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Easy White Sauce Recipe

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Since a regular old White Sauce recipe is used for so many saucy type of foods, I find this one to work very well in anything I've used it in so far from Veggie Lasagne (with Rice Noodles of course etc.), to Tuna Casserole to making a cheese sauce (if you can eat cheese that is) to whatever.

It is So Simple too -

4 TBSP. Bob's Mill White Rice Flour

4 TBSP. Butter (or whatever you can tolerate - I use an Organic butter)

2 Cups of Milk (whole milk or whatever you prefer, however skim milk may make a thinner sauce)

Salt and Pepper to taste

In a Sauce pan or Saucier, melt the butter and flour together using a Whisk over Medium heat until creamy smooth. Heat the 2 cups of milk until warm-ish but Not boiling in a separate pan or microwave. When the flour and butter are mixed well and smooth, Carefully add the warm milk to the flour-butter mixture and whisk making sure there are No lumps!

Do all of this over Medium heat until the sauce starts to thicken to the thickness that you like.

If you wish to add Cheese, add it now and the warmth of the sauce should melt it nicely.

This only makes 2 cups worth of white sauce but enough for 2 people, or 2 servings. Add this to your Casserole or veggie lasagne or homemade macaroni and cheese (rice noodles only of course).



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