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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Ingesting Gluten On A Non-gluten Diet

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I have been on the diet for a month now, but was taking communion and messed up a few times the first couple of weeks. I missed a weekend of church, so I actually went 2 weeks with no gluten at all. Then this weekend (on saturday night) I had communion again (afterwards found out they keep gluten free wafers for celiacs in a back room...yay!!!). I didn't have diareha (sp?) and sunday I seemed fine, but monday I was drug-down tired again, almost threw-up, and just felt sick. I still have not felt very good today, and I have been constipated again since friday, even though I have been taking my fiber. Does anyone think this was a reaction? I am not completely well yet, but I can tell that I have been getting better (at least until yesterday). I have been very extremely careful about what I eat the past few weeks (except at communion). Just looking for input, because I thought people usually have diareha when they have a reaction. I have felt just horrible! Thanks!



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Hi Deanna:

If you are supposed to be adhering to a gluten-free and you are ingesting gluten then I would say that is why you are feeling sick or not feeling well. Some people can have a reaction within a couple of hours and some can have it up to 10-12 hours (maybe even days) later.

I have been very extremely careful about what I eat the past few weeks (except at communion)

If you have Celiac or gluten sensitivity, even the smallest amount of gluten can damage your small intestines and can cause you to be sick and have symptoms. I would suggest getting the gluten-free wafers during your next communion. I am going to be faced with that myself soon and my church is very small and there are no gluten-free wafers available to me, so instead of punishing myself on purpose I will not be taking of the bread only the wine (I think God will understand).


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Fatigue is like the #1 sympttom of celiac disease. So that is your reacction and defenitley get the gluten-free wafers next time. Don't chance it. If your body is rejecting gluten then don't eat it, even at communion(just so you know I am not religious so I don't know much about communion?


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    • Just search for GIs in your area.   Usually doctors post biographies.  Look for someone who mentions celiac disease in his/her bio.  Then call the office to confirm.   Sacramento is a pretty big city.  If you are not successful, there is a celiac disease center at Stanford University.  
    • Maybe you shouldn't take all these movies you watch so literally?  Maybe check the actual report/ study before you get too upset?  I think you might be exaggerating the WHO findings?   but, if you want to go vegan -  there are more grains a  Celiac can have than can't.
    • For my recent endoscopy I was put out temporarily.  Didn't feel or know a thing untill it was over and I was back in the recovery room. The university of Chicago celiac center recommends 12 weeks of eating a little gluten every day before the blood antibody tests.  And 2 weeks of gluten eating before the endoscopy.
    • There are several celiac centers in CA.  You may have to travel a bit to get to one.    Of course that's pretty normal for CA anyway! https://www.beyondceliac.org/celiac-disease/additional-information/hospitals-labs/  
    • I am almost a year into my celiac diagnosis after 13 years of horrible health issues.  What I learned from my Naturopathic Doctor that was the most shocking is that gluten molecules~flour, can stay in the air for up to 48 hours, contaminating any foods you prepare and cook in that same space.  This can make you terribly sick regardless of the utensils and towels, of which you should definitely have separate.  I live with my husband and son and I can't take gluten away from them, they still get their bread and cookies~store bought, but any baking I do is with gluten free flours.  If they want fresh baked gluten filled treats there are oodles of options in cafes and bakeries.  They are aware of what needs to be done to keep from cross contaminating things in our kitchen but it is hard to remember all the details sometimes.  It is much easier and safer, to have your own condiments (or anything that is dipped into) and toaster and pans and utensils and probably towels too.  It is more expensive to start but it sure isn't any fun to suffer from someones accidental exposure....best wishes to you on your healing journey. 
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