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Places I Ate In Paris!

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Hello Fellow Celiacs-

I had posted a few questions about traveling to Paris on this list and I wanted to share my list of restaurants. I had a wonderful time and never got glutened. I found the servers and waiters to be very accomodating... I do not speak french, although I definitely tried. I had such a great trip.

I hope this helps some of you that are soon traveling to Paris!

Ok, so I here is my list (I kept a journal)...

In order in which I ate... I showed my dining card at each place as I ordered!

1) La Table d'Hediard

21, place de la Madeleine

(its on the second floor- first floor wonderful shop of fresh fruits,

wines, jams, and chocolate on the first!)

A tad pricey, but by far my favorite and most delicious meal!!

I ordered Fillet of Roast Beef, fresh greens on the side (30 euros!),

and sorbet for dessert (with out the cookie)

2) Cafe Madeline

1, Rue Trochet - 35, Place de La Madeleine

Only for drinks.

3) Cafe de l'Olympia

I had an Omlet w/chorizo, onions, peppers... with OJ

(sorry don't know address, walking distance from the Arc de Triomphe)

4) Le Reminet

3 Rue Des Grands Degres

(near Notre Dame- probably the one that you have)

I ordered the white fish special of the day, I'm not a fish person,

but it was pretty good.

5) Hagen Daaz

I ate a couple different ones, chocolate, one scoop in a dish

6) Monoprix grocery type stores

Found allergo brand gluten free stuff-- loved the chocolate chip

muffins. chocolate chip cookies not so good, herb cracker things-funny

texture, and saltine like crackers- not sure. The wine at this store

was very reasonably priced. I also purchased some corn chips.

7) Relais Trochet

14, Rue Trochet

The guy that helped me, was wonderful. I showed him my french dining

card, and he responded "no problem". He was truly great! I had a

chicken salad, with out dressing, and served with lemon. It was very


Here is the link of the card I liked the most- (I also printed one

English, so I knew what it said!)


8) Took day trip to Versailles, I packed snacks. I ate fries at the

little food place in the gardens. They were tasty.

9) Indiana Cafe (near Opera)- I think there are several-

7, bd des Capucines

It is a very American/variety menu... I had a salad, with avacado, and

a magarita.

10) Went to Louvre- heard good things about Cafe Marley... opted to

not go, with a burger costing 19 euros...

11) Instead we went to Le Musset (and I guess they have a website -


5, rue de l'Echelle

We had to wait about 20 minutes to get a table. I had a lovely salad -

with chicken, cucumbers, tomatoes, rice, lettuce, carrots and maybe

more! And they also had Berthillion sorbets and ice cream. I asked for

creme broule for dessert, but the waiter, wasn't sure if flour was

mixed in with it... so I had the most delicious cherry and strawberry


12) Be sure to stop by the Fauchon shop for jams... and be sure to

stop by the Mustard Shop Maille-- fresh mustard- if you like that sort

of thing.

I think that is it. I stayed near the Opera and Le Madeleine area... so most places are near that.

I would suggest that you bring a french dining card. Also pack snacks.

I carried a Think Organic bar with me at all times. It was nice to

have snacks in the hotel room also.

If you have any other questions, let me know. I had such a wonderful time in Paris!

Have a nice trip!

Tanya in Chicago


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Tanya--thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm so excited that you posted this list and had such a great time (with no gluten problems) in Paris, especially since I'll be there on May 24th.

By the way, when you say chicken salad do you mean a salad with grilled chicken on it or chicken salad made with mayonaise? Did you find a lot of things had mayo in them? I'm really not a fan, so I was just wondering.


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Thank you for sharing!


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Tanya--thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm so excited that you posted this list and had such a great time (with no gluten problems) in Paris, especially since I'll be there on May 24th.

By the way, when you say chicken salad do you mean a salad with grilled chicken on it or chicken salad made with mayonaise? Did you find a lot of things had mayo in them? I'm really not a fan, so I was just wondering.


Chicken salad was a lettuce salad with grilled chicken.

I don't remember seeing much of anything with mayo...

Have a great trip!



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Woo Hoo! What great news.


