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Need Nh Stores To Buy Gf Supplies

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I'll be in the Portsmouth area and need to know where to buy a few gluten-free supplies to make my visit easier. Looking for a store that carries the frozen waffles or breads, or even Gluten Free Pantry mixes.

Any known safe places to eat out would be a great help too.



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Although not from NH, I was home in Maine recently and was glad to see that several of the major grocery chains carried gluten-free products. The two major chains up there (and that also have stores in NH) are Hannaford's (aka Shop 'n Save) and Shaw's. Of the two, I think I was more impressed with Shaw's. The one in Brunswick had an entire "natural foods" section, that had a decent selection of gluten-free foods. I know there must be a Hannaford's/Shop 'n Save in Portsmouth. And don't forget the natural foods stores.... a lifesaver!

Here in NY, Hannaford's can be hit or miss. Some have a wonderful selection in their natural foods section, others have next to nothing. Supply and demand, I guess. Or maybe the celiac population is a little more vocal in certain areas than others! The Hannaford's here in Albany has started carrying gluten-free waffles, breads, and other premade gluten-free foods in addition to the cereals. Same goes for the Price Choppers- hit or miss regarding whether they have anything gluten-free.

Hope this helps- when's your trip? I can get my brother to scope out the gluten-free foods at the grocery store (he lives in Portsmouth).


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there are a couple of natural food stores in the portsmouth area..

one is Portsmouth health food on 151 congress street portsmouth

the other is the rising tide natural foods located on 165 state road in kittery me.(the next town over)

there is also shaws in portsmouth that has a natural food section...

there is an outback steakhouse in portsmouth, i live in the area and have had pretty good luck with most of the resturants

have fun!


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Thanks for your help! I just got back from my trip and had a fantastic time even in the sub-zero weather. I love to visit the snow, but it makes me appreciate the south! Between Shaw's and a healthfodd store in Extere (sp?) or maybe it was in Portsmouth I found enough food. I got a bit twisted up in the directions :P Still, I found enough to get by for the trip and I even found a few new desserts and pastas that I can't buy here. Yay!

I have to say I was most impressed with Warrens restaurant. I think it's in Portsmouth. I told the server that I had a food allergy blah blah blah and she immediately said "I need to notify the manager and he will be over to speak with you." Apparently it is their policy that if anyone comes in with a food allergy the manager has to be notified by the server and the manager speaks to the person with the allergy to get the info and then works with the cooks to ensure that the meal is prepared correctly! I love it! I go out to eat regularly at home and have never encountered this policy! My dinner was great and I had no problems. Yay!


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    • I am sorry that you are sick!  Ennis has offered some great advice.  With small children, they can be glutening you.  I recall member Jebby getting glutened by her kids.  She worked full time as a neonatologist (premie doctor) and her kids would give her slobbery, adorable kisses, etc.  Jebby had the household go gluten free.  That might be something to consider.  
    • Hmm... my massage therapists use aromatherapy and specifically ask you to inhale several times while they hold it very close to your face and I do have them rub my face (although some people don't like that and don't have it done.) Lotion also ends up on your hands which you could transfer to food you eat afterwards if you haven't washed your hands well (obviously hand washing is key!) But I don't think that is too far of a stretch to think it *could* be injested and to double check to be sure the products used are gluten-free.  And at a salon I realize that they'd wash my hair tilted back but what about product(s) being spritzed on your hair when styled? Rare yes, but I do know I've "tasted" those products before! Ick.  
    • I was noticeably gray at 18. Both of my parents went gray young as well. I have no thyroid problems and I'm pretty sure my celiac issues didn't start until 20 years later....   I started dying it when I was 28. I wanted to look more professional!
    • Celiac disease is not diagnosed by symptoms alone. Why?  There are over 300 of them and many, if not all, overlap with other autoimmune issues or other illnesses.  Learn more about proper testing: http://www.cureceliacdisease.org/screening/ I am formally diagnosed.  My hubby is not.  His mis-informed doctors told him 16 years  ago to give up gluten.  It worked, but now we do not really know if he has celiac disease or not.  He will be the first to say that I get WAY more support from family, friends and medical.   I am sorry at your doctor gave you the wrong advice.  Now, you must decide if testing is worth pursuing.  I wish you well.  
    • I am considering having my brother - who inherited Daddy's power woodworking tools - plane down my cutting boards and sand the edges enough so I can keep them. The spoons and soup stirring things though will have to be decorative. Breaks my heart. I've had good luck with Merle Norman cosmetics. They have a listing of things that are gluten-free that has helped me. My local store owner was able to get the list and knows what I can use and what I can't.
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