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Looking For Cookie Recipes

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Does anyone have any sugar cookie recipes or mixes that you have tried that were good? Our daughter is allergic to nuts and many of the mixes have almond or nut meal in them. I haven't had any luck. Also, do you have any suggestions for snacks or lunch items. She is 4 and I send her lunch with her to preschool. She is a bit picky and have been sending lunch meat and cheese wraps, hard-boiled eggs, gluten-free mac and cheese, but could use some more ideas.

Mom 2 2 celiac children



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My kids love beanies and weanies. I just slice gluten-free hotdogs in Bush's beans and they love them. Have you tried gluten-free chicken nuggets? I make my own. Or just grilled chicken slices? My son loves to dip them in dressing or BBQ sauce. We also make homemade rice crispy treats and Jello Jigglers.

These are not the most nutritious choices, but they are competitive with what their gluten-free friends bring to preschool/school so they do not feel left out.

Lately, I have been trying some gluten-free muffin recipes from Betty Hagman and my preschooler is loving them. I made banana muffins and Teff flour muffins. What a hit! Both are in her Comfort Foods cookbook.

Good luck. I have recipes if you need any of these and I bet alot of them are on here.


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Looking for lunch ideas was one of the first things I looked for on this board. Have you tried the search section? I put in keyword lunch and looked under the parents etc. post section. There are some good ideas there.

Envirokids makes a snack bar that is made from their gluten free cereals. They can be found at Whole Foods and some mainstream stores like Ralphs which is an affiliate of Kroger.

Fruit Leather is good and easy to send to school. The brand we buy is Stretch Island, their organic variety and make sure that the ones we get list just the fruit such as the grape.



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    • This is why many of us stick to our own "Trusted Brands" of things we know are safe, and only buy stuff with the offical certification for gluten free. NOTE also in the US they do not HAVE to tell you their facility also processes wheat on the label, just if the actual product contains it in the ingredients. But many will just to avoid legal mumbo jumbo if they somehow have CC issues. Saying the facility also contains/processes wheat is just them covering themselves if people get sick from it.
    • I make my own mini loafs of a simple almond,coconut,apple sauce blend for dense, bland bread gluten free, and have my pastor bless them. I then keep them in the freezer and bring a piece with me for communion.
    • I don't have milk in liquid form any more, so I switched to coconut flavoured milk (rice based) for cereal, really like it. Then I take coffee black which I've also adjusted to. For an occasional treat I'll have a soy latte, tastes a bit nutty but I'm used to it now and it's as much about the visual treat of sitting in a coffee shop with a big milky coffee anyway. The last time I had a real milk latte I got some huge spots a day or so later on my chest and that was the clearest signal that milk and my skin weren't a good mix. What I haven't done is stop eating products that have milk listed as an ingredient. If I do that I lose so many of the nice gluten-free replacements  biscuits ice cream etc. I know I could try and get dairy free, but it's expensive and difficult to find. So maybe I should try doing that and see how I go... It's funny, a few years ago I used to have a 'healthy'  breakfast of porridge, milk, with a big spoon full of wheat bran for fibre which I convinced myself I needed for digestion. I used to feel pleased with myself for having a good start to the day when I subsequently found it was the worst combination of foods I could possibly have devised. I think If I ate that right now I'd explode!
    • I and many others here have been there and sympathise! Keep on keepin' on, it won't be long now before you can start feeling better. In the meantime, if there's a cheesecake, pastry etc that you want to say goodbye to, now's the time...
    • I'm not Catholic but I remember reading an article about gluten-free host wafers. Looks like this church has developed some guidelines you could show to your priest? https://www.dioslc.org/ministries/disabilities/holy-communion-for-people-with-celiac-disease
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