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Poisoned By A Naturopath And ....

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I have been trying to go gluten free for three weeks and i never get farther than 6 days.

This time my naturopath reccommended Udo's Beyond GReens which is fantastic but loaded with gluten.

Then when i thought i had that covered the lady at the nutrition store gave me the non gluten free version of liquid iron.

So i am in hell again and i am so tired of this...

Just venting, beware of health professionals,

Magdalena, ON, Canada


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I've stopped taking advice from "experts" unless they're Celiacs themselves.

And I would still double check everything I put in my body.

I hired a nutritionist that was a celiac specialist and she was good but a few of the supplements she reccomended had gluten in them.

Health food stores are the worst. I was told the one in my town was specializing in Gluten Free foods yet they use 2 wheat stocks for a logo <_<

Hopefully you'll feel beter soon


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I'm sorry you were given bad advice. I just thought I would warn you that the Customer Service representative at the company that makes Udo's products gave me wrong information, also. I called to find out why their Udo's Digestive Enzyme Blend for Canada was gluten free, but their US version contained Barley. She kept telling me they were the same, and that both were gluten-free. The US label clearly stated BARLEY,a nd she would not believe me that this meant it wasn't gluten free. I just wanted to know how I could get some of the Canadian product shipped to me in the US! I ended up using Pioneer Digestive Enzymes and they worked great. So I guess what I'm saying is that you can't always trust the "professionals". Look on every label for yourself and go with your instincts.

God bless,



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