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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Chest Pain

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Hey all!

I have been having chest pains for about 7 mos. now. In fact, they started about the same time the GI symptoms from my celiac disease started. At first, I assumed indigestion, but then I thought it should be checked. I mentioned it to my PCP and he said he thought it was costochodritis (inflammation of the rib cage area). I mentioned it to my GI guy and he said he didn't know, but when he did my endoscopy he didn't say anything later about reflux, so I'm wondering if that is ruled out now. It has gotten worse lately, and I have a new PCP so I asked her about it and she ordered some blood work and I will have an echocariogram in June. My EKG was perfectly normal. I am only 30, with no big family history for cardiac problems, but I read somewhere that celiac disease can be involved with cardiac problems, so now I am a little nervous. I do get short of breath when I do certain activities, but not others (like I get SOB when I climb the stairs). However, I have read about others here having heart palpitations and shortness of breath as well, and I wonder if it just from an underlying nutritional deficiencies. Also, if it is costochondritis, I wonder is this typical in celiac disease, since a lot of other aches and pains are typical of celiac disease. Today is my first day to be gluten free (no obvious gluten), in a couple weeks I will move to phase two where I really search for any hidden gluten contamination (toaster, etc.). I hope this diet makes me feel better and healthier. I am so looking forward to not having constant health issues--I hope that can happen for me. Anyway, if anyone has experienced similar chest pain I would love to hear about it, and what you did.


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Have you had a stress test? Is your pain similar to angina?



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Hi Karina,

I too was having chest pains all the time this winter down in the Yucatan. So when I got back to the States I cut eggs, and other heart problem foods out of my diet. Being I


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I have not had a stress test, and even though I am a nurse I cannot tell you if my pain is like angina, b/c I have never felt it before, and many of my patients have had atypical angina--so I guess it could be, although I do not get chest pain from exertion, but I do get short of breath on exertion.


Since I am a newly diagnosed celiac, I do think it could be related to malnutrition. I have only been gluten-free for two days and today I ate a pretzel out of habit :o . I suspect and hope that much of the crazy stuff that goes on in my body will reverse on a gluten-free diet. My hope is that it is not too late in terms of irreparable damage to my heart or any other organ for that matter. :unsure:


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    • They are gluten-free.  Did you use butter that might have gluten crumbs on it?  For me , it takes more than 2 hours to feel the effect of gluten- maybe something you ate before?  Maybe  stomach virus?
    • Has anyone had an reaction to potatoes? Just made couple bake potatoes 2hrs ago and now I feel awful...just wondering thought potatoes were gluten free🤷🏾‍♂️
    • I recently covered some pizzas when adding some grain free options to the gluten alternative list....I actually found a company that makes gluten-free hot pockets also sorta made me laugh. There are some unique ones out there now days even found one that made low carb crust out of chicken breast and cheese. https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/117090-gluten-free-food-alternatives-list/    
    • these sound like celiac reactions  yes   ... basically avoid anything that causes the reaction   always and find your self a great natural practitioner and   rebuild  your body .. Rest vitamins digestive enzymes and very strict diet  Good Luck
    • Hey guys im from the UK and this site is really helpful for me. I've been diagnosed with Coeliac disease (uk spelling) for 5 years now and I slowly became dairy intolerant, which makes sense and I live with this now... but now alcohol has turned on me.  I don't drink often and I don't drink a lot (I used to in my uni years) but the reaction the next day (or same night) is horrific.  I wondered if anyone else had this problem.  I start with sweats and dizziness , then the stomach cramps cause chronic diarrhoea ... I then start to vomit until my body is empty .... this isn't the bad part. After my body is empty I go into a fit like state and cannot move walk talk or anything... the cold sweats start but I'm burning up. The stomach spasms are awful, I have to lie in bed flat with cold wet towels on my head and belly. I cannot speak or move for hours and feel so weak and unstable ..: this lasts all day and I can't eat or drink anything but I don't feel myself for three or four days. I avoid drinking but sometimes it's nice to go out and have some... am I alcohol intolerant??!! Does anyone else have this!?  I obviously stick to gluten free drinks and have a very strict diet! Im a severe case!  Thankyoy  steph 
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