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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Athlete's Foot/poison Ivy?...then

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I posted this under another forum before I found this...

About a month ago I had a blistery rash between a couple of my toes on both feet. Not symetrical but close. It spread on to the top of my foot but not too far. I assumed it was Athlete's foot (confirmed by my son and my doctor ) even though I had never had this before. All the Lotramin and foot powder in the grocery store did not get rid of it. When I got a rash on the heels of both hands I figured it was Poison Ivy! Not severe. I have dry scaley skin now. It may be in my head but I have "twitches" of itching/

Discussing celiac disease with people at work I had this light bulb moment - could it be DH? My mother's twin sister was dx 50 years ago with celiac disease (at Mayo) and I have a niece with celiac disease (DM at age 9 and celiac disease at age 15). I suspect my oldest sister had it (she passed away at 42, but always was a picky eater and never felt too good - her daughter is experiencing some GI problems and I encouraged her to go get tested). The Mayo clinic wanted to do a twin study with my mom but she was in Ohio with 4 kids and they were not going to pay for any travel expenses....anyway,...

Anyone have any similar symptoms experiences with the first signs of DH? I remember having rashes on the insides of my arms at the elbows when I was young, and mom telling me I was allergic to wheat, eggs and wool when I was a baby. Of course, I was fed all kinds of things at the age of 2 weeks back in 1954.

I do not know if it is in my head or not but I feel itchy all over sometimes.

Any help appreciated.



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