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Ireland - Tips Needed!

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I'm traveling to Ireland in a couple of weeks on a press junket. Basically, we are carted around for four days to different hotels, restaurants and activities to report on them for our respective media outlets. To this end, there is very little flexibility in terms of where we are eating and no ability to "stop the tour" to buy my own gluten-free food. While I have mentioned my celiac disease, there's really not much they can do.


Obviously I will bring a lot of gluten-free food with me (always carry nuts, chips, etc. when traveling). I also try and limit exposure by having as many safe foods as possible (breakfast: hard boiled egg in shell, yogurt, fruit in skin, etc.). Any other tips for this type of trip?


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Josie....don't even sweat this trip one bit!  I went to Ireland in the spring of 2011 and was thrilled to find out that everywhere I went to eat, every single person I spoke to knew all about Celiac.  Ireland has very high rates of it and they accommodate to an amazing degree.  On ordering my first breakfast there, after landing at the airport and driving to the hotel, they asked me right away...."Would you like Celiac bread with your breakfast"?  I blinked rapidly because I could not believe it.  Their Celiac bread is more like large rolls that are kept frozen and then heated before serving, so you get warm rolls.  They were very good too!  I was there 3 years ago and I hope things have not changed too much but this was my experience.


One thing to mention about bread......some of their bread may contain Codex wheat starch which is not allowed in American gluten-free diets.  It can contain up to 200ppm's of gluten. That was the information I got at the time.  I checked before I ate these rolls and they did not contain Codex because I would have declined them if it did.  Before eating any bread, just check to make sure.  Otherwise, it was very easy to eat gluten-free in Ireland and the people there are just so very friendly and accommodating, I didn't have to worry so much about food.  Bring snacks if you don't have time to shop for them but as far as meals go, it'll be easier than many places in the US. Make sure to try the salmon, if you like fish.  Best salmon I have ever eaten was in Ireland.


I am a very sensitive Celiac and it went pretty smoothly for me.  I hope you enjoy your limited time there!


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I agree with this totally:


Make sure to try the salmon, if you like fish.  Best salmon I have ever eaten was in Ireland.



and would add: no one on earth is more accomodating than the Irish, IMHO.


I would live there, if I could. 


Have a great trip--it's a beautiful country with generous and kind people and they "get Celiac". 


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I may be writing too late for you, but thought I would post anyway. I currently live in Ireland, and have very rarely encountered a problem eating out, even in hotels. As the other posters mentioned, Ireland is one of the easiest places to travel gluten free. (Most of the problems I encounter eating out is finding gluten free food that is also vegetarian!)


Many restaurants have at least some understanding of celiac disease, and most can provide gluten free options. If you have a chance to purchase your own foods, most stores have gluten free sections, though smaller stores like Spar and Centra may have a limited enough selection. 


Also, it may be worth checking out the Irish Coeliac Society, if you haven't already left for your trip. Here's their website: http://coeliac.ie/. 


Hope you have a great time in Ireland!


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    • Hey All, I was wondering if anyone has tried gluten free pizza? I'm specifically talking about the store bought kind. I'm looking for a cheat meal - I've been eating mainly non processed fresh food but I need a little something to stay sane every now and then. I'm from New York so i'd say I have a pretty high standard of pizza lol. Are there any good frozen ones that are worth eating? I don't think i've ever eaten a frozen pizza in my life but I don't particularly have the time right now to make my own.  Also while I'm posting I figure i'll ask. I'm going to this event with my friend at her work. It's like a dinner party. How do I navigate this situation food wise? Should I just eat at home and get drinks there or plan to eat there but take snacks just in case nothing seems safe?  Thanks guys!
    • Hi Dalek, JMG has it right, any food with wheat, rye or barley is a gluten containing food.  In addition, watch out for malt, which is sometimes made from barley.  That includes the malt in beers.
    • Interesting!! I'm going to share that with her dr. I'll have to look into the gluten sensitivity more myself, the main reason we started testing is due to poor growth. As I learned more, I've seen several symptoms that could be explained by celiac. I like feeling informed so I'll know what to talk to the dr about or ask about. I think those are the results we are waiting for still, I couldn't remember the name.
    • Call your doctor's office and ask them to relay your request to the doctor to amend the test request, they should be able to sort it without an additional meeting and delay. Worth a try anyway I think the Biocard tests TTG IGA and it may give you an indication. Do post your results here as I'm sure others will be interested in its effectiveness. If it's negative however remember that there are several celiac tests for a reason. Some test on one, some on another etc... However my guess is your doctor will dismiss them and want their own testing. That's the usual experience. 
    • Waiting for the EMA, I bet.  Keep advocating! this is interesting.  If celiac disease is excluded, she might still have a gluten sensitivity.  There just is not specific test for that. http://theglutensummittranscripts.s3.amazonaws.com/Dr_Umberto_Volta.pdf
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