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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Chest Pain

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Hey all!

I have been having chest pains for about 7 mos. now. In fact, they started about the same time the GI symptoms from my celiac disease started. At first, I assumed indigestion, but then I thought it should be checked. I mentioned it to my PCP and he said he thought it was costochodritis (inflammation of the rib cage area). I mentioned it to my GI guy and he said he didn't know, but when he did my endoscopy he didn't say anything later about reflux, so I'm wondering if that is ruled out now. It has gotten worse lately, and I have a new PCP so I asked her about it and she ordered some blood work and I will have an echocariogram in June. My EKG was perfectly normal. I am only 30, with no big family history for cardiac problems, but I read somewhere that celiac disease can be involved with cardiac problems, so now I am a little nervous. I do get short of breath when I do certain activities, but not others (like I get SOB when I climb the stairs). However, I have read about others here having heart palpitations and shortness of breath as well, and I wonder if it just from an underlying nutritional deficiencies. Also, if it is costochondritis, I wonder is this typical in celiac disease, since a lot of other aches and pains are typical of celiac disease. Today is my first day to be gluten free (no obvious gluten), in a couple weeks I will move to phase two where I really search for any hidden gluten contamination (toaster, etc.). I hope this diet makes me feel better and healthier. I am so looking forward to not having constant health issues--I hope that can happen for me. Anyway, if anyone has experienced similar chest pain I would love to hear about it, and what you did.


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Have you had a stress test? Is your pain similar to angina?



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Hi Karina,

I too was having chest pains all the time this winter down in the Yucatan. So when I got back to the States I cut eggs, and other heart problem foods out of my diet. Being I


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I have not had a stress test, and even though I am a nurse I cannot tell you if my pain is like angina, b/c I have never felt it before, and many of my patients have had atypical angina--so I guess it could be, although I do not get chest pain from exertion, but I do get short of breath on exertion.


Since I am a newly diagnosed celiac, I do think it could be related to malnutrition. I have only been gluten-free for two days and today I ate a pretzel out of habit :o . I suspect and hope that much of the crazy stuff that goes on in my body will reverse on a gluten-free diet. My hope is that it is not too late in terms of irreparable damage to my heart or any other organ for that matter. :unsure:


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    • Hi ch88, You could try going nightshade free to see if it helps your arthritis.  It might help.  The common food nightshades are potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, turmeric and paprika.  If you try nightshade free for one month that should be enough time to know if it helps IMHO. Sweet potatoes/yams are ok, as they are not nightshades.
    • Thankyou both of you for your advice, i will have the endoscopy will just have to wait, my blood tests were not hitting the roof with reading but a low to medium result, dont want to be one of them people who have gone gluten free with no need, however i do show typical symptons of celiac but no overwhelming symptons apart from feeling nauseous and crampy at times, and extreme tiredness. There is soooo much to learn
    • You are normal!  All the things you are going through are normal for someone with celiac disease....probably with any life changing illness.  What you need is patience.  Most here take a year to heal or longer due to setbacks on the diet or healing from systemic damage.  The nervous system seems to take the longest.  Ask your doctor to check you for any deficiencies.  No sense guessing what you might need.  It is a common and recommended practice to check for vitamin and mineral deficiencies.   http://www.cureceliacdisease.org/faq/what-common-nutrient-deficiencies-might-an-adult-experience-prior-to-diagnosis/ Once healed, you might not need any supplements, if you eat a wide and varied healthy diet.  
    • Yes!  Ask for the IgA deficiency test!  Why?  Well, your doctor did not even follow protocol.  In order to validate the IgA celiac tests, he should have determined if you are IgA deficient or not. http://www.mayomedicallaboratories.com/it-mmfiles/Celiac_Disease_Diagnostic_Testing_Algorithm.pdf  I have never tested positive on the IgG tests and only had one positive on the IgA DGP test, but I was not IgA deficient, so my GI knew that my test was valid and I needed an endoscopy to confirm my diagnosis.  You do not know if any of your tests are valid.  You need the IgA test.  It is a control test only in the case of diagnosing celiac disease.  But....some celiacs are low in IgA and that seems to happen more often in celiacs than the general population.   https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2017/07/dunkirk-is-a-stunningly-spare-survival-film/534252/
    • Almost EVERY single celiac expert in the world and/or groups like the U.K./U.S. Gastroenterologist Associations recommend obtaining biopsies for diagnosing celiac disease.  There are some exceptions.  If you are too ill to even risk an endoscopy, your celiac panel is extremely high on several of the celiac tests (this is still debatable), you have long wait times in getting the endoscopy (government health wait times) or you can not afford to get one are all acceptable.   You know your situation and will have to determine what is best based on your doctor's input.   The blood tests are not 100% accurate.  Heck, I tested positive only to a really odd one (the DGP IGA).  I had no noticeable symptoms.  I chose the endoscopy.  I never wanted to doubt my diagnosis as my hubby went Gluten Free some 16 years ago based on the poor advice of two medical doctors.  He got well, but does he really have celiac disease?  He would be the first to say that I have had way more support from family, friends and medical, yes, medical.   I hope this helps.  Best to research like you are doing so that you feel comfortable and committed.  
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