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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Rash...but Not Red

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My daughter has been going through an elimination diet. But she constantly gets this rash. It is not red or pink. It just is little white pimple like skin irritation. It is consintrated on her chest but has a little all over. She doesn't have it when she wakes in the morning. But as soon as she eats...even gluten-free items she gets it. She also get horrible ecezma on the insides of her elbows and knees. Scratches until it bleeds. Since I have eliminated dairy the ecezema there has gotten better but she will scratch every once in a while.

She is allergic to peanuts for sure. She does have a dairy allergy per a RASH test. The RASH test shows allergies to all major proteins. But after reading what you all had to say...I am feeling like she may have a gluten sensitivity. She has had a gene test from the lab in San Diego (I can't remember the name) It came back that she did not have the gene for it. But her Iga test came back off the charts as Celiac.

Oh and one more thing...she has had horrible cradle cap since she was 1 year old. I have never gotten it to go away.

Has anyone had these symptoms? Or any suggestions or advice??

mrsfish :(

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:o Mrs. Fish, Icould have written your post!!!!!!

My son used to get this horrible rash, all over but really concentrated on inner thighs and knees and he'd scratch his knees until he bled, then keep right on scratching!

He also had the severe cradle cap that I COULD NOT clear up! It was gross and so bad clumps of hair would fall out! Nothing helped, even changing shampoos didn't completely clear it up, though some shampoos seemed worse than others.

I eliminated wheat completely from his diet, and after reading that seborrheic dermatitis (cradle cap) can be caused by a vitamin B 12 defidiency, I started giving him a daily multivitamin, and voila! no more cradle cap! Hurray!!!!!

Please try the vitamin and see if that helps.

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Oh ...THANK YOU! For responding. I thought my daughter was the only one who had this. What a relief! I started her on a gluten-free diet 4 days ago. I hope this will clear up within a month??? How long did it take? She also has been dairy free for 9 days. Her eczema on the inside of her elbows and knees are almost gone. Although she may have gotten some dairy yesterday because she was scratching this morning. But I will work on that. I am so glad you saw my post. I really needed to know that I was doing the right thing by putting her on this diet. As for the vitamin, I have been giving her Poly-vi-sol drops for a few days. It contains B12 so...I will look forward to no cradle cap. My 1 year old boy is developing it too. So I will check into a vitamin for him. Thank you so much!!!

mrsfish :wub:

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My son has had really bad eczema and cradle cap since about two months old. He is now three and a half. In the past three years I've done a lot of research on eczema and skin disorders. The one thing I kept bumping into is that there is a relationship between skin disorders and the immune system. So, I bought a book called Superimmunity for Kids by Leo Galland, MD. In it it explains that skin problems can be due to a essential fatty acid deficiency. It explains what and how much to supplement a child to help the skin, hair, behavioral problems etc. - a lot of other useful info.

The first thing I did was get rid of anything that wasn't 100% cotton. People with skin disorders should only wear 100% cotton. Second thing I did was began using All free and clear liquid laundry detergent with allergen fighter and Downy sensitive skin or All free and clear liquid fabric softener. Next I began supplementing EFAs. I was able to get his eczema under control but not completely gone. I eliminated eggs and all milk from his diet. Again, helped but it wasn't completely gone. I then learned about celiac and since he had other celiac type symptoms I put him on a gluten-free diet. All kinds of things cleared up. Unfortunately, in order to get an official dr. diagnosis we put him back on a regular diet after he was gluten-free for four months. That was the worse thing I did!!! After three months of a completely "regular" diet, and constantly feeling like I was poisoning my child, his blood results came back negative and the dr. did not advise on a biopsy. AND, during that "regular" diet time his symptoms returned along with new problems - he began breaking out in tiny hives that looked like ant bites. He developed several food allergies/intolerances, an annoying constant sniffle/runny nose, as well as a neurological eye blinking thing.

He has been gluten-free for about five months now and I've done a couple more things that have helped his skin problems: took him to an oriental acupuncturist (they do acupressure on children), eliminated all sweets - including fruits, began giving him digestive enzymes before every meal, and probiotics daily. He has a lot of food allergies we need to clear but it is definitely looking better.

You can do some research on probiotics and digestive enzymes. Basically, probiotics are good bacteria. They promote a healthy intestinal balance therefore aiding in strengthening your immune system. We use acidophilus pearls by Enzymatic Therapy - the best price I've found is at this website - http://www.healthyeden.com/page.htm?PG=Spotlight. Whole Foods sells a liquid probiotic, I can't remember the name, that is supposed to be really powerful & good but it is very expensive.

Digestive enzymes helps your body digestive food. They break down fats, proteins, carbs etc. small particles. To me it just makes sense that Celiacs should take digestive enzymes. I give my son THERA-ZYME DGST-P, which comes in powder form. I get it from an oriental medicine doctor who does acupressure, acupuncture, kinesiology, allergy desensitization etc. I don't know if you can order the enzymes via telephone or website but their # is 972-473-9070, website- www.integratedcenterfororientalmedicine.com

There are many, many different digestive enzymes and probiotics out there. So you should get some help in choosing which ones are right for your child. I hope that has helped. Good luck.

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Wow! That is really interesting. I thought a while back that she might have problems with Polyester...so she is only wearing 100% cotton clothing. As for detergent...my husband does the laundry and he has "his" brands he will only use So that will be a challege. Otherwise I will read and research what you have given me.

no eggs? I have noticed more of a reaction lately...could be the problem.

