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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Could More Be Going On?

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Hi everyone,

Well, I've been gluten free for about two weeks now.....

The first week, I noticed a lot of improvement, but the second week (since my final testing-colonoscopy/endoscopy), I am not feeling right.

Okay, so the stomach problems are mostly gone, (except yesterday I had some black coffee even though I knew I shouldn't because it causes me stomach problems somteimes) and I do have more energy, but I have noticed that since the testing, my black and blue marks have come back on my legs. This morning I couted and I had 5, mostly on my right leg close to my knee. Also, my knees (especially the right one) are achy most of the day, especially when I sit down and bend them, or when I'm walking and I put too much pressure on my right leg. Alsooo, this weird headache has not gone away for even a day, as it would usually come and go. When I brush my hair, or touch the top of my scalp in any way, sometimes, even a piece of hair, I get this nausiating, sharp pain on the left side of my head, sometimes going into my teeth.

On a positive note, I'm starting to go the bathroom, with pretty normal stools, every other day. Instead of runny diarreah or constipation. But this might also be due to I'm taking calicium, magnesium pills regularly (gluten free)

I'm eating 100% natural foods, except on Sunday I had one of those big gluten free/dairy free cookies and knew I got "glutened" or something somehow by it because I had to run to the bathroom after it and had the foul gas again. It went away the next day. I also have been eating Amy's soup most days, but I trusted it because it said gluten/dairy free.

Anyway, my question is, how serious is gluten intolerance? I tested negative for celiac disease, though I'm waiting to see the results myself so I know what tests exactly were taken. I mean, maybe it just causes me gas and bloating, but what if it isn't causing the rest of my problems? I mean, is gluten always the underlying problem when you are sensitive to it? Or could I have some other disease that no doctors have found yet? I mean, can't gluten intolerance just give me indisgestion like spicy food does for some people but not be causing everything else? I just kind of feel like this gluten thing might not be my real problem....just because it causes me gas and bloating and some weird poo doesn't necessarily mean that it is causing serious damage to the rest of my body, right? I mean, isn't it possible that it's just causing short-term discomfort but not a real health problem. The only test that even came back positive from enterolab was the IgA stool test and it wasn't high. The other tests came back normal. I'm confused! ;)


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    • I am not getting enough vitamins my body needs before and after being diagnosed with celiac. Can anyone recommend great vitamins to help me get back on track. Everywhere I go the vitamins itself contains gluten or was made a gluten facility. I don't eat a lot because I am still getting sick so I need to find a way to get more nutrients into me.  Thanks!
    • It sucks when you've taken precautions and they don't pan out. Take heart however, although it feels like you're back to square one but one exposure doesn't negate all the healing that you've gone through. Eat simply and safely for now and get back on track. You should feel better soon. As for eating out, it's the same as when you learned to ride a bike. You dust yourself off, learn a lesson about that venue and get back on the bike. You need to balance risk and reward. Too far either way isn't the way to go. Hope you're feeling better soon  
    • My 9 year old daughter has the exact same marks as you. It is being dismissed as her doing it to herself. I honestly don't think she is but I do know once she gets the sores she is a chronic picker which does not help.  The main reason they say it is self inflicted is because they are only on her arms and legs - never her torso. Sorry I don't have anything for you but I was wondering where you are getting your sores?  I pulled my daughter off of gluten a year ago and they seemed to have cleared and two months ago I let her eat whatever they served at a birthday party and all the sores are back (still). 
    • Just one point on this - I'm no expert but I wonder if UTIs can present differently, depending on which section of the tract is infected?   Mine tend to be lower down in the urinary tract so I don't feel like I need to go to the loo a lot when I have one, but when I pee or afterwards it hurts, and then I get that feeling of my insides slipping out - as you put it.  My point is you may have a UTI in a different part of your urinary tract to normal.  Just a thought? 1. Diffuse pain sounds like it might be bloating. Are you drinking/eating dairy? 2. Sacroiliac joint inflammation can come about for all sorts of reasons - what you are suggesting would cause it.  However, I tend to find my pain transfers to the side of my groin and pelvis - not centrally.   Here is an interesting article which shows how it refers. http://www.massagetoday.com/mpacms/mt/article.php?id=14394 3.  I'm thinking perhaps it might be worth having a pelvic scan if you can? Internal and external. 4. Ditto - tight clothes are a distant memory! 5.  I'm no longer seeing a chiropractor.   I was in pain for months, then one day I underestimated the height of a step down and jarred my hip.  Agony!  Went to bed for four hours to sleep off the pain -  but the strange thing was my SI joint was much better for many many months after that! 6.  I agree - all this sort of stuff is highly ambiguous.  I remember when I was really concerned about my pain - which was before I had had my scan and then sigmoidoscopy - I did a lot of online research and it seems that a lot of women get unexplained pelvic pain.  So it appears we are not alone. If I were you I'd be inclined to pursue this with a GP, it might be a long journey but you should get some answers and peace of mind. I find unanswered medical questions only ever add to my pain - I think I must tense up with anxiety. Cx  
    • Thanks. Still figuring it all out. 
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