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This Itchy Skin Has Got To Stop!
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This Itchy Skin Has to Stop,

I see this is an old thread but I didn't see where any body mentioned Niacin.

I had a friend who had an histamine allergy and taking Niacin helped.

Usually 250mg is enough to cause mild flushing/hive like reaction.  Niacin taken with food moderates flushing.

Usually your histamine stores become depleted in a couple days of taking Niacin 250mg 3/day and after 3 or 4 days the itching stops because the Niacin has emptied our cells of excess histamine relieving the incessant itching you are experiencing.

You can gooogle how to take Niacin to stop itching/or seasonal allergies.

It (Niacin) in high doses (500mg) works well to alleviate intense itching in 3 or 4 days.

If the flushing from Niacin seems to be too intense at first you can take it before bedtime and with Vitamin C to mitigate the flushing if it is too intense or eat with food.  the best way to moderate is to eat it with food and never on an empty stomach.

this (flushing) only last for 30 minutes or so.  Each time you take Niacin thereafter will cause less flushing (itching) until after 3 or 4 days you stop itching all together because you no longer have stored histamine  in your skin to trigger the itching reflex.

My friend was skeptical at first but now her terrible histamine sensitivity is now in remission.  Niacin helps us regulate or histamine releases and your body can go hay wire (so to speak) when we don' have enough Niacin to control this reaction/action mechanism.

**** this is  not medical advice only my experience with Niacin and research about how it works and the reports of my friend who have taken it (Niacin) and have got better from their histamine allergy.

I hope this is helpful.

I hope it helps those who try it.  But you will need to stick with it for a little while to get the intended benefit.

Good luck on each of those who read this post's on your journey.

You might also read this thread that summarizes the benefit's of Niacin well that is a pretty exhaustive thread about DH specifically and itching associated with a gluten allergy in general.

Again good luck on your journey.  And I hope this his helpful to the next reader/forum member who comes across it.

Here is shorter thread linked in the above thread for a shorter read of how Knitty Kitty on this forum used Niacin to reliever her itching.

That summarizes some of what you might also be experiencing with your intense itching.  This way you won't have read the bigger thread (if you are limited on time) and who isn't.




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