P.S. My husband has suffered from eczema all his life and his mother worse than him. I will forward your info to her and him.

Thanks for the info!!!! :D

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Guest TerpyTaylor
But she constantly gets this rash. It is not red or pink. It just is little white pimple like skin irritation. It is consintrated on her chest but has a little all over.

Wow, very interesting. My mother and I both have skin problems that sound very similiar to those described! Small, white bumps that can be really itchy, sometimes get bigger and then kind of pink. They are only on our faces, necks and chests and have drastically reduced since going gluten-free. However, we still get them, I'll get really bad flare-ups if I eat something with gluten on accident. However, we think we might be sensitive to corn as well so my mom is trying to take that out too and see if it helps, and so far she is noticing some improvement.

We also have recently started putting aloe on our faces a couple times a day, it really helps! We use the Trader Joe's all natural brand.

Good luck and God Bless

Taylor B)

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Thanks for the aloe suggestion. I have seen a considerable decrease in the rash since she has been gluten-free but, as you have pointed out...not totally clear. I have been putting evening primrose oil on her eczema...and that seems to really help. This all is really interesting stuff. I wonder if we will ever really know what is wrong???? :(

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have you tried cutting down on the amount of laundry detergent?.........i was having trouble with stuffy nose, itchy nose, puffy eyes, and generally some restriction breathing, and after reduceing the laundry detergent by about 30%, those symptoms dissapeared..........also, although it's difficult to do, check out the meds. ...... sometimes they are a gluten source thats well hidden............. ..zarf.................HI.................(hawaii)

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We have reduced the amount of detergent. thanks for the note on that. I have also did some research and I think it might be dairy. She has had a mild reaction to it. Otherwise thanks for all the help!!!

I checked out the book Superimmunity at the library. Wow that was lots of info!!! I have added Flax seed oil to her diet and Calcium/Maganesum vitamins to her diet and WOW!!!! She is not as hyper or stressed out. The skin on her arms are almost healed. She still has the bumps, although diminished alittle, on her chest.

I have to thank every one at this site!!! I have learned so much! I have no idea where I would be without you!

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    • There was a study where they checked 2 weeks on a gluten-free diet , and antibodies were still going up .  The study wasn't about that, so I think that is why they didn't go any further.   So... looks like 2 months gluten free?  If we think that antibodies are still being made at least two weeks gluten free.... account for the fact that most people need a few weeks to actually figure out and eat gluten-free...I would say it was a bit soon to re- test antibodies.     Edit it to add- if you were tested sept 12 and ate gluten for 6 more weeks before going gluten-free - who knows how high it got.  Shame on your doctor for doing the re- test so soon and discouraging you!  
    • Your numbers should not be going up at all. You are getting gluten somewhere. Do you eat out? Have you read the Newbie 101 at the top of the coping section? That will help you to ferret out how you may be getting glutened. Do you have a gluten free household or is it a shared household? Do you read ingredient labels?
    • Thank you so much!!!! I have a severe allergy, I can not even walk through a grocery store without getting a migraine. I have always used dreft but now I know for a fact that it is safe.
    • I’m 62 and have just now been tested for Celiac.  My Titer was negative, I have zero IGa and too much IGg (16) which is an indicator of intolerance at the very least and may indicate the need for another endoscopy. He also tested for EPI (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency) which was negative.  I just had a colonoscopy/endoscopy last year as a part of being diagnosed w/ Gastroparesis. I also have (among other things which I’m not sure are as relevant) - T2 Diabetes, Hashimotos Thyroiditis (late 30’s) Chronic Kidney Stones (since age 40), Osteoporosis (way before Menopause and not well controlled), and Gallbladder disease.(was removed) I’m discovering that all those I listed may be related in some way, and related to Celiac.  I haven’t seen the gastro doc for followup since the testing (obtained results from lab) so I’m not sure what he’s going to recommend.  Here’s where it gets scary... my daughter has many of the same things. She was just diagnosed with EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) at 32.  She was diagnosed w/Glucose intolerance at 15, had her Gallbladder removed at 20, PCOS at 22, and Gluten intolerance at 30 (no testing, just her gastro’s recommendation). She’s been diagnosed w/Gastroparesis, POTS,  MAST Cell Activation Disorder, Peripheral Neuropathy, (lost use of her bladder and has a neuro stimulator) - all in the last year.  Too much coincidence for me.  This has to be all related. I keep reading more and more studies linking all these things (like EDS and Celiac) together. My daughters  geneticist is blown away by the multiple overlapping and co-morbid conditions we have and tells us it’s not uncommon. She also says research is expanding.  Sadly, the specialist docs seem baffled and can’t even begin to address our issues, and only help to manage the symptoms - sometimes. And every “Disease/Disorder” has a “diet” or protocol, and they are all at odds with each other - very frustrating.  I guess the moral of this story is to let others know that there’s a lot more to all this than meets the eye. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re fine if you have what seem to be strange unrelated symptoms. You’re not crazy. Keep fighting for understanding and knowledge. Be an advocate for yourself, you’re loved ones,  for us all.      
    • Nice to know that Disney makes an effort to take care of people with allergies or special diets (like gluten free!): https://publicaffairs.disneyland.com/walt-disney-parks-resorts-receives-honors-allergy-friendly-fare/
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