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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Nausea Meds

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jknnej    1

For those of us who suffer from terrible nausea, do you have meds that work? Someone today told me about Phenegran or whatever it's called and I wondered about that b/c I've never heard of that. I think it's the morning sickness med and it makes you sleepy but that's all I know.

is anyone here presribed nausea meds? I'd just like to know because mine gets bad lately SINCE going gluten-free...oddly enough. Before gluten-free I had more burning pains and gas, now I have more nausea. Go figure....I can't figure out which is worse.

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CMWeaver    0

I currently have a prescription for Phenergan. I also received a RX when I was pregnant with awful morning sickness.

What I know is that it is a medicine very commonly dispensed for nausea. The one side effect that I did notice each and every time is sleepiness. As a result, I take it at night whenever possible. Of course, the effects vary I imagine with the dosage (once a day or twice etc.). Also, I am on other GI medications which also produce a sleepiness side effect.....probably intensifying that from the Phenergan.

So I would check with the pharmacist if you are taking any other medications. Perhaps you can break them up, taking them at different times to lessen any effects.

Without going on and on, I've taken Phenergan on and off for 5 years including during the first trimester of a very high risk pregnancy and would consider it safe. Everyone is different but it is the only nausea medication that I can actually say worked.



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jmengert    2

Jknnej, how long have you been gluten-free? I noticed that after about two months gluten-free, I became SO nauseous for a couple of weeks--it was pretty bad. Now, I only have occasional bouts--I figure my body is still working out the gluten, healing, and just readjusting in general. I also was prescribed that med, but didn't take it because I hate taking medicine and my doctor told me it would knock me out, and as I'm a professor, I can't afford to sleep while I teach! I also had someone suggest taking non-drowsy Dramamine to help with the nausea, so you may want to check on that--I haven't checked if that's gluten-free or not, though, because my nausea began subsiding a bit after someone recommended it.

Good luck, and I hope you feel better very soon!

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Merika    0


I hear ya on this one, lol! But then nausea was my main complaint before going gluten-free, too. Though it's different nausea now than then, if that makes any sense.

Did you see the thread a while back on peppermint candies and tea? It won't cure anything, but might give you some temporary relief, just make sure they're gluten-free. :)


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KaitiUSA    7

Nausea was my main symptom before going gluten-free. When I accidentally ingest gluten I get nauseaous but for the most part it had gotten 99.9% better. It does take time though. For some people it takes longer to feel better. When you first start the diet many things slip in at first because you don't know all the stuff gluten is hidden under. I had that problem at first. It will get better your body just may need more time.

There was a post a while back about different things to help with nausea. You may want to look at that there is a lot of great info on there and could definately help. :D

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    • This article, and the comments below, may be helpful: https://www.celiac.com/articles/21721/1/How-Celiacs-can-Deal-with-Accidental-Gluten-Ingestion/Page1.html
    • Long ignored and dismissed as unscientific and crude, are intestinal worms destined to be the future of autoimmune disease treatments? Hookworms. Intestinal parasites. They sound gross. The thought of having one's gut infected with a parasitic worm generally makes people's skin crawl. Indeed, intestinal worms, like hookworm, have a bad reputation among health experts, and have been the subject of fierce public health campaigns seeking their eradication. However, researchers have also documented the gut healing abilities of parasites like hookworm. View the full article
    • well, we're in sort of similar positions but can l ask what made you go gluten-free 3 years ago?   You've kept the diet for quite some time so where the health problems serious? at the time was seeking testing not an option? For myself, l absolutely tried everything to gain weight after losing January 2017. By April/May l started wondering how on earth l could be eating : regular meals, Boost shakes, fast food and sodas and candy all day, pretty much daily and still be losing. Some of these meals at home were pasta packed which, at the time l really thought goulash and cans of chef Boyardeee would help me gain     And years of headaches, brain fog that l didnt know what to attribute to but never suspected celiac until the weight loss, and legs and feet that hurt constantly (l didnt really know this could be due to gluten but it relived after being gluten free).   l am only about 2 months in, l did take a really basic TTG ia test after getting a response that my GI would test ''at some point'' and not being clear when that was, and very tired of being 97 pounds and scared of losing more!   so l now also have to wait to be tested more extensively, but l have gained some weight  and gave noticed some changes.    Did you have any improvements after going gluten free? If the test l did take had just been a clear ''no'', l dont  know how motivated l would have been to do this. It wasn't a clear yes, either, but designed like a drug or pregnancy test so the weak red line  does signify at least some sensitivity.   Typically the longer you wait, if in fact you are sensitive or even have celiac disease, the harder the challenge may be so l can understand the anxiety. l am planning for about 6 months. l could not handle going back on a gluten containing diet with my current job as well, and especially not during holiday retail season!   l would start very slowly. Is your new job going to be stressful? You might want to get a feel for the environment first and how you're going to deal with it on days when you might be feeling like utter crap >.> A headache that feels like a band around the back of my head and eye pressure was something l dealt with on my bad days before being gluten-free. It's not easy to function and when l did, l wasnt a nice person or very efficient.   You can start slowly, and please font be too concerned about fitting all of your challenge into six weeks, IMO. l wouldnt think of it as just a short term binge. Yes, you want to get it over with, but if you really fall apart and dont think you can even consume gluten daily, maybe try to do what you are able to do and if the time period gets stretched to 8 weeks or maybe more don't panic.   it should be difficult at first and even a shock to your system, but  even though you will likely not feel well the entire time you're challenging to retest, maybe by a few weeks in the symptoms will be slightly less severe and you can find ways to ease them. Any meds that you have taken like nsaids, a steroid, even Flonase helped me but l really dislike the side effects.   If the process in general with doctors and asking about this also gives you anxiety l would really recommend the walkinlabs recommended here. After 6-8 weeks, order (around 300 so plan for it financially). That will be your answer, make sure you have truly waited enough time to be properly tested and order the most extensive tests.    It's not something you want to have to repeat but l know l am not looking forward to it either! You will have your answer though, which, even if negative will be satisfying.
    • I can not add anything else, but I hope you feel better fast!    
    • Welcome!  I am so sorry that you are dealing with this.  With all your testing was active celiac disease ruled out?  Did they check for UC or Crohn's?  Flies?  I am on the West Coast.  The wind is usually too steady for any insect to hang around at the beach, but I recall getting attacked by them while visiting Mt.  Vernon.   Thank you for taking the time to share with us.  I am sure you can help someone else with PG.  You might enjoy hanging around with a group of people who have celiac disease like you!  😊 I wish you well!  
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