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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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My Frustrating Story- Advice?

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Kopka    0

After lurking around these forums I am finally making a post. Just looking for some insight/advice from experienced people, so thank you in advance.


I will try and make this as short as possible I promise!


For as long as I can remember I have had GI issues. The usual bloating, gas, diareah, constipation. Had food allergy test and blood test when I was maybe 10-13 years old and of course nothing. Just the usual "Irritable Bowel Syndrom". Fast forward to last year-I am now 28 years old-


  • I started to get incredibly itchy bumps on my elbows that lasted maybe 3 weeks. Never went to doctor and eventually just went away
  • A couple months after that I got another itchy rash but this time on my thighs (not the groin but the top of both thighs, symettrical). This was so itchy that I went to my doctor. Doctor said its probably contact dermatitis. Gave me a cortizone cream that did nothing.
  • 2 weeks later went to Dermatologist. Dermatologist did not know what it was but said looks like eczema. Gave me corbetisol which i think did help but not for long.

Around this time I started to read about celiac and gluten. Immediatly i thought this has to be it so I tried gluten free and rash went away. However I dont know if it was the clobetasol or the gluten free. Here are some other interesting facts that should be factored in:


  • around this time I find out my first cousin (my dads brothers son) was just diagnosed with Celiac by blood test and endoscope
  • My dad has Type 1 diabetes since age 10
  • my uncle, his brother has type 1 diabetes since age 9
  • reason for including this is the auto immune connection

So at this point im kind of doing a gluten free diet but really only about 70%. The rash comes back and i go see a different dermatologist. He has no idea what it is. I ask about DH, and he says hes only seen 4 patients in 25 years with DH but he says ok ill do a biopsy. He does a biopsy ON THE INFECTED SKIN which is a no no. Plus the rash was 3 weeks old and already itched to the point of bruising. Of course biopsy comes back negative for DH. Doctor says its def not the alternative diagnosis's listed like eczema, scabies, etc. So 3 doctors literally said "i have no idea what this is".



So, finally on to my question. I went 80% gluten free for the past 6 month with no rash and it did help with the GI symptoms. However, I NEED a diagnosis to be 100% gluten free or else I just cheat. So 3 weeks ago i started eating gluten again pretty heavily. The rash is just starting to appear on my thighs again. Its never appeared on the elbows except the first time.


Is it possible to have a 3 week lag time from starting to eat gluten and getting the rash?? Everything I read says usually 24-48 hours but its never been that way for me. Both times I reintroduced gluten it was about 3-4 weeks until the rash appeared. Right now i am trying to get into a derm who is knowledagble on DH but thought maybe you guys could give me some insight or thoughts.


Thanks a ton and sorry for the long post!! Oh and I will post a picture as soon as I figure out how to.


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Kopka    0

I'm sorry, that sounds frustrating.


Have you tried celiac blood testing yet?


Yeah I actually did have a blood test done but it was by a GI doctor who said "i dont think you have celiac" within 2 minutes of meeting him. That ticked me off. So i dont know if he got all the right test and what not, plus I keep reading celiacs with DH are often false negative for blood work but dont know what to believe.

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Kopka    0

Oh also I forgot to add this-


When I went to get my blood test taken I had been using corbetosol on my rash which they told me is one of the most potent topical steroids i can have. I had been using it for 3-4 weeks. I have heard this can alter blood test results but cant find any actual medical journals or doctors saying this just people on forums. Anyone ever heard about this??


Also why cant I post a picture on this forum and how do i add them to "My Media"

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GF Lover    201

I have to say, it doesn't look like DH to me.  And yes, topical steroids will effect a skin biopsy result since the antibodies are under the skin.  It almost looks like you had your lap top on your bare skin.  I don't really know how you would biopsy that unless the Dr. just took it from one side.  


There are many rashes that can develop with celiac that are not DH.  And they may go away eating gluten-free.  I would make sure all of the appropriate blood tests were done for Celiac.  How much gluten were you eating at the time of your blood tests?  


Remember, Celiac is an autoimmune disease.  Your immune system can attack any where in or on your body.


You really need to know the answers to those question to make informed decision as to what to do going forward.


