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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Interpreting Test Results For 2 Yr Old Dd

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My 2 yr old DD was gluten-free for 9 mos, now we are pursuing testing. She had gluten for about 3 weeks (I know, not very long...) and then had tests, her IGA came back at 14, which the Dr said was the absolute bottom of the normal range. And her TTG came back normal, I didn't get a number. So either she is not Celiac or the low IGA makes the TTG look normal, is that right? Plus it may be too soon to tell?

We are still waiting on the genetic tests. Meanwhile, my DD has been having several screaming tantrums, very unusual, but she is 2 so it's hard to know, and sometimes her belly looks pretty bloated (pregnant looking) but it's hard to tell for sure. So I guess we continue gluten and run through more test again later.

Anyone have feeback on the results? Am I understanding them? My husband talked to the Dr.


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I agree with your statement about not long consuming gluten again. Also, I've heard different things about how much gluten needs to be consumed prior to testing. Despite test results, I think follow what you see works. Maybe all symptoms were not gone while she was gluten-free, then you decided on tests? Did she originally have other symptoms?


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At 14 months she had the runs for more than 3 weeks, then stinky dark watery stool for 3 months, sometimes looking undigested and mucousy. She was also losing weight and lethargic, laying around sucking her thumb a lot. When we tried going gluten-free she had an immediate change in stool, and her weight has gone up along with her energy level.

So now we wait for the genetic tests which will be about 1 1/2 weeks.

And if that comes back positive the dr will want to do an endoscopy, but I have concerns about making sure that she consumes gluten long enough for that to be accurate.

Everyone asks about symptoms since consuming gluten, and all I can say is that it is hard to tell. I expected her to get more obviously sick. Her stool has been sometimes formed sometimes not, maybe a little constipated sometimes. The main thing are that she seems more clingy, wants to be held and putting her head in my lap a lot, and really hysterical tantrums (during which she extends her arms to be picked up then starts hitting at me when I get near her), and generally hitting a lot more. Everyone say, well, that's normal at age 2, but it's not typical for her, and it all coincides with gluten consumption. And even with being exceptionally verbal, I really don't believe she can tell me how she really feels in words. But overall she is doing ok still.


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My guess is the runs will return. The behavioral changes may just be the first signs.

My daughter lost her hair after 3 solid weeks of no solid movements early last winter. She is very moody, has screaming fits like she doesn't know how to stop. I know she is 2 (nearly 3 now) but it is not normal. She also doesn't sleep well. Her Antigliadin levels were high in bloodwork but no Ttg. We went through with the biopsy for our dd; only to be told all is normal. I hoped the doc was right, went back to a normal diet (we had not gone gluten-free but cut way back) Now after 2 weeks of all loose stools, despite what the doctor says, we went gluten-free a few days ago.

In retrospect, if I had done the gene test and she had the gene and I had seen improvement on the diet; I would not bother with the biopsy.


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    • Ebetta posted this 6 years ago ... not sure she/he will respond
    • Welp, according to the lady at the gastro's office, my tests were all "fine" and I don't have cancer or celiac. I asked for a copy of the report so hopefully that will happen. I guess I will follow up with my family practice doctor and see what they think I should do next, but I am not going to go back on gluten again. My eye doctor is concerned about an inflammatory condition in my retinas, that is rapidly advancing over the last year and thinks that anything I can do to decrease inflammation should be done. So to me, that means sticking with gluten free and lots of vegetables, especially the leafy greens. Also need to figure out why my liver enzymes are elevated. This is the third time in the last 9 years according to my old labs. I've gone over all my supplements and my one medication (compounded thyroid) to make sure they are all gluten-free. My plan is to live like I have celiac disease from here on out. My only dilemma is what to give people as a reason why I can't eat the food they make for me. For now, "Gluten makes me deathly ill" is going to have to be good enough. thank you all for the help and advice! I've found a wealth of information here and am currently reading Dr. Fassano's book and a couple of different threads on this forum that are incredibly helpful.
    • Hello ebetta! Can you tell me have you found any other or even better drugs to help you with gastroparesis? 
    • That's interesting, thanks.  I will look into both - and I believe our forefathers' habit of boiling up bones was good for the joints, too.  I wonder if you could tell me, did you lose much weight through all of this? I have lost about 4-5 pounds since this began, and I don't really like losing weight when I'm not trying to. Mind you - some days I just can't eat, after lunch yesterday I couldn't face anything much at all.  
    • A gluten free multi won't hurt but it would be better to call your doctor and get them to give you a lab slip for a vitamin and mineral panel. At the least get your iron levels checked before you supplement as that can be toxic over time in large doses.  May not be the case for you but when I went gluten free I started eating a lot more soy. Turns out I am sensitive to it and it gives me issues similiar to yours. Some of us do have issues with other foods. Dairy, soy and corn are pretty common. If you consume any you could try eliminating them and see if things improve. If when you add them back into your diet your symptoms return then drop them again until you have been very well healed.
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