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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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gluten-free In Fort Collins, Co

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I am currently visiting Fort Collins, CO and was thrilled to find a few Gluten-Free Friendly restaurants in the area. Sadly, Beau Jo's was closed for renovations. I was really looking forward to trying their gluten-free pizza. However, I found a place called Rustic Oven just up the street. They prepared me the BEST gluten-free pizza I have ever had! They also took the time to assure me it was cooked on a dedicated gluten-free pizza stone AND they didn't charge extra for a gluten free pizza like most places do. It was also a great deal larger than the regular pizzas! The servers were very knowledgeable and friendly.

My next successful outing was at a place called Spoons. All of their soups are labeled gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, etc... I had some delicious Butternut Squash and Parsnip soup that was gluten-free, DF and V! I also had a delicious salad with a delicious Maple Mustard dressing. The manager called the owner of the restaurant just to make sure the dressing was safe!

Tonight I am planning on grabbing a quick bite to eat at a coffee shop/cafe called Muggs. I emailed the owner after I heard a rumor that they had gluten free offerings. Their website said nothing about it but I was still curious. The owner himself called me this morning to discuss their gluten free options. They have gluten free bread and pizza crusts and can make almost anything on the menu gluten free for me! i am so excited and was very impressed by his knowledge and professionalism.

I also heard about a Thai restaurant, Sri Thai, that was a gluten-free menu. Unfortunately I won't have time to try it.

Thank you Fort Collins, CO for providing me with a wonderful, stress free couple of days!


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Hey! My parents live up there!

I love Muggs and Beau Jo's, but I'd never heard of the Rustic Oven. I'm REALLY going to have to try that next time I'm in town. I'm always looking for new gluten-free pizza options!

I'd always been curious about Spoon's, too. Now I know :) I'm really glad you posted this, because honestly, half the time I go there I'm not sure where I can eat.

A few other places I've had good luck with are Hut Hot Mongolian Grill (they list allergens and will clean the grill specially for you, they're always really nice about it, but I'm always a bit worried about CC) and Austin's American Grill. Austin's is a touch pricier, but absolutely delicious and their staff is always top notch. I've also had good luck at JeJu (the Japanese restaurant in Old Town), but last time I was there - over a year ago- they didn't have Tamari and I had to eat my sushi dry. Either bring your own or call ahead and ask if they have it now, but their food is yummy and I've always loved how friendly their servers are.

Fort Collins actually has a lot of yummy delicious non chain restaurants. I've found many of them to be very accommodating, too. When I lived there (pre gluten free) I had a mile long list of restaurants I loooovved to eat at. I'm so glad that some of them are becoming gluten-free friendly, it makes me love visiting :)


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I also heard about a Thai restaurant, Sri Thai, that was a gluten-free menu. Unfortunately I won't have time to try it.

I was in Fort Collins five years ago, shortly after I was diagnosed. I went to Sri Thai and started to explain my dietary restrictions, and my jaw nearly hit the table when the server asked, "Would you like to see our gluten-free menu?" I had a great dinner, and my business colleagues took me there for lunch the next day. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who is visiting Fort Collins.


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    • Update: I have been taking Chanca Piedra (specifically, Royal Break-Stone, by Whole World Botanicals) on an empty stomach in the morning for the liver-gall bladder and surprisingly my lips are almost normal. I know the peeling lips may be caused by different issues but I hope this info helps someone.
    • Hi Cristiana, I'm so sorry that you are still not feeling well.  When do you go back to your Dr? I wish I could help more, but it's so hard to know what was what when I was on the PPI.  I was diagnosed with celiac and h. Pylori on the same day so I was already feeling awful.  Then I was put on 2 antibiotics with the  PPI.  I do remember feeling terribly nauseous, but just assumed it was the antibiotics.  When I started tapering, I still wasn't feeling well.  It really took months before I started to feel decent.  But I assume that it was the celiac. I really hope you start to see some improvement...((((hugs))))
    • @scorpio it has now been almost 2 years and I am curious if you ever found something that worked for you. My boyfriend suffers from EC as well and I am desperate to find a resolution for his sake. He's been dealing with it for over a year now and it is taking a toll on his work and social life.   Any updates would be helpful
    • I am going through the diagnosis stage as well. My family has strong history for celiac disease, and while I always had discomfort and other symptoms ( some of which i didnt know about) I wasn't tested until recently because I was DEATHLY afraid of needles. The results are highly positive but I am still getting a biopsy in early August. From what I have learned about it is that the endoscopy is beneficial to looking for not only signs of celiac but also other diseases that have similar symptoms to celiac. Because of your mixed result it wouldn't hurt to get a biopsy but it really is personal preference. I understand what you are going through and didn't like the idea much either but I really think it is something that can help you in the long run. P.S. There are lots of testing being done for new medications or other ways to "cure" celiac other than a gluten-free diet. It is my understanding that this can only be covered by insurance with a confirmed diagnosis (biopsy) but I don't need to get into that. The bottom line is that a biopsy is confirmatory especially since the doctors could see in the intestine, so to me, I feel better knowing that there's no chance of going gluten-free for nothing.
    • Hi Everyone!  Thank you for all your responses!  This site is so helpful and I appreciate everyone who replied to my post.   I was able to get an earlier appt with Maureen Leonard who was absolutely wonderful like you all said and after more testing and even a genetics test, my son now has a diagnosis of celiac disease.  He's been gluten free now for a few weeks.  He is doing very well on the diet so far.  He does seem to be sleeping better which was always a problem since he was an infant, so that is a good sign!  We test in 3 months and I hope that his iron levels go up. 
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