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Gluten Free Name Brands

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gluten15    0

I was wondering if in this thread some people..especially the vets..would be willing to name some of the name some of their favorite name brand food items that are gluten free and haven't affected them.

Not stuff that is actually like a gluten free company..but everyday name brand grocery store items.

For instance..I have fallen in love with some of the Humm Foods Larabars. They aren't in the gluten free section. They are in with the regular nutrition bars. I found out about them online then checked my store for them. They are gluten free and contain very few whole ingredients. I love keeping these around for something quick.

For anyone who likes a really healthy nutrition bar..give these a try.

I'm also trying to keep more gluten free things in the house period and not just stuff for me as I am limited..but stuff to keep around for the rest to enjoy that are everyday name brand items..but gluten free. Would make the house so much easier yet not make them think they are eating gluten free to all the time.

One thing too it seems I have noticed is that there are not that many regular shelf gluten free everyday cereals that are healthy too. I think I saw stuff like Fruity Pepples was. The others can't eat a lot of sugar..so that wouldn't work for them.

I am aware that things can change and we always still need to read labels.

Thanks again.

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celiac-mommy    79

Kozy Shack pudding

Darigold and MountainHigh yogurt

Treetop applesauce

Dole pineapple

Hunts or Jello snack packs

Mrs May's nut clusters

HealthValley corn and rice chex

Swiss Miss SF hot cocoa and Kraft minimarshmallows

Peanut M&M's

Kraft salad dressings (most are gluten-free)

Jack Daniels marinade

Heinz ketchup

Hormell natural selection deli meats and bacon--when on sale I stock up and freeze

Frozen berries at Costco-go thru a bag a week by myself!

Kirkland frozen chicken, salmon, talapia, shrimp, and lean hamburger at costco

Health Valley soups--clearly lists wheat

S&W beans--kidney, black, northern

Kraft shredded cheese

Tillamook pepperjack cheese, yogurt and ice cream (except the obvious ones)

Kirkland organic peanut butter

Propel water

Gardenburger brand soy "beef" burgers

Other than a fridge full of fruit and veggies, this is some of what is in our pantry/fridge. I tend not to buy the gluten-free branded stuff, it gets too expensive. Cereal and bread is about it!

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missy'smom    78

I love Trader Joe's Basmati and Wild Rice Blend. It takes the same amout of time to cook as regular rice(14 min.), and has dried veg., like green onion, mushroom, red peppers, parsley, etc. I use it in porcupine meatballs, stuffed peppers, and a chicken and wild rice dish, as well as rice salad. It adds alot of flavor all in one "ingredient". I buy alot when they have it.

I can't live without Pacific's chicken broth either.

Ore Ida products, from their gluten-free list, are staples in our house.

HealthValley Corn Chex(I use for crumbs in meatloaf and meatballs)

Hormel Naturals ham and turkey

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I don't buy too many actual gluten free products either. I buy most of my mainstream food at Wegmans, they will brand their private label as gluten free.

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GlutenGalAZ    1
Jack Daniels BBQ sauces

Heinz ketchup

Hormell natural selection deli meats and bacon--when on sale I stock up and freeze

I don't know if ingredients have changed but this past summer I called Heinz and e-mailed them to see if the Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce was gluten free and they said no. I can't remember what the gluten was in it b/c I have thrown away the container & it was months ago.

They do list the following as being gluten free:

Jack Daniel's EZ Marinader -- Teriyaki Variety

Jack Daniel's EZ Marinader -- Garlic & Herb Variety

For BBQ my family really likes Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce.


Hi Gluten15 --

When I started out I looked online.

You can pull up the product webiste and see if they have a list, a lot do now. I looked up foods on here and made a list of things that I would want then when I went to the store I would look at the label. With reading in books and websites on how to read labels and what to look for/be cautious of and then seeing what others ate I learned to read labels better. It was stressful at first so I ate a lot of safe foods that I knew were gluten free (but got really tired of them ha).

I have also e-mailed some of the main companies and they either say you need to read the labels, that the labels will clearly state if it contains gluten or they e-mail back with a list.

Here are some links to some companies gluten free lists:




Kern's Nectar Juice is gluten free (BUT the Mango Horchata and Coffee Horchata are NOT gluten free)

Dinty Moore Beef Stew is gluten free (I like to put some cheese and pepper in it for flavor)

Classico Spaghetti sauce (all red and white sauce) is gluten free

Johnsonville Sausage (website: http://www.johnsonville.com/home.html) if you click on each item and look at the ingredients it will have at the end of the list gluten free if it is. (this one I just found out recently but I want to buy and use with other meat in meatloaf and spaghetti)

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GlutenGalAZ    1


Someone posted the below website on a thread couple weeks ago:


On their website you can join for free -- they e-mail you M-F once a day a gluten free product. I joined couple weeks ago and it has been interesting some of the items that they e-mail about. Pretty much all of the items you can buy at the grocery store and don't have to go to a specialty store / health food store.


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    • It doesn't change DH, but it always makes me smile thinking someone means Dear Husband instead of the rash.
    • It's done this since I started on here, many years ago.  Kind of funny when people type g f meaning girlfriend...... 😄
    • First were you tested for celiac? IS this rash DH? In case of a DH rash they have to take a biopsy from a clear spot next to one of the lesions. Those with DH sometimes do not show up on other celiac test,

      Other thoughts what about your shampoo? Body wash? Did you have any recent work done in the house with plaster or drywall? Is this a allergic reactions or directly linked to celiac? Your concerns about diabetic friendly gluten-free options confuse me. I am ketogenic gluten free. Meaning I do not eat carbs, or sugar. It is quite easy, while many gluten free processed foods do are really high in starches, there are plenty that are low carb and diabetic friendly. Miracle Noodles makes, noodles, rice, pasta, ready to eat meals all gluten free and low-zero carb. Julian Bakery makes a low carb, gluten free bread. Califlour makes low carb pizza crust, and I know of several companies other then my bakery that makes low carb ketogenic muffins, cookies, and cakes that are diabetic safe.
    • There seems to be a new auto word change that changes all instances of  "gluten-free" to gluten-free in case it does it to this post G F without a space gets changed to gluten-free. I was trying to reference a brand name and it kept on changing it to this and messing me up and drove my OCD mad. If your here and do not know what G F means then you probably do not belong here.
    • ....OK ADMIN just delete this one just another slap in the face article. " After demand from the neighborhood, they will soon add gluten-free options, though these crepes will be prepared on the same griddle, so they're intended for those with mild celiac disease or those who just prefer to eat gluten-free. " 

      Sorry Numskull but "mild celiac" FFS there is no such thing, bloody residue smaller then crumbs and you get months of heighten antibodies an damage. This is very misleading and can lead to people newly diagnosed hurting themselves. NOW if you have no problem with gluten free oats, you can make a crepe like batter very easy, it is a bit fluffier like a hybrid between pancakes and crepes but try this one.
      I used to use gluten-free Harvest oat flour to make these but as I have adverse reactions to any kind of oats I gave this up. 50g Oat Flour
      1/4 tsp Salt
      1/2 tsp Cinnamon
      1 tbsp Maple syrup
      1/2 cup water
      2 tbsp applesauce
      Mix all ingredients togehter then let sit for 10mins for the it to thicken up before pouring in the pan. I used to cook them like pancakes but can be used for crepes due to the texture.
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