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Poops Of A 4yr After 1 Week Gf

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We are new here. I am 29, awaiting results of my own biopsy. I have twin daughters who just turned 4. One was diagnosed failure to thrive and went through testing. Positive IgG and biopsy. The other, just low positive bloodwork. We have begun a gluten-free diet one week ago. I'm noticing diarrhea in both children today? It's brown but still diarrhea.

I was wondering if this was a "standard" thing perhaps? At this point, I'm still learning....it's a slow go with so much to learn. Any help on the poop issue would be very much appreciated!




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Well, I don't know about kids, but it took me weeks to months to fully feel better. There should be an immediate response but the full effect could take some time. I still have bouts after almost 6 months of gluten-free.

This is a great board and I am sure you will get responses from all the wonderful parents online...welcome.



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Hi Christine--

It could take a few weeks to see a big change in your twins --- if the diarrhea is a new symptom, I'd call your doctor. (Sometimes it's easy to forget that not everything is related to celiac!) Don't give them pepto or immodium unless the doctor okays it (which they probably won't). Give them gatorade, or plain water, or pedialyte to keep them hydrated, and give them smaller, more frequent meals. No soda or popsicles -- high sugar foods only make it worse. Sucking on crushed ice is sometimes a hit (but no ice cubes, too choky), too. Gorilla Munch (a gluten-free cereal) is easy to eat, too, if they want actual food.

Every celiac takes a different amount of time to show positive dietary change, but outside of 3 weeks without any improvement in the symptoms they had prior to going gluten-free you need to go back in. Be aggressive, doctors always like to wait. Keep a food journal and tally the trips to the bathroom. (I had a doctor say "diarrhea, like 3 or 4 trips?" and if I hadn't had the journal to prove the 8-10 trips/24hrs. he wouldn't have believed me!)

Good luck. Let us know how they are doing :)


mom and wife to celiacs (my son had "unremitting" diarrhea for 8 weeks before dx)


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My six year daughter has been completely gluten free since early September. She had positive bloodwork. After three days I was in tears as she had diarrhea for a few days. I questioned whether I was doing it right - whether it was the right thing to go gluten free. Well, at the end of the week, she had her first completely normal poop. No more tummy aches, no more ear infections, behaviorally, she is a new kid, and she's gained 2.6 lbs. I'd call the dr. if they are having several runny poops more than a few times a day more than 48 hours- and if there are any other symptoms like fever. Make sure they are well hydrated and urinating. It may be a shock to their system- and excreting all the "bad" stuff.



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    • So Dr called. Labs normal. See ya I. 3 years. 
    • I had horrific leg pains when celiac first reared its ugly head in my childhood. My Mom used to try warm compresses but I don''t remember them helping. Don't know if they were from vitamin deficiencies or not but I had them off and on throughout childhood. I would get cramps in adulthood almost anywhere. My back was the worst. The cramping did resolve gluten free. Don't know if that will be the case for your daughter though. One last thought I know many places are having a very warm summer. Dehydration can also cause muscle cramps so if your dealing with a lot of heat make sure she is well hydrated. I hope she is feeling much better soon. Do get a full panel done on yourself and all first degree relatives. Testing is advised even if folks don't seem to have symptoms.
    • I like Bakery on Mains granolas, the ones that are oat free. They have a fair amount of protein as they have nuts in them.  I also have Cream of Buckwheat if I want a hot cereal or if my tummy is off. It's has a good amount of protein and is really easy to digest.  I definately don't eat the cereals like Cheerios etc that have regular oats that are mechanically sorted. They may be fine but my reactions to even small amounts of CC is too severe to risk it.
    • Leg pain can be a symptoms of celiac or NCGS. Cause can also be from a deficiency brought on from different causes including celiac. How are her magnesium levels? And B-Vitamin Levels? Bit of a joke, doctors call their occupation a "Practice" seems they need more practice.
    • I keep my eggy flat bread in the freezer for quick fixes of eggs normally. But I do sometimes make a porridge out of almond and coconut meal, Konjac flour can be used to thicken stuff into a nice porridge wand works great with almond butter. and I sometimes make a oatmeal knock off using Miracle rice, almond milk, and a bit of coconut flour. I can not eat carbs/grains so my cereals are nut based lol. When out of the house I find MRM meal replacement powder turns into a goopy chocolatey slop of indulgence with a very acquired texture by pouring in hot coffee and topping with a sugar substitute (Flax Meal in it thickens up alot)  >.>
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