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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Daily Food Journal

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Hey ya'll,

In coping with this, I've come to realize that I need to keep a food log or journal of what I eat everyday for awhile.

Does anyone know of a good one? What should I put in it? What info. is most helpful to keep up with? I can think of a million things that I would like to document, but just like my seizure-journal...some of it gets useless...and too much documenting may keep me from seeing the "big picture."

Does anyone have any suggestions? Does a company sell a journal for food/allergy logging? What do you keep in yours?

Much hugs to everyone...advice is appreciated! -Jules


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I made my own using a spreadsheet after looking online and not finding anything I really liked since none were really made to track all that food and the symptoms too.

I didn't even realize some of the changes until I went to sum up my own findings and draw conclusions for my doctor after a month of tracking my food. That is when everything finally started to fall into place.

I have yet to hear from the doc but that is OK with me too...as long as I know and she accepts that I have all these and is pleased that I am feeling better.



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IFFGD, an organization concerning ibs, has a nice little journal. I print out a page and enlarge it, then print many copies rather than ordering more little booklets. I don't have the address for this organization with me.. Can bring it along to the library tomorrow when I go to access my e-mail. Hope I remember! It may include too much information to serve your needs, but you don't have to fill out all of it. From time to time, I type certain pertinent information into my computer on a disk . I use mine as a word processor since I do not have internet at home. Cheers! Ruth S.


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I've been keeping a journal...I just made a table in Microsoft Word.....with the days of the week. I made a lot of copies and just write in what I eat every day...including vitamins and medications. Additionally, in the margin below each day, I write anything unusual--such as stomach pains and if I'm sick, the times when I vomited. Finally, I highlight the days that I am sick so that when you're sifting through them, it pops out at you.


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You all are full of great ideas!


I called and ordered the daily diary from the IFFGD foundation site. (I just typed IFFGD in Google and it was the first site listed) ;) It only cost $2.00....very cheap.

I'm also going to see about making table/spreadsheet on Word if need be.

I figure I'll document:

The day and time of meals

What I eat

When I show symptoms

I think the highlighting idea is good too! ...very useful for showing correlation. B)

Let me know if you all can think of anything else useful to document.

Much hugs. -Julie :)


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    • Okay, a positive on thyroid antibodies,  but what about the rest of the thyroid panel?  That tells more of the story.   Is  rest of the thyroid panel all in the normal ranges?  Is that why you were recommended to take a supplement instead of actual thyroid hormone replacement?  Many doctors try a tiny dose of thyroid hormone replacement.  Was this considered?   Symptoms besides gray hair?   You can either embrace the gray hair or color it.  My research and personal experience has never come across a method of reversing grey hair.  My SIL grayed  at 18.  She has been coloring her hair black for decades and her thyroid is normal. 
    • Be sure to read "cyclinglady" post and link to an article from the University of Chicago Celiac Center....vitamin deficiency's prior to diagnoses....so helpful. 
    • Hi All - I was recently diagnosed with Hashimotos. My doctor said TPO AB 76 is above range. I initially went to the doctor because since graduating college 3 years ago I have gotten a significant number of gray hairs (25% of my hair I would say) and I just turned 25 and am an African American woman. She put me on OMP Thyrotain. Has anyone used this? She has also advised me to go gluten free. Has anyone seen any reversal in the grey hair? I don't consider myself a shallow person but at such a young age, without any family history of this, it's really impacting me negatively. Any advice or experiences would be so helpful.
    • You shave stumbled onto the biggest secret out there..........the gluten-free diet isn't as horrible as many would have you believe, including the medical profession. There is plenty of good food to eat and the biggest drawback is we have to prepare it ourselves the vast majority of times.  That's the worst part.    And like yourself, I have friends who have much more serious health issues and they do not have the control over theirs as we do over ours. There may be times when you will be faced with temptations you will have to turn away from but you will move on and survive.  Congratulations on having such a positive attitude!
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