Best Wishes,



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Kopka    0

Thanks for your reply. These pics are from the first time I had a rash, later I got them on elbows and lower shoulder blade that looked much more like classic DH, but yes I agree these don't look like the stuff I see online. Just odd that no derm could tell me what it was. What they do know is that it's definitely autoimmune based on the biopsy (which was taken from involved skin after I scratched it so much I had bruises the size of dinner plates on my thighs so might not even count). It's just so frustrating-- my dad and uncle with type 1 diabetes and now first cousin with celiac all of which are autoimmune. I feel like it has to be something related.

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    • Hello, Often drugs that end in –artan are ARBs, and they work by blocking the angiotensin receptors. I’m not sure what the exact difference is between the two medications you mention, though. Have you called the manufacturer of losartan to see if any of the fillers contain gluten? It might be a good idea to know what those fillers are. In my drug book “dyspepsia” and “gastritis” are mentioned as side effects, but they did not drill down to the specificity of villous blunting. I did some googling, and in addition to what Knitty found, I came across this: Small Bowel Histopathologic Findings Suggestive of Celiac Disease in an Asymptomatic Patient Receiving Olmesartan “Although Rubio-Tapia et al are careful to avoid claiming a proven causal relationship between olmesartan therapy and the observed spruelike enteropathy, the data are highly suggestive of more than just a coincidental association. “They further suggest that a potential mechanism for the enteropathy could relate to inhibitory effects of angiotensin II receptor antagonists on transforming growth factor β action because transforming growth factor β is important in gut immune homeostasis. “Although anecdotal, these observations lead to the hypothesis that olmesartan, and perhaps other angiotensin II receptor antagonists, could be a cause of intraepithelial lymphocytosis in architecturally preserved proximal small intestinal mucosa.” (One of the patients in question was offered the opportunity to do a gluten-free diet, but he/she declined.) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3547582/ So, it looks like you are definitely on to something, and if this turns out to be a “thing,” would probably warrant dissemination on a wider scale. You didn't mention what your BP is with the medication or was without it, but please let your health care provider know if you do decide to discontinue your blood pressure medication. It's often recommended not to DQ suddenly, which can cause the BP to spike in some cases. Plumbago   ETA: Just because a drug can cause a particular side effect does not mean it does in your case. I just thought I'd add that, but nevertheless totally and completely understand the cause of concern in any case.  
    • Lol funny thing me and my dietician were talking about things that could also cause villi blunting years ago. He brought up a interesting one, he had a case where someone was taking massive amounts of Metamucil several times a day, He said it was like 2-4 tsp 3 times a day and making into hot gel drinks for weight loss to feel full. Anyway what this had done "scrubbed" his intestines so much with the abrasive fiber it had actually damaged the walls and blunted the villi.  He compared it roughly scrubbing with a loofah several times a day and it had like a fine sandpaper slowly eroded the insides of his intestines faster then it could heal.  He says because of that he would never suggest anyone to take the full dose of psyllium husk for longer then a week straight before rotating off of it.
        Not medical advice posterboy and this is a dangerous things to play with I know, but with your BP perhaps try to help regulate it with cinnamon oil, and watching and playing with your salt intakes of potassium and sodium. These tend to effect my blood flow and how I feel often. I am unsure if BP related, mine always checks great when I do check it. But Cinnamon is one thing I can not live without, I take several tbsp a day of it or a few drops of the EO. I have been doing this for over a decade, before that and when I do not, I start feeling cold, not wanting to move, and just want to curl up in blankets...no clue why if it is health, blood, neurological, or termogenic.
    • Is it the rectum or do you think it's more in your tailbone? As I get intermittent tailbone pain that is excruciating a couple times a month.
    • She may be one of those people who got diagnosed only via blood. Some tests can come back false positive. Or maybe only via biopsy and it turns out she had H. Pylori. Who knows. Absolutely could happen though.   One of the things that surprised me too was when my doc said it can weeks to months for symptoms to develop on a gluten challenge. I always had this image of getting so imminently sick that there was no question about the connection with gluten.   
    • Yea. I hope she isn't like one of my blood and biopsy diagnosed relatives who then had a gene test that showed she didn't have one of those 2 most common genes.  She was then told it was a misdiagnosis and went back to eating gluten. She is young so she could also be in what they call the 'Honeymoon' period that used to cause doctors to think celiac could be outgrown.  In young adults it can seem celiac has resolved because the person can consume gluten for a time before the antibodies start causing symptoms again. Pure conjecture on my part.
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