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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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calligraph    0

Hello to all. This is my first post. My son, 16 years old has tested positive for celiac via the gliadin antibody test. He has lost 15 pounds over the past several months. I started a gluten/wheat free diet for the past two weeks and he has not improved at all. (Still watery diahrrea) How long does it take to see improvement with stools?

I am taking him to a gastro next week.

Any help is appreciated.


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Hang in there. Remember it took a long time (probably) for your son's system to get to where it is. It will take some time for his system to get back to normal. My husband has been a celiac now for about 3 or 4 years and he was at that same point as your son. The key I believe is a very strict diet. My husband NEVER cheats. It's hard, but read every label, and don't eat out for a long time. Remember he may be allergic to other things than just wheat/gluten, so one step is to find that out as well. Obviously have him stay away from liquids that can cause loose stools ie, coffee, soda, juice even some raw fruits like apples. My husband when first diagnosed went to white rice, bananas, home made banana bread (gluten-free of course), unprocessed meats, veges, potatoes etc. My husbands villi were completely colapsed, he now has no problems, and he's gone from about 175 down to 140 back up to 175. He works out every day. He eats very little sweets and loves Qdoba for a main staple (the naked burritos). Seeing a Gastroenterologist to rule out anything else, and make an appt. with a dietician, I can only believe it can help (personally we didn't see a dietician) I just strictly modified my cooking, and it seemed to do the trick for my husband. Remember every celiac is different, what works for one, may not work as well for another. There are several on-line sites to order premade breads, buns, cookies, tortillas, pastas etc., so be sure to use all of your resources. And visit this forum often, it will help you to feel not so alone. I know as a mother/wife that we feel responsible for what our loved ones take in, so it's a heavy burden to carry, but it will get better, - hang in there! To be honest, we feel being gluten-free is a better diet for our general health (those of us that aren't gluten-free), I have a hard time keeping my 3 kids from eating my husbands stuff half of the time!

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Carriefaith    5

It could be 3 weeks or possibly months. I know it's annoying (trust me I'm 7 months into the diet and still sick) but sometimes it just takes patience.

If he's still having problems after 6 months than maybe ask for a follow up endoscopy to see if his intestines are healing (That's what I'm going to do).

Hopefully he will be better before then though!

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lovegrov    148

If your son is going for the biopsy he should continue eating gluten until after it's been done.


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lilliexx    1

I am coming up on being 3 months gluten free, and my stools are just starting to be normal again. I know its different for everyone so i can not say it will be the same for your son!! But as long as he stays gluten free after being tested, it will happen eventually. Just make sure he sticks w/ the diet!! I hadnt had a normal BM for a few yrs so i KNOW the gluten free diet is working. Its amazing.

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    • Thanks guys! Ill defintley ask about the full thyroid panel. I did antibodies for those thyroid ones a year ago do i have to get that again.  Thanks Ennis for those recommandations I will resort back to my food diary!
    • To add to the good advice above. I think your husband has to take it on himself to communicate with his parents that this is a serious, medically diagnosed condition that their grandson has to live with for the rest of his life. He needs them to back you up, be supportive etc. On no account should you be cast as the fussy daughter-in-law who has to have her crazy notions indulged - they need to know that their son is 100% on board with this and that the pair of you are united. Just one other point. It's very difficult for most people to conceptualise celiac, they tend to think of it as they would a problem with spicy food say. Something that you should probably avoid but a little bit now and then won't hurt. So without getting scientific, it would be good if your husband could get that key point across. That a little is just about as bad as a lot when the body's immune system is involved.  That there can't be any compromises or cheating. Even the suggestion will be harmful for your son in adjusting. Also that you understand that their house cannot be a gluten-free environment and you don't expect them to change their lives whilst your there - but that you need to take reasonable precautions to keep your son safe.  I think as long as people understand there's reasons for all the precautions etc its easier for them to accept. They may not agree with it or understand it but they can at least understand your thought process.  Finally, get as much of this communicating done in advance so you, your husband and your son can just enjoy himself without constant references to his diet.  Hope it goes well!
    • I felt worse after I restarted gluten free diet after my challenge and had a rougher time than I had first time round. So I don't think its unusual. Give your body time to recover. Eat well, lots of good whole foods, maybe a decent multivitamin etc.  Go easy on processed gluten-free stuff for awhile and avoid oats as well.  best of luck  
    • It's a Yorkshire staple! I used to pass their then 'factory' just about every day when I lived in Sheffield, though apparently they've moved now and the Uni are going to turn their old place into a pub.   The relish is lovely and marked gluten free and suitable for coeliacs on the bottle for added reassurance. It's nice to add a bit of zip to sauces etc.  I think Morrisons stock it countrywide Cristiana but if you do struggle getting hold of some PM me and I'll post you a bottle.  
    • Reusable toaster bags....get them on Amazon.  Makes for easier travel.  Squeeze bottle for condiments are best.  Once a bag of chips are opened in the pantry, we are done.   
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