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Gf Friendly Options In Chicago?

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Should have posted this earlier in the week...but I'm going to Chicago today for a long weekend. Meeting my girlfriend, who lives on the othe side of the country. Just a side note, she is so sweet about my gluten-free status. She's very concerned about eating stuff in front of me that I can't have. But, I told her that it's really no problem! I totally don't mind, but she feels bad. I gotta get it thru her head! LOL!

Anyhow, any good gluten-free friendly restaurants in Chicago?




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Two great places with gluten-free menus (ask, they are separate, not on the regular menu) are Adobo Grill (spanish/mexican) at Piper's Alley (North Ave/Clark St) and Vinci (Italian) on Halsted just north of North Ave. I have also dined successfullly at Bistro 110 (the chef has a kid with peanut allergy- so he is aware of the seriousness of special requests). Bistro 110 is just off Michigan Av across from Water Tower Place.

Have fun,



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Hope I'm not too late to do any good for your weekend trip. This is from another post on this site and lists Chicago restaurants. I can vouch for the yumminess of these: Frontera Grill or Topolobampo if you like true Mexican, PF Chang's for Chinese. Both excellent.

Great time to go to Chicago. Lived there for 3 1/2 years - never so cold in my life. I'm a true Southerner! But the 1 month of summer that they have every year is nice! :P




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Adding to my own post...

Ate at Weber Grill...waiter not too interested, but a simple burger and baked potato were delicious, great meat.

PF Chang's...started off great, so yummy, best gluten-free restaurant meal I've had yet. But, about halfway through, the stomach pain started. Haven't had it in weeks, since going gluten-free. Something was off. Every item that came, I double checked on the ingredients, cuz it all looked so great, I couldn't believe it was all gluten-free. But, while he said it was all fine, something was off and I felt it. :-( Possibly the brewed Passion Fruit iced tea? Didn't ask about that. Just assumed (I know, made and ass out of...) Felt lousy the rest of the day and night.

Recovered on Sunday and ate at Joe's Prime Steak and Stone Crab. Such a classy place, but not frumpy or cold. Waiter was so cool and friendly and knowledgeable. They write down your allergy and check everything that you order in a book that lists every ingredient of every dish. Plus, it's simple to find plain steak or fish here, that is outstanding. It was a real "event" to eat there. Had stone crab, swordfish with tomato vinagrette (kind of tasted like a greek salad on swordfish), baked sweet potato and green beans almondine. No dessert, but for your non-gluten-free friends, they looked and smelled great! Delicious wine and a beautiful and sweet dinner companion...doesn't get much better than that!!

Thanks for the tips!



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    • I will just stick with christopherbean company, the fact the main sales rep I talk to has celiac in the family means a lot, she said they use it all the time. I tested some of the iffiest flavored version grounds for gluten all negative. NOT had any issues drinking all kinds of coffee from their company in the past few months. FACT the flavored ones actually taste like what they say and just need a bit of sweetener is making me a coffee addict again lol. Clearing a pot a day so far and looking forward to each day wondering what flavor I should do >.> today was banana foster coffee, its 7 am and i already am on my third cup. If your still in doubt just buy their beans and grind your self.  I am grateful for the guy that started this thread as he ended up motivating me to start my campaign to find a gluten-free flavored coffee, where I ended up emailing several companies, I still saved 2 of the replies from companies saying DO NOT drink our coffee if you have celiac. Sorta funny how that brought up the issue and proved some points about gluten in the coffee industry.
    • Ch88 yes im  glad i had the blood test but it was found by accident so bit of a shock when i found out. God knows how long i had it but i always remember as a child suffering from stomach pain alot but back in the eighties it was unheard off!  But if you or any other membets can offer advice on what happens after the biopsy it would be much appreciated.
    • Most of the articles you presented were blogs.  They focused in one article pushed by the American Chemical Society.  The research looked at ground coffee in Brazil ONLY.   https://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/pressroom/newsreleases/2014/august/keeping-filler-ingredients-out-of-your-cup-of-coffee.html We know that Brazil is a very poor country.  Just look at what happened during the last Olympics.   For piece of mind, do not drink ground coffee brands from Brazil.  Instead, grind your own beans or purchase grounds from a reputable company.    
    • Okay, a positive on thyroid antibodies,  but what about the rest of the thyroid panel?  That tells more of the story.   Is  rest of the thyroid panel all in the normal ranges?  Is that why you were recommended to take a supplement instead of actual thyroid hormone replacement?  Many doctors try a tiny dose of thyroid hormone replacement.  Was this considered?   Symptoms besides gray hair?   You can either embrace the gray hair or color it.  My research and personal experience has never come across a method of reversing grey hair.  My SIL grayed  at 18.  She has been coloring her hair black for decades and her thyroid is normal. 
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