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    • Hello again i heard somewhere that if you have been diagnosed with celiac disease after all the tests have been done you are entitled to a prescription of food containing gluten free food. I am in the uk but i thought this had been recently discontinued? Anyone help.
    • Hello thankyou its always great to know that other people are going through things the same time. Yes my endoscopy is friday coming at 8.15am, been through the procedure before for diagnosing a hernia so that side of things are ok, just not sure if i needed the biopsy at first being the blood test confirmed  positive but i know now that i do need it not just for me but also for my 11 year old daughter who could also be celiac later and it would be better for her to know 100% mum is celiac.
    • Hi Whitepaw Your question about what was I eating before I fell ill is a good one.  I had given a party the previous month and there was a lot of cake left over and what is more, it was all gluten free because I had made it!  So I was eating maybe a couple of slices a day...  I was taking soluable aspirin when I shouldn't take it, really.  I was also taking iron supplements.   And adding chilli to a lot of my food - normally not a problem.   And I had a huge amount of stress going on having just completed a project and also having tests on a lump on my tongue. Oh yes - and  I ate some marshmallows which may have contained gluten?  And my son had a stomach virus at the time. High fat food + aspirin + iron supplements + chilli + stress+ possible glutening + stomach virus?  = gastritis!! I also ate quite a lot of walnuts the days before it got really bad so maybe they didn't help. I need to be much more careful - it has taught me a lesson. I'm particularly cross with myself about the aspirin and also not checking the marshmallow ingredients as I am usually so careful. I know exactly what you mean about dreading the next meal - last night I had chicken and potato again but added a tiny bit of bolognese and I actually enjoyed the meal, which I think meant it sat easier in my stomach.   I think that there is a psychological element to acute gastritis, too.  I think if one is stressed it can hang around a lot longer.  I have read a few posts from people who found after trying to do all the right things to get better it was going onto medication to help with stress that actually helped them get better in the end.  I can see that - because if I could hear the children fighting, or had a stressful conversation with someone, I could actually feel my stomach react. Anyway - thank you for your help, I am so grateful. And great idea about the food diary.  Perhaps, also, worth making a note about stress factors on a particular day, and what meds one was on.  I think ompremazole was a great way to stop the gnawing pain for me but since I have lowered the dose I have to say that a lot of the bloating and feeling of nausea has gone. I think if I ever get gastritis again I'll stick myself on a gastritis diet first, just for a few days.   If that doesn't help I'll probably check with my doctor but take ompremazole for maybe two to three weeks til the gnawing stops, then taper down.  I hope it won't happen again though!  There is no doubt about it, it is a drug to be taken with caution, but I have to say I have heard some success stories too of people who took it short term and were helped tremendously.  I think tapering off it is probably a good idea, though, because I do have a friend who I think is suffering from rebound at the moment by coming off an inhibitor cold turkey.
    • Hey all so ever since about a week ago I felt a sharp pain in my upper right quadrant, followed by a minor hotflash and it hurts to press on my right side. I'm extremely worried because I was admitted to the ER last night, blood came back fine, xray fine and ultrasound fine. What prompted me to enter the ER was the fact that now my breathing is affected..   SYMPTOMS SO FAR: Sharp Pain Touching My Right Side Minor weakness , no fever. Mucus in stools? (when i wipe its a yellow on the toilet paper sorry for tmi) Right shoulder soreness Mucus in jugular? Or lung!? The "pipe" you can feel on your neck going up to your head, somewhat warm to the touch. Aches to touch. Happens mostly at night. Began last night and returned tonight. Unusually smelly breath. Awful Constipation, when I CAN go barely anything comes out as its flaky. Slight Pain in right leg, comes and goes. Very active stomach, gurgling can be heard from as high up as my chest. Slight stomach pain relief when massaging. I'm very worried people I'm petrified of surgery and I don't want to die.. But I don't understand why everything would come clean if im experiecing these symptoms?   Anyways
    • Well thanks everyone seriously. I'm sure this will get better and I'm thankful this reaction is normal. So guilty when I think of others worse off than me. I will read and read and read until I've taught myself to feel better. And then help others ((((hugs all around)))
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