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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Ttg Results And Symptoms Relationship?

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Hi everyone,

I was just wondering what people's experiences have been regarding their tTG results and their symptoms after they have become gluten free...

Before going gluten-free, I had a tTG score of about 180 (where a high positive is > 30)

1.5 years later, my tTG is only 70, so still a strong positive but not as positive

My primary symptom of a [essentially constant] bloated/distended/uncomfortable gassy stomach did not change at all over that 1.5 years (i.e. I'm 6'2'', 170 lbs, and still wear pants with a 36 inch waist despite being a muscular guy).

My symptoms are the above mentioned bloated stomach and moderate constipation/sense of incomplete evacuation (the latter which is helped by miralax but alleviating the constipation has done little to help the other more concerning symptom).

--> Have other people had these symptoms and had a high tTG?

--> Will I have to wait until my tTG is much lower to experience any improvement?

Thanks guys


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--> Have other people had these symptoms and had a high tTG?

--> Will I have to wait until my tTG is much lower to experience any improvement?

Thanks guys

A year and a half seems a long time to not see any improvement. Are you certain you have eliminated all sources of gluten from your food-sources and medication?

Having said that, tTG can take a long time to normalise, a year or more is not unusual. Anti-gliadin IGA is more reactive and will normalise more quickly with removal of gluten from the diet (and vice versa), so it is better for use in monitoring the diet.

Have you considered you may be lactose or fructose intolerant? These can both cause bloating/gas. A lot of celiacs have lactose intolerance (mostly temporary) because of the damage to the villi, which normally release lactase enzyme from their tips.

There is a hydrogen breath test you can take to diagnose these, so maybe ask your doctor about it.

In regard to a link between high tTG and symptoms, in my case my tTG was >200 when diagnosed, and went down to 132 after four months. I never had any symptoms to speak of, apart from ongoing nausea and fatigue which I now put down to low B12, as it cleared once I had a course of B12 injections. The low B12 was most likely from malabsorption due to the gut damage.


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I know I'm a bit lactose intolerant and as such, have very little lactose containing products

My primary symptom of an uncomfortable distended bloated abdomen doesn't seem to cycle with what I eat that much --> it only seems to feel less uncomfortable if I avoid food in general

I've tried a 3 week elemental diet under the theory that this might be some sort of bacterial overgrowth but it didn't help (and such a diet would have been free of lactose/fructose/gluten for that time) -- I still felt pretty bloated during those three weeks making me think this symptom may be a function of ongoing inflammation as opposed to some sort of other process

also re: dietary compliance -- I was compliant as I could ever really be (my anti-gliadin was negative); if i became any more compliant I'd rule out eating out entirely (e.g. I would usually just eat mexican food like tacos which could have a spec of a gluten in them from a fleck of flour landing on them in the kitchen -- though if that's enough to set me off I should wear a mask everywhere...)


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    • I'm glad you have a diagnosis.  Fibromyalgia is recognized by western medicine, FDA has even approved several drugs for its treatment.  This article from the NIH is interesting, saying that not all doctors are familiar with it ( those are probably the ones who minimize it).   I hope your health improves now that you know what you have and can begin to do something for it. https://www.niams.nih.gov/health_info/fibromyalgia/#c
    • Hi Casy and welcome! I say welcome, you've been here before! Welcome back then You probably know already that you tick a lot of the celiac boxes (so answer to a) is no you're not crazy ). It's a bugger to diagnose however and you have to be eating gluten for the tests to work. So your previous test when the mess hall diet was eggs rice and chicken may not have been accurate.  I collected some faqs on the diagnosis process sometime ago. They're here along with a couple of links that may be of use in regard to the second question about the tests available:  There's also the board FAQ stickied above of course: https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/announcement/3-frequently-asked-questions-about-celiac-disease/  If I were you I'd be tempted to try cutting gluten. My advice would be not to do that at least just yet - if the test comes back positive they may want to run an endoscopy or other blood test. It's not pleasant to go back on it if its a problem for you, the 'gluten challenge' in other words.  One final point, I don't know what a positive diagnosis would do for your military career prospects. Maybe thats something you should think about or discuss with someone in confidence? The diagnosis can't do much for you practically, treatment is to not consume gluten. So you may be able to not pursue the diagnosis and just do your own test with avoiding gluten. Although I don't know how practical that is with MRE's etc... There may be others here who can help with that question.  Oh and theres a genetic element, so your son's GI issues may also be related... Best of luck! Matt  
    • Perhaps you were run down and your immune system was compromised? Here's a good paper on the subject: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3579488/ Not much definitive, but this for instance is interesting: In my own case I know that under gluten I lived for years with an impaired immune system. Any cold going around I got it and kept it for longer than everyone else. I was often 'under the weather' and I had unexplained urinary infections etc. The skin issues were one part of that and the SD the most visible. So many things resolved when going gluten free that I was upset that the SD, whilst improving, didn't also disappear.  I saw a consultant dermatologist and he diagnosed it and said that Nizoral had the best chance of impacting on it - in fact its the active ingredient: ketoconazole that you need to look for: I only use the shampoo now if its bad and it isn't too bad at all, I think because I'm broadly healthy, eating well and strict on the diet. I have an itchy scalp and occasional spots at bottom of scalp but I can always go back to the shampoo if needed. Like you I have a couple of others sat around for an alternative.  My research has suggested its a case of treating symptoms and staying well, but its control rather than cure.  Sorry!  
    • Yours looks safe I was using paleo pro back then and the company changed from gluten free to manufactured in the same facility as.
    • Hello all! Does anyone take the Claritin non drowsy reditabs for indoor and outdoor allergies? Its the dissolvable ones. I was prescribed loratadine as prescription but pharmacist told me the pill form had gluten in its ingredients and that this Claritin reditabs were gluten free. I will call manufacture company as well just wanted to see if my fellow celiacs took this or what type of allergy medicine do you guys take? Any advice is helpful. Also for my post nasal drip I was prescribed Fluticasone Propionate Nasal spray. I have yet to use this as it is the generic equivalent for Flonase. Anyone know if it is gluten free? The manufacturing company said they could not state if it was free of gluten because they do not test it but she did say nothing in the inactive ingredients looks like it contains gluten???? I really  need to you a nasal spray as I cannot breathe or swallow due to allergies in the air.
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