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Girl Scouts

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I was wondering if anyone new about the annual nut sale the girl scouts do every year, if anything is gluten free?

I have emailed the GSA directly, but no response... yet.

They have chocolate covered peanuts and raisins, turtles, mint chocolates and mixed nuts among other things.

If anyone knows, that would be great before ordering.

Thanks :)


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This must be a regional thing. No nut sales here.


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here, this might help. I'm a girl cout and just whipped out my order form :) but it may vary from region to region, I know they use different bakeries for the cookies. This is for CT at least, idk about anywhere else. ask your local girl scout to check her order form, it gives a link for allery/nutrition info.

edit: oh whoops, i just realized that's the same link you posted :)


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Good idea! I will try the link on the order form. At least someone was reading lol:)



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This is the reply that I received this morning.

Dear Amanda,

I had to go to the source in order to answer questions related to gluten free products from Trophy Nut Company, as my records show that is what nut company GSC Tanasai is using. Please see Bob Wilke's answer below-it looks like there are two products you need to steer clear of. However, if you are really sensitive (as are folks with peanut allergies), we can not guarantee that you will not have problems. But that is true for anything manufactured in the same place as other products. I hope this helps.


Chris Bergerson,

Project Manager, Girl Entrepreneurship, Program Development

Girl Scouts of the USA. Where I'm proud to be helping build

"...girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place."

420 Fifth Avenue | New York, NY 10018 | 212.852.6587 | Fax: 212.852.6515

cbergerson@girlscouts.org | www.girlscouts.org | www.studio2b.org


Any of our mixes that have sesame stix would contain wheat which is a form of gluten. Our Honey Peanuts have Maltodextrin which is made from wheat and therefore is a form of Gluten. So our Honey Peanuts and our Cajun Mix are the only two products that contain a form of gluten, however, saying that our products are Gluten Free would kind of be like saying our Cashews are Peanut Free. The fact is that all of our products are produced in a facility that handles products that contain a form of Gluten. Therefore, I would never claim that we are Gluten Free even though you are correct in that most standard nut products would not contain any form of Gluten.

Bob Wilke

Trophy Nut Company


so now we know :)


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    •  I have a friend with MS, another with breast cancer and a third with RA.  At the same age my only problem is I cannot eat gluten!  So when I start getting frustrated about food I think about that and how lucky I truly am.  Once you get in the swing of it it gets easier and then you start to feel better which makes it all worth it.    Also when I first went gluten-free I read on this group about Mark's daily Apple and the Paleo community. I turned to that which was extremely motivating.  I've never seen so many people so excited about not eating gluten. It was a very positive energy and motivated me to find other foods to eat. Also, they love bacon! 
    • I know I needed the confirmation.  My hubby went gluten free per the very poor advice from my allergist and his GP.   It worked, but we really do not know if he has celiac disease.  He refuses to do a gluten challenge and I do not blame him.  We do know that gluten makes him sick.  He has been gluten free for 16 years.   So, when my GI suspected celiac disease, I could not believe it.  I had no tummy issues at the time, but was anemic.  Had been my whole life and it was blamed on a genetic anemia and menstruation.  I knew what being gluten free meant and I did not want to have celiac disease.  But,   I got positives  on the DGP and my biopsy.    Nothing like seeing something in writing.  I showed that to my extended family who was in denial as well.   I had a shared household with hubby all those years.  But after my diagnosis and the fact my kid started making things in the kitchen, we all went Gluten Free.  Great kid, but I could not trust her with my health!  If you DD has small siblings, consider all going gluten free.  They can eat gluten outside of the house.  That is what my kid does.  
    • Yes, I used to write a lot, for work and pleasure. Now, not so much. Which probably explains why you guys have to suffer the occasional bout of nonsense!
    • Some cookware you can get rid of the gluten by running in the oven clean cycle then scrubbing. Gluten is a protein not a germ, so disinfectant will not get rid of it but high heat above 500F can destroy the proteins. This way you can save cast iron and some baking pans/sheets. To make double sure after, use foil and parchment paper in baking pans/dishes also makes clean up real easy. Butcher paper makes a nice clean counter top/work area and after your done your can pick it up dump it off into the trash for easy clean up and after a few days or if it gets real messy just toss it. Really makes kitchen cleanup easier and changed my life. OH get new untenil organizers for your drawers to avoid gluten crumbs getting on your silverware/new utensils and vacuum out all drawers real good, Make sure you clean out the cupboards, and fridge real good for crumbs.
    • JMG,  I just read your link and the posts about your non celiac diagnosis and although they are about a painful experience, they are enjoyable to read. You are very talented. Have any of your jobs involved writing?
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