free.

Stick around and ask lots of questions

Welcome to the board :)


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Thank you both, so fantastic to get replies on here makes me not feel such an odd bod!

On to a bit more googling right now , thanks veggie gal.

So you guys found the gluten free did make a difference to the dreaded fog? anyone join a local group too?

:) x


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Brain fog, depression, stress, anxiety all gone gluten-free :)

In fact, the first sign I get when I accidentally eat gluten is a feeling of hopelessness and dropping into depression. Even though I now now it will pass in a couple of days I feel I will never cope again.

It is very real, plenty of folks here will agree.

I found celiac UK a bit helpful, I used their helpline a few times. They can give you details of local groups. Their food directory is extensive, covering all the main supermarkets and catering suppliers. They are launching an app for members. They give different advice to here, and I tend to check things out here.

I found I had other intolerances, and don't eat any processed foods now. If you use gluten-free food replacements keep an eye on fat sugar and salt, as they can be higher.

I have used this as my support group, there is good chat on the what's for dinner thread and tickle me elbow as well as the health side of things.

Nice to meet you :)


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    • If you're going to continue to push for a diagnosis stay on gluten! A break could lead to a false negative. It's a lot harder to go off it and then go back on...   
    • I still prefer steaming, but I wash my white rice throughly.  I purchase California rice which has a lower level of arsenic.  Moderation is key to most everything!  😊
    • I eat pretty much grain free just fine, I eat fats instead. But on a side note I posted some specialty and grain free options as of late in the food alternative page where I list companies and food product alternatives. I honestly just welcomed bread back into my life, I found a company that makes grain free bread out of nut flours. Given you have to toast the dang bread to use it well but seems to work decently. Pasta there are carb free versions out there, and there are ones made with quinoa, buckwheat, or other grains, I even know one company that makes nut flour based ones. You can get these gluten-free options and avoid the rice. As to levels of arsenic they do test foods for these, and all should be safe, the trace amounts and the sheer amount you would have to eat to get effected is staggering, a bit of rice will not hurt you regardless if your concerned I know gluten-free watchdog does arsenic testing on products you could check and find the "safest ones" for your concerns.
    • I've forgotten them, just remember the good stuff. Weekends in Baja or Vegas or up Pacific highway to see the Redwoods and Frisco. Watching the sunrise at Mount Soledad and watching it drop into the Pacific in the evening. Carne Asada Burritos on Garnet* Solana beach ale* Gorgeous women entranced by my exotic accent, humboldt county weed, raves at the romper room, *1.99 are you out of your mind Denny Breakfasts, Christmas on the beach, *Beers in the gaslamp quarter. I need one of these                                      * which by the power of my imagination have magically become gluten free     AANNNYWAAY... Arsenic in rice. Yeah. 
    • Oh, it definitely struck me as very odd! It also says "no significant increase in intraepithelial lymphocytes". That's their favorite word I guess!  My blood work pre-biopsy also showed increase lymphocytes and my primary doctor said it usually means increased inflammation. Doing all the things I can now---filing a complaint, I've emailed my doctors to tell them I'm upset and don't think I received proper care, I'm in the process of trying to see a naturopath that diagnosed a friend of a friend w celiac. I'm going to see if i can get the other blood work done with them---and I've been gluten free for a week and a half!     
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