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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Nonallergenic Wheat? What?!?!?!

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Have you guys seen this? Specifically this exerpt, but also all of the other proposed uses for wheat...




Celiac disease is a medical condition characterized by gastrointestinal symptoms. It affects one

out of every 150 to 250 people in the U.S. Exposure to gluten – specifically the gliadin

component of gluten – in wheat-based foods triggers damage to the villi in the intestines. The

main treatment for the disease is complete avoidance of gluten in the diet. It appears that

companies are actively working to research and develop wheat varieties that would not cause

“allergic” reactions in people with celiac disease. This is probably being done through both

biotechnology and nonbiotech breeding programs.

It is unknown how the removal or

modification of gliadin in wheat varieties will affect yields and end-use performance.

If nonallergenic wheat with good agronomic and end-use performance could be developed,

initially it would likely be handled in a “closed-loop” system selling food products directly to

people with celiac disease. There would be a spatial problem in baked good distribution,

assuming people with celiac disease are evenly distributed around the country. One practicable

scenario would be for nonallergenic varieties to be contract-grown for a modest premium, milled

in a facility that was thoroughly cleaned of residue and baked near a limited number of large

metropolitan areas. Nonperishable food products could be sold through the Internet.

Over time, it is likely that the initial technology for developing nonallergenic wheat varieties

would become more widely licensed or additional methods would be developed. Eventually,

millers and other processors may require that varieties they purchase from farmers be

nonallergenic. At this point, the market volume will become very large, but any producer

premium will disappear.

Sounds fishy to me... I don't think I'd ever trust any kind of wheat at all. I don't even really miss it.


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Actually, that sounds great. The reason we're so intolerant to wheat is, that they have bred several varieties together, selecting for a high gluten content, to make factory baking more efficient. Bread used to be a lot less 'gluey', due to less gluten.

So, if they manage to reverse the process and breed the gluten back out of it, good for them (of course, who knows if they'll succeed). The gluten-free variety might end up not being any worse for celiac disease people than millet or sorghum. That would be nice!


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I would be suspect of any bioengineered less gluten wheat product, or hypoallergenic.

What celiacs would they test out this wheat on to see if it does any damage, etc.


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Actually, that sounds great. The reason we're so intolerant to wheat is, that they have bred several varieties together, selecting for a high gluten content, to make factory baking more efficient. Bread used to be a lot less 'gluey', due to less gluten.

I never knew that Ursula! I've been wondering about why it is that so much of civilization is based on agriculture and wheat when it makes such a huge part of the population sick. Makes much more sense now.

The thing with all of these things is it makes me wonder if it will help all types of symptoms, or just the intestinal damage. I'm guessing probably not. It would be nice not to have to worry about the digestive symptoms if this type of thing becomes reality, but the main thing that keeps me on the straight and narrow is avoiding the nightmares, depression, anxiety and exhaustion.



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    • That's good to know about Texas Children's, unfortunately I don't believe they accept our insurance. Our former pediatrician joined with one of their medical groups and we had to find a new one due to insurance. I'll check out their site though.
    • 9 months ago I went to my doctor for normal blood work.  She called me to tell me everything looked great, but o yeah, my gluten sensitivity levels were extremely high.  I should probably stop eating gluten since it looks like I have celiac.  She hung up and I never heard from her again.  I cut out gluten completely, even though I have never experienced one single symptom of celiac.  9 months later, I decided to reach out to another doctor to get a second opinion, as I experienced absolutely zero change on 9 months of strict gluten free diet.  All this doctor did was request the results from the previous doctor, tell me it is confirmed I have celiac, and hung up the phone.  This angers me tremendously on two counts.  One, I have absolutely zero symptoms of celiac, and would NEVER know if I was "glutened".  Two, the complete lack of information or support from both doctors is horrifying to me.  And finally, I simply do not believe the diagnosis and as considering just starting to eat a normal diet again.  I would never know the difference.  I am really just venting because this situation upsets me so much, and I have suffered mentally and socially from going gluten free.  Since I have absolutely zero symptoms, even if I was actually celiac, I highly doubt anything would ever come of it if I continued to eat gluten.  I could just pretend I never heard from either terrible doctor and go on living my life.  Someone has to have been in the same situation as me, right?
    • Texas children's hospital in the med center has a celiac center now.   https://www.texaschildrens.org/departments/celiac-disease-clinic Good luck!  
    • this is a very common subject on here.  personally, most of my tests were negative, but i did the same thing you did (stopped eating gluten before the tests) my gi advised me to continue eating gluten free because i was so malnourished and when i stopped the gluten i actually began to gain weight.  in other words, i think she was afraid for me to do the challenge bc it might kill me lolz.  some people want a definite dx if they have kids that need to be tested in the future, some will not follow a strict g//f diet without a firm diagnosis (they think they can cheat just bc they were never formally diagnosed) what happened with my scope is the dr saw evidence of damage.  that and my response to the diet were enough for me.  she advised me to stay gluten-free and i agreed.  it's been tough sometimes, but i never purposely cheated (that's how near death i was - swore i was dying of the big 'c'.......what a relief to not have that and my 'chemo' is 'impasta'.  or fake bread. )  welcome to the forum and good luck with whatever you choose 
    • I'm already noticing a difference after five days on the gluten-free diet...acid reflux is gone and stomach pain is getting better. I am glad you're going to try the gluten-free diet, Vanillabean, and get copies of all your results. I hope you find some relief from the pain soon! I'm still waiting for my biopsy results. I did call my doctor's office today and found out the genetic test was positive for a celiac gene (DQ8). My doctor was hoping to rule out celiac with that test, but now it's still up in the air. Still waiting.
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