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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Being Good - Still Having Problems

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VAGuy    0

Hello everybody, thought I'd run this past you folks.

gluten-free since November

EnteroLab advised me to go gluten-free, and avoid dairy, eggs, and yeast in April

and that I did not have colitis

Had been dairy free for a while before that

Have found that only minimal amounts of corn products can be tolerated

Can tolerate only minimal fiber

Why does sugar trash my digestive system? If between meals I have a little Jello, Tang, 100% fruit juice, etc. I'm running for the bathroom a few hours later. A little Smucker's Blueberry Syrup (corn syrup/sugar) kills me.

I can have 2/3 banana @ dinner with say 3 med. strwberries, and 1/2 tablespoon All Fruit (9g sugar per tablespoon) on a 3g of sugar waffle (waffle is desert) and do OK, and maybe a couple sips of apricot nectar later, but otherwise I've found it best if I just avoid sugar/sweet items.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I have a appt. 7/7/04 with a GI to finally talk about this and am really trying to get things mapped out/organized before I see him. If I can get a line on sugar woes, the only thing left on my list is to determine whether it is spaghetti sauce that bothers, or the soy flour in the pasta I'm using.

Thanks, Phil

P.S. Depending on where you live you'll understand when I say am I glad the Brood X cicadas are beginning to die off, enough is enough.

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Guest jhmom   
Guest jhmom

Hi Phil, I am sorry you are still having a tough time, :( I am too, to a point. ;) I hope we BOTH feel better soon! I do not have a problem with sugar or fruit, but I don't eat a lot of fruit just in case, but I can eat Jello without a problem.

I looked around the web and found this article about IBS and Sugar, I know you don't have IBS but thought I would pass it on anyway:

Fat, Fructose May Worsen Gastric Upset

I hope this is helpful to you and if not maybe someone else will be along shortly to help you out...... good luck and feel better!!! :D

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Hi Phil,

I did notice when I first went gluten-free that I was running to the bathroom to urinate all the time. By asking questions on this board I found out it was certain fruits that caused the problem. Processed fruits will exaggerate the problem. Try eliminating all fruit from your diet, and then slowly add it back in one at a time. The culprit will stand out like a sore thumb.

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VAGuy    0

Thanks for your replies - one more piece of the puzzle I guess, a little more info to take to the Doc - maybe I can sneak a couple strawberries with dinner rather than on an empty stomach, homegrown taste so good. I have been tryign to avoid corn syrup for a while and it helps, can tolerate a little bit of ketchup or BBQ sauce with it but am being real careful.

Thanks again


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RojSpencer    0
can tolerate a little bit of ketchup or BBQ sauce with it but am being real careful.

I haven't found a BBQ sauce that doesn't have viniger in it yet? Are you sure it is safe? Only Heinze ketchup also (has distilled viniger), not Hunts.

If you're still gettting a steady stream of gluten, even if in traces, it will prevent your recovery.

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tarnalberry    314

Most bbq sauces have cider vinegar, like the only gluten-free one I've found (I haven't looked hard, I'm sure there are plenty of others) - Bone Suckin' Sauce.

But, even if it had grain vinegar, unless something is added after the distillation process (which would make it something other than plain vinegar), there is no gluten in distilled grain vinegar. The molecular weight of gluten is far too heavy to allow it to pass through the process of distillation. There's been a lot of research on this, and the recent stuff has made a nearly completely closed case on ths issue. (Heh... about as much as you can do to prove something is positive. ;-) )

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    • http://hypothyroidmom.com/10-nutrient-deficiencies-every-thyroid-patient-should-have-checked/ Here's an article that explains all the nutrients the thyroid needs to function properly and the consequences to the thyroid if there's a deficiency.   Some thyroid problems will correct themselves if existing nutritional deficiencies are corrected.   Check with your doctor to see if any nutritional deficiencies need to be addressed. Hope this helps.  
    • Thanks guys! Ill defintley ask about the full thyroid panel. I did antibodies for those thyroid ones a year ago do i have to get that again.  Thanks Ennis for those recommandations I will resort back to my food diary!
    • To add to the good advice above. I think your husband has to take it on himself to communicate with his parents that this is a serious, medically diagnosed condition that their grandson has to live with for the rest of his life. He needs them to back you up, be supportive etc. On no account should you be cast as the fussy daughter-in-law who has to have her crazy notions indulged - they need to know that their son is 100% on board with this and that the pair of you are united. Just one other point. It's very difficult for most people to conceptualise celiac, they tend to think of it as they would a problem with spicy food say. Something that you should probably avoid but a little bit now and then won't hurt. So without getting scientific, it would be good if your husband could get that key point across. That a little is just about as bad as a lot when the body's immune system is involved.  That there can't be any compromises or cheating. Even the suggestion will be harmful for your son in adjusting. Also that you understand that their house cannot be a gluten-free environment and you don't expect them to change their lives whilst your there - but that you need to take reasonable precautions to keep your son safe.  I think as long as people understand there's reasons for all the precautions etc its easier for them to accept. They may not agree with it or understand it but they can at least understand your thought process.  Finally, get as much of this communicating done in advance so you, your husband and your son can just enjoy himself without constant references to his diet.  Hope it goes well!
    • I felt worse after I restarted gluten free diet after my challenge and had a rougher time than I had first time round. So I don't think its unusual. Give your body time to recover. Eat well, lots of good whole foods, maybe a decent multivitamin etc.  Go easy on processed gluten-free stuff for awhile and avoid oats as well.  best of luck  
    • It's a Yorkshire staple! I used to pass their then 'factory' just about every day when I lived in Sheffield, though apparently they've moved now and the Uni are going to turn their old place into a pub.   The relish is lovely and marked gluten free and suitable for coeliacs on the bottle for added reassurance. It's nice to add a bit of zip to sauces etc.  I think Morrisons stock it countrywide Cristiana but if you do struggle getting hold of some PM me and I'll post you a bottle.  
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