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Gene Test Results

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Hi all,

just feel like saying out loud in print that we got the gene test results back yesterday evening and our son does indeed have the main celiac gene. Rats. I had just about persuaded myself he was going to have a short lived sensitivity to wheat that he would outgrow soon enough. But, with his symptoms, his almost unbelievable transformation on the gluten-free diet, his terrible reactions to accidental gluten intake since going gluten free, and now this DQ 2 gene business I think I'm putting 2 and 2 together and getting that this looks like probable celiac. Sigh. Could still not be it in theory, of course, but there's no way I'm putting him back on gluten to find out! He'll have to make the decision to do so later on if he wants to. My husband will be doing his blood work next week. Glad I have the weekend to digest this news.




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