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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Gas Staying In Stomach

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Hello, I am new to this forum. ;)

I am a Japanese woman. I have been suffering from excessive gas.

I don' know my symptom is applied to celiac disease for sure, but since I looked at the list

of symptoms and the foods at some site, I have been thinking my symptoms have something to do with celiac disease though I do not have all the symptoms listed there.

Three to four hours after I eat something such as sugar, bread, bean, etc or when I take some medicine such as sedative, thyroid, the particular amino acid,

(strange to say, even no gluten supplement causes me such symptoms.)

I have bloating, excessive gas, a feeling of stiffness around the navel.

Whenever it happens, I cannot help lying on my stomach to exhaust it of gas because I feel choking.

Of course, I saw a doctor before, but, nothing was found by gastrointestinal examinations.( Not Yet Celiac Test ) Then, he did not refer to celiac disease.

Do you think my symptoms come from celiac disease?

I am looking forward your answers.



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It's always possible, but it's also possible that it could be a dozen other things. You need to push your dr. for further testing. Don't give up until you have an answer and insist on a Celiac panel. Good luck.


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Hi Sizuku,

It could be celiac disease, or something else. My first thought when you mentioned the foods that were aggrevating you was that you may have a yeast overgrowth in your intestines. This would be aggrevated by sugar, breads, and beans, as well as other things. The supplements/medicines you mentioned might also cause problems. The gas would cause painful bloating and the intestines might be so full of gas that they feel stiff to the touch. The large intestine runs across the belly at the location you mentioned. I would ask your doctor about this as well. Acidphilous supplements can help, as can other treatments. I would also check with the doctor about more testing. Excessive gas is not normal and is usually treatable.

Most doctors will not test you for celiac disease if gas is your primary symptoms, but since some people are symptoms free, yet they do have active celiac disease, it would be wise for them to test you.

God bless,



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    • Thank you for your help. I have had a few colonoscopy procedures done before and the bowel preparation started working near enough immediately. This time it made me feel awful and took a long time to work its way through. Can Celiac cause constipation as well as the opposite as my bowel habits have changed a lot and prior to the bowel preparation some hard stools caused bleeding. I also was wondering is it still possible for the TTG-IGA to be positive but the EMA not? My appointment to see the specialist isn't until 24th April so feel like I have such a huge wait and so worried about still being none the wiser or any chance of getting back to normality again as I am underweight as well.  Thank you for all your help and support and do hope I am not a nuisance on here. 
    • THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT! I used to watch anime all the time and one day my brain just gave up on me! It was so hard to get through the day not being able to do the things I love the most. When I first started to have problems it started to affect my gaming too. I have such great dexterity and suddenly my fine motor skills had gone to crap. More recently I even felt dizzy trying to type my password onto my Iphone and typing. It was god awful.
    • It's forgot how long it's been since I've been glutened, but I think it's been about a week. Most of my problems are in my right eye. They're really dry too. I went to the doctor in January to get a b12 shot and my symptoms disappeared for a couple of days, including the dry eyes. Did you ever get this really uncomfortable symptom when you turned your head in front of a lamp? Like a light shining through the surface of your eye and blinding you a bit? I hate it. I think I have a bit of nightblindness too. Most of the digestive symptoms dissappear quick. Loss of appetite, bloating, feeling full after eating a little bit, especially anything that's mostly bread, like french toast. The b12 sublinguals helped with most everything so that's why I associated it with pernicious anemia. After I started to get chest pain, I knew that it was somehow the sublingual tablets, but I didn't think it was because they had wheat in them. But yes, most of my constipation is gone, and I don't get weird stools anymore. Way back in November I would get these really dry bowel movements that were solid and looked strange, and they would fall apart when they hit the bowl. (TMI I know but this is a celiac forum) When I get glutened, I start to lose feeling in my left arm/leg and my abdomen gets hard and uncomfortable. This happened a couple weeks ago when I accidentally ate these packaged "chow mein" noodles that contained wheat, and more recently when I went out to eat at a Japanese restaurant. That was on saturday so it's coming up on a week since I've been glutened and I'm starting to feel better. One other thing I noticed is that I start to get these creases on the side of my gums. I'm not sure if they're from my teeth but they start to slowly fade away when I don't eat gluten. There's also a whole list of other symptoms I could describe like my feet turning red in the shower, these tan lines on my legs that haven't gone away since september, pale nail beds both on my feet and hands, and sinus pressure that won't let me breathe through my nose correctly. I'm not sure if I've lost any hair, but way back in the summer, some of my friends joked around about how I was "bald" and I figured it might have been because I wear a hat all the time (I'm only 20 years old) but I'll just leave it at that for now.
    • Thank you to both of you! I will try to play around with those things!
    • Hi Len, you could also look at getting some DPP-IV or DPP-4.  DPP-4 is an enzyme reputed to break down gluten to some extent anyway.  Of course, the testing was done in a lab and not a person.  And it wasn't a complete and perfect thing because you have to know the correct amount of enzyme to add to the gluten portion to break it down.  At least DPP-4 is available at reasonable prices.  I use it if  I think I might have gotten a gluten cross contamination issue, or any digestion problem really.  It's definitely not going to let you eat a gluten food without symptoms and damage though.  It might slightly reduce the symptoms a little.  But a little bit of help is better than nothing.  DPP-4 won't stop the immune reaction from occurring.  Nothing we know of now would do that except and outright cure for celiac disease.  Or not eating gluten, which is a lot more doable at the moment.
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