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Can Stress Cause Dh To Flare Up?

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I'm mom of a newly diagnosed Celiac teen.  She has always has an "itchy rash" in her "elbow pits" as we call them since she was little.  It comes and goes.  She was diagnosed ~1 month ago after being in extreme abdominal pain with nasuea, BAD gas, and diarrhea for ~2 months.  She also suffers from depression/anxiety/panic attacks.  Obviously this whole ordeal has been quite stressful.  A week or so ago, she was glutinated and also in extreme stress about school.  An itchy/burning rash popped up again in the elbow pits and down the front of her arms to her hands and also both knees.  I have compared it to pictures of DH and it's pretty much a match.  


My questions are:


1.  Does stress and/or gluten cause flare ups?


2. What do you use to calm the itching/burning? After trying cetaphil, cortisone cream and oral benadryl; she found some SolarCane and it finally gave some relief.  The bumps went away in about 24ish hours, but the itchy/burning feel lasted 3-4 days.




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