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Itching And Sweating After Reglutening Myself

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dan95    0

i have nit yet been diagnised with celiacs but suspected i may have it due to having many of the symptoms, i had been glutem free for about 2 weeks but the withdrawal symptoms were becoming unbearable. 30 minutes after eating gluten my withdrawl symptoms had improved but ive been very itchy, sweaty, hot, sneezing along with a runny nose.

obviously im going to go and get tested propperly in a few weeks but does this reaction suggest i have celiacs??

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kareng    1,992

Sounds more like an allergy to me. If you want to be tested for Celiac, you need to continue eating gluten until all testing is finished.

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dan95    0

Thanks for the replys guys. The itching etc only lasted for an hour or 2 just after i ate the gluten last night. today though my sinus and throat mucus problem seems to be worse than it was before i glutened myself yesterday and also the kind of hazey fatigue feeling seems to be getting worse, along with random yawning and sneezing. 


im going to eat gluten for a few weeks then get tested but how easy is it to get tested for allergies in the uk as my gp said they dont test for allergies on the nhs much anymore?

Edited by dan95

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GF Lover    201

Hi Dan.


Itching, sinus, throat, yawning, sneezing...these can be caused by Histamine overload.  There is a few threads here about Histamines.  Search for MCAD / MCAS.  It's just a thought but it could fit.  Some of us have to watch our histamines.  



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dan95    0

hmmm could be, the itching was kind of a one off thing though that only came about when i reintroduced gluten that night.


i have been tested for most things by my doctor such as diabetes, thyroid problems plus all the other routine things but all have come back as normal. The only common thing i haven't been tested for is allergies

btw im a 18 year old male and have had all these symptoms since i was about 15/16, also i haven't really changed much in terms of puberty (no facial hair, still quite skinny etc) since ive had all this, but im not sure if that's normal for me or not.


i will list my symptoms incase anyone has any ideas

my symptoms are;


slow healing wounds


low libido

excessive thirst

excessive phlegm/ sinus problem

excessive urination 

white spots on nails

red nose

random yawning and sneezing every now and then

cold and tingling hands and feet


poor concentration

mood swings


muscle aches

bad lower back

no morning erections 

slight gyno

diarrhea / strange stools plus i seem to go about 3 times a day.

also my testosterone levels was on the low side of normal

seem to gain fat on face and stomach easily.

Edited by dan95

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SMRI    32

Problem with a lot of your symptoms, as you know, is they could be a LOT of things.  I'm not sure where you live but going to a clinic like Mayo where they check every nook and cranny all in one place might be a good idea.  Do you have bad stretch marks on your stomach/thighs?

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dan95    0

Im from south west england, and its proving a bit of a struggle just getting tested for allergies through the nhs. I will look into clinics etc though in my area.


Nope no stretch marks, im not overweight its just if i do put on weight it will go to my face or stomach which could be normal but im not sure.

Edited by dan95

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    • Hate to tell you but McDonalds French fries are NOT gluten free.  The "natural beef flavoring" contains wheat.  Their hasbrowns are also fried in the same fryers thus making them NOT gluten free.  Lots of Miss information by this poster.  
    • .....you do know the Mc Ds uses wheat in the fries? FRENCH FRIES Ingredients: Potatoes, Vegetable Oil (Canola Oil, Corn Oil, Soybean Oil, Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Natural Beef Flavor [Wheat and Milk Derivatives]*), Dextrose, Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate (Maintain Color), Salt. *Natural beef flavor contains hydrolyzed wheat and hydrolyzed milk as starting ingredients. Contains: WHEAT, MILK. https://www.mcdonalds.com/us/en-us/product/small-french-fries.html

        Being a Hydrolyzed version it might not contain the gluten proteins.....but you said any wheat proteins.
      Side thoughts I would not trust that place, stuff is constantly cross handled and changing gloves between stations does not happen often.
      AVOID fast food restaurants, keep protein pars, prepackaged snacks, etc available in your car and pack meal prep kits.
    • Grew up in a Hispanic half family, and ironically have a bad allergy to corn now....anyway when they get a bit dried out you take 2 large sheet stretch of a paper towel soak, wring it bit then wrap 2-6 tortillas in it put on a plate an zap in the microwave for a bit, this steam cooks them, and if they are dried out a bit from the fridge and falling apart this can make them more pliable. If really dried out wet the tortillas directly.......we never wasted food. PS do not ask for times...I have not eaten them in 5+ years and I break out in a rash from touching corn.
    • Place in a ungreesed non stick pan on med heat and turn after 20 seconds. This is how I cook corn tortillas orig and then reheat as well.
    • It's way too late to help this original poster, but in reading this thread, there's so many things that worry me.... WENDY'S IS THE WORST PLACE TO TRY TO EAT GLUTEN-FREE!!!! They are NOT at all dedicated in ANY way and they are a nightmare to even ask for gluten-free.  I travel A LOT and I can't afford to spend a fortune or tons of time finding gluten-free restaurants that won't make me sick. I eat the Grilled Chicken Sandwich NO SEASONINGS (custom made to order very juicy and delicious - takes 7 minutes to cook and worth the wait) at McDonalds at least twice a week.  I am extremely gluten allergic - extremely sensitive to wheat protein and poisons in our food supply - and allergic to a bunch of other things too (including milk protein - whey, sodium casseinate, and lutein - flax seed, opiates = poppy seeds, and any kinds of grass such as wheat grass, etc).  I order "grilled chicken filet 'a la carte' with no seasonings" and medium french fries. In the mornings, when I can't cook at home, I order 2 round eggs and 1 hash brown.  I NEVER GET SICK AT MCDONALD'S when I order these orders. I search on Celiac.com any time I try to eat out and I rarely end up ordering places because too many people post about getting sick off this or that because so many of us don't know what is making them sick!!!!! People order then think it's got gluten in it when it could be cross- contamination or yeast or milk protein that is making people sick because they aren't aware that with a gluten-allergy undiagnosed for a long time comes a whole long list of these other things we need to watch out for!!!! Sign up for the gluten-free restaurant notification app and use Celiac.com, but ALSO DO YOUR RESEARCH AND GET THE ALLERGY TEST PANEL! If you can afford to pay $500 out of your pocket, get the DNA allergy test.
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