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Eas Protein Bars & Shakes

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I have always been a big fan of EAS bars so I contacted EAS and asked for a list of bars and shakes that do not contain gluten. They wrote me back with a list of products that DO contain gluten. While this is somewhat helpful I think it is more their way to giving me the information without making it too obvious that basically none of their products are gluten free b/c their list of gluten free product would be 1. :D

Here it is:

Thank you for contacting EAS.

Below is a list of products that contain gluten or oat fiber. Check

with your physician to see if any of our remaining products may be

suitable for your use.

Myoplex Deluxe shakes and bars

Myoplex powder shakes*

Myoplex Light powder shakes* and bars

Myoplex Carb Sense powder*

Myoplex Lite Bar (Choc. PB Crisp)

Adv Carb Control Bar (Choc Caramel Crisp, S'Mores Crisp)

Cookies n Cream bar (CS, ADV, BFL)

Adv Chocolate cream pie bar

AdvantEdge Quick Stir

Muscle Drive Powder

Muscle Drive Bar

Results for Women shakes

Simply Gain

SyntheVol 2 HP

CytoVol HP and CytoVol RTD

AdvantEdge Muscle Recovery (powder and RTD)

Precision Protein RTD

AdvantEdge Protein RTD

* These products contain oat fiber



EAS Fitness Advisor


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