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How Much Can We Trust Food Manufacturers?

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Ok so lets say we read the ingredients list and we found no wheat, barley, or rye ingredients. Great. But we know that's not the end of the story.


So lets say we look for allergen information, and there is none. And again we know that our detective work isn't over.


So lets say we then call the food company at the number listed on their packaging and the customer service rep tells us over the phone that the food/ingredients are processed on gluten-free equipment and there is no cross-contamination.


Is our work now done; can we trust them? Does it end here? I say this is a Celiac who never has GI symptoms, so my gut isn't going to tattle on them.


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I have never called a company. If I have problems with a product I just never buy it again. I actually only had problems with some rice once and then gave it away and now only buy gluten-free rice. I look on this site for good products. Tried and true stuff. I figure someone eles has already done the foot work why should I do it again? I trust everyone in here. 


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I feel your predicament, as I also have no telling GI symptoms.


In the end, there is a level of trust that you have to place in companies.  For me, I will spend the extra dollar on something that is made by a company who takes the time to give clear allergen information.  Certified gluten-free stuff is the way to go if you can, but once you get into more everyday products like pasta sauce, salad dressing, etc, it is important to me that I buy brands that are very gluten-free friendly with their labeling.  


If I have to go out of my way and contact a company to get allergen information, I will buy a clearly labeled/allergen info at the ready product instead of it, unless it is something exceptionally good.  I also shop at a grocery store who has the best gluten-free labeling on their private label products out of the 6 other grocery stores around me. Why work hard to seek out info when there is a clearly labeled choice... I choose to spend my money rewarding the companies who are clear about disclosing things in the first place.


I am also very anal retentive about making sure things are gluten-free because my body will not tell me if I get glutened.


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I hear ya! But I have the best "gluten meter" -- my husband! One glutening and he is cranky and snores heavily that very day ( never snores otherwise!). Makes it easier to track down a gluten source which is almost ALWAYS from a restaurant. I can pretty much trust manufacturers.


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    • Pocah, how long have you been gluten-free? i used to get the rash, or the itch at first, on my elbows for the tiniest amount of g. But after 8+ years, it no longer happens! I ate corn flakes twice, as breading, not checking the ingredients. Thought my husband did. He didn't know about malt flavoring, or probably forgot! Anyway, I got c instead. I miss my dh indicator. C is so normal in my life it doesn't stand out.
    • I wonder if this post is referring to me?  I tested high positive with blood tests and was denied an endoscopy as it was seen as unnecessary.  The Dr. said they already knew it was celiac based on the extremely high blood test.  I immediately went gluten free and all further testing including endoscopy which I had to beg and barter and pull strings to get, have been negative.  Might it be Pellagre instead?  My fatigue is much better gluten free but carbohydrates seem to cause almost instant brain fog.  I have at times doubted my diagnosis because it came from a misinformed Dr.
    • For me, the rash is rather handy. It serves as an indicator that I have exposed myself to gluten. With about 1 teaspoon of wheat based product ( bread etc ) I will come out in a rash somewhere within about six hours or so, and it will be itchy for about 24 hours then disappear. It gets worse the more gluten I consume. But looking on the bright side, it lets me know if I have encountered a "hidden source" of gluten, which is good. Rather this rash than the consequences of prolonged exposure from a hidden source.
    • Reality check in the past few weeks, looks like I got glutened at what should be a "safe" restaurant for gluten-free and gone right back to the beginning again recovery-wise Now too scared to eat anywhere and turning down social opportunities because of the food issues, what a miserable way to live this is.
    • Your issues is probably with the carbs then. there is a alternative. best pricing is miracle noodle. For Konjac rice substitute. Konjac flour works with some people others it does not. https://miraclenoodle.com/collections/miracle-noodle-rice-products There is a trick to cooking it but they make no carb noodles, and rice. I use the rice to make all kinds of rice like dishes like my mothers mexican fried rice etc. It does have a tad off texture and flavor but comes close. If your looking for no carb breads Julians Bakery makes some pretty decent breads but you HAVE to toast them to use them. I just found them a month ago....First time eating a bread in 2 year, and first time in as long as I can recall eating one that did not make me feel bloated and fat. No carbs, no sugars, no yeast, no dairy, no soy, and very low sodium...... Been eating french toast, vegan cheesy bread, bread with almond butter and sugar free jam I have honestly been in food heaven since I found it. BTW some celiacs can not tolerate any grains very rare but it happens.    OH and on what I have is really bad Ulcerative Colitis, so I have a bunch of other trigger foods that cause inflammation, bleeding, distention, constipation, gas, bloating etc. Carbs/sugars is a huge one for me fructose, glucose, sucrose.
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