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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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I am going to Ireland in February and am going to be very sad if I can't have fish and chips. . . Since Celiac is so commonly diagnosed and understood there, does anyone know if the restaurants are gluten-free-friendly? I am mainly concerned because we really enjoy the smaller towns and that's where I'd be most worried about being acommodated.

Anyone from Ireland out there? Thanks!


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I've been to Ireland a few times in the last couple of years. First, as undiagnosed (boy was it more fun that way, except the killer Guinness-gluten hangovers!), then twice after I was dx'd. We mainly travel in County Cork and I can tell you it's kind of a duck-shoot. I never came across a formal menu with gluten free options and some of the larger restaraunts had fairly apathetic help. However, if you stick to smaller establishments, they generally show great concern and will tailor meals to you. It does help that it's more commonly known there. Since you like smaller towns, if you end up in Fermoy, Cork... definitely go to "La Bigoudenne", McCurtain St. Even though it is French food in Ireland(?), the Chef is french and one of the nicest people and best chefs I've met. Plus then, you would be very close to the Michelstown caves if you have not been there yet.

Also, Pringles (most varieties) are gluten free there too... at least to European standards. They say its been removed to a legal, miniscule amount. You'll see it written really small in the ingredients. I always load up on the onion flavored pringles.

Enjoy your trip.


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Thanks for the info. I have been once before and just fell in love with the country. I guess I'll follow the "if in doubt, don't" rule and try to stay healthy while there. Don't want to spend my trip in the bathroom! I do like my occasional Harp but I will stick to hot whiskey and clove or "irish" coffee! :)


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i was just in ireland for a month. it's like a celiac paradise (or coeliac as they spell it). every bar has cider on tap, every restaurant i went to (in dublin, belfast, cork, kilarney) was able to help me. instead of just the usual plain piece of meat and a potato, i was getting soups, sauces, appetizers, bread, etc. in dublin there's a place called fitzers (in temple bar) that actually has suitable/adaptable for coeliacs on their menus and a smaller place that has coeliac/vegan/etc. food all labeled on their menu, i think it was called cornucopia and it's on wicklow street by trinity college

in the stores, a lot of foods are labeled "suitable for coeliacs" which makes shopping easier.

in dublin there's a coeliac society (dublin 7, north brunswick st, carmichael house) they can give you a list of restaurants all over the republic of ireland (but it didn't include northern ireland) that are gluten free, but i actually only ended up going to 1 on the list as any restaurant i walked into was able to help me.

hope this helps!


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    • Thanks so much, friends!  JMG, I'll try to get hold of that licorice, almost everything I read gives it glowing reviews.  I miss Bertie Bassets licorice (it contains wheat) so it will be nice to have some licorice again.  Thanks Whitepaw for those ideas, I must admit I'm getting rather fed up with my low fat menu but it seems the best way to keep the pain at bay so it is nice to have something else to cook.  I don't know if I have picked up another intolerance, but you could be onto something there.  And I know what you mean icelandgirl, we've been through so many tests and treatments it all becomes a blur!  My doctor isn't expecting to see me again unless things aren't better within the month, but I might bring my gastro appointment forward if needs be. Actually, in the end yesterday didn't go quite as badly as I'd envisaged it would, which makes me think that some of my pain, bloating and nausea are down to the ompremazole - it does warn that can happen on the packet.  When it says 1 in 10 people get these symptoms I always seem to be that 1 in 10!  I don't have any more burning pain or acid reflux (at least yet) but  I'm still losing weight which slightly troubles me.  That said, when I think of how I normally eat I must be down at least 500 calories a day.  JMG will know from another thread that I have a sweet tooth and at the moment the thought of eating a bar of chocolate makes me feel very sick indeed... Oh no - hope that doesn't mean I have developed a chocolate intolerance! I bought some 10g ompremazole tabs yesterday from Boots, having had nothing yesterday, and I've taken one at breakfast time.  So far so good.  I think I might take these for a few days then taper off. Thank you so much guys for accompanying me on what would otherwise be a lonely journey.  
    • Update: I have been taking Chanca Piedra (specifically, Royal Break-Stone, by Whole World Botanicals) on an empty stomach in the morning for the liver-gall bladder and surprisingly my lips are almost normal. I know the peeling lips may be caused by different issues but I hope this info helps someone.
    • Hi Cristiana, I'm so sorry that you are still not feeling well.  When do you go back to your Dr? I wish I could help more, but it's so hard to know what was what when I was on the PPI.  I was diagnosed with celiac and h. Pylori on the same day so I was already feeling awful.  Then I was put on 2 antibiotics with the  PPI.  I do remember feeling terribly nauseous, but just assumed it was the antibiotics.  When I started tapering, I still wasn't feeling well.  It really took months before I started to feel decent.  But I assume that it was the celiac. I really hope you start to see some improvement...((((hugs))))
    • @scorpio it has now been almost 2 years and I am curious if you ever found something that worked for you. My boyfriend suffers from EC as well and I am desperate to find a resolution for his sake. He's been dealing with it for over a year now and it is taking a toll on his work and social life.   Any updates would be helpful
    • I am going through the diagnosis stage as well. My family has strong history for celiac disease, and while I always had discomfort and other symptoms ( some of which i didnt know about) I wasn't tested until recently because I was DEATHLY afraid of needles. The results are highly positive but I am still getting a biopsy in early August. From what I have learned about it is that the endoscopy is beneficial to looking for not only signs of celiac but also other diseases that have similar symptoms to celiac. Because of your mixed result it wouldn't hurt to get a biopsy but it really is personal preference. I understand what you are going through and didn't like the idea much either but I really think it is something that can help you in the long run. P.S. There are lots of testing being done for new medications or other ways to "cure" celiac other than a gluten-free diet. It is my understanding that this can only be covered by insurance with a confirmed diagnosis (biopsy) but I don't need to get into that. The bottom line is that a biopsy is confirmatory especially since the doctors could see in the intestine, so to me, I feel better knowing that there's no chance of going gluten-free for nothing.
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