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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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8th Continent Soy Milk

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This past week I bought some new products and now I don't know what is causing me to have some reactions. I think it may be 8th contient soy milk. Has anyone had a problem with this kind of soy milk?

I also bought new detergent Purell, and I bought some artichokes and olives thinking they were ok not flavored or anything just in a can. Would I need to worry about those? I have been so good lately and now I have an upset stomach and rash!!! Any ideas? I think I will limit trying so many new things all in the same week.



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Hi Kayla,

I'm not sure about the 8th Continent Soymilk. I get the Silk brand, since it says right on it that it is free of gluten. I don't drink it anyhow, since I am allergic to soy, but my son who is just as sensitive to gluten as I am gets a stomachache from it. It may be that he is intolerant to soy as well, or it may be that there are traces of gluten in the soymilk. A company can say it is gluten free because gluten is not actually in the product, but some soymilks use barley during processing and they say the barley is filtered out so they don't put it on the label. But to a celiac this can still be enough to cause a reaction. I tried the Silk for my kids at the request of their doctor, but they don't like it well enough for me to buy it twice, expecially with the above information about it's gluten-free status.

You may be reaction to the soy milk AND the detergent. Try stopping both and then if you feel better, add one into your routine and see if it causes a reaction. If you are okay after a few days, then add the other.

God bless,


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