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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Symptoms And Celiacs?

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Yankee    0

For 6 months now I have had the same symptoms occuring once-twice per month:

2 days of stomach pain at the bottom of my left ribcage (feels like bloating and not debilatating pain, but enough where you don't feel like doing much.

Then 2 days of no bowel movements, but i have gas (belching following by flatuence)

Then 2 days of feeling like I need a bowel movement 3 times a day, but only a small squirt of liquid and little or no feces comes out.

Then 2 days of relatively normal bowel movements 3 times a day.

Then back to normal BMs and no pain.

This is my third visit to a GI doctor. They have done pancreas blood tests, and upper GI and an endoscopy on my stomach (but not my intestine). All tests were negative except my intestine showed a bit of irritation on the upper GI.

Now, the GI doctor says he suspects Celiacs Disease and wants to do an Endocopy on my intestine.

Do these symptoms sound like other peoples sysmptoms for Celiacs?



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lovegrov    148

Everybody has different symptoms so it's hard to say. The most common symptom is fatgue. But your doctor really should start with the celiac blood panel, not an endoscopy.


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celiac3270    4

First I'll list my symptoms so you can compare: stomach pains, vomiting, nausea, gas, bloating, low weight, etc.

Okay, now.......stomach pains are one of the classic and relatively common symptoms associated with celiac disease. Bloating, gas, etc. are probably even more common. I have never had this, but I've heard a few on this board that mention a pain under the right ribcage, I believe.........yours is left, but that's the same sort of thing. Celiacs often have trouble with bowel movements: most often diarrhea, but in some cases constipation. Now, there are no set symptoms for celiac disease......some have no symptoms, but I'd say that your symptoms definitely could be celiac disease.......and if your GI thinks so, too, I'd definitely recommend that you get the endoscopy done......regardless of negative or positive bloodwork....good luck........ :)

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