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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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How Long Did It Take For Detox Symptoms To Go Away,

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I'm really hoping my detox symptoms, which have gotten pretty nasty in the past week or so (but are also somewhat dying down, thankfully), go away soon. Along with the super hunger, but that actually is noticably (slowly) decreasing too.

Anyway, before I went gluten-free, or figured out what was up with tons of internet searches and self-diagnosis, I had the GI symptoms for like ~5 months. I know for a fact it happened this year, because I remember feeling great during Christmas vacation 2008, so I definitely got the symptoms this year. Just don't remember when, but I'd say I was having GI symptoms for less than 6 months.

Well, since I only had overt symptoms for 6 months at most, I'm hoping my detox period should be short. I'm 28 years old, so if I'd actually been having more covert symptoms for years (i.e. gut damage, which is possible, as I developed fructose malabsorption last year and had to give up apples) and not realized it, then I'm probably in for a longer detox than I'd think before I get back to feeling normal again.

So, how about the rest of you guys? How long did you have your symptoms before you went gluten-free? And how long did it take after going gluten-free to feel normal again?

It would be interesting to see the relationship between the two values.

EDIT: Oops! Wrong board! This belongs on the post-diagnosis board, I think. Could an admin move this there? I'm sorry.


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My earliest clue might have been lactose intolerance in high school which took me a few years to figure out. I started having the brain fog, fatigue, insomnia and a much harder time concentrating about 5th grade. I don't know if that's related or no.

I didn't have any trouble with my stomach until my daughter was about 2 YO, I was about 32. After that, things went downhill. I self diagnosed at age 49 so that's long time if it's all related.


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Since being diagnosed just over 5 months ago, I have discovered that I had celiac symptoms most of my life. I'm 44.

Except for a few teen years where I was eating next to nothing I've always been slightly bloated and had periodic unexplained stomach trouble/flu like symptoms which included achy joints etc. When I'd go to the doctor I'd complain of general fatigue, soreness and occasional upset stomach. Episodes got worse, but livable. I continued to tell the docs that I eat a very balanced diet and get A LOT of exercise, yet I have had unexplained weight gain for years...docs could never find anything except anemia - and made it clear they thought it was all in my head.

The past 8 years symptoms increased until in 2008 I was extremely bloated and sick all the time, especially in the warmer months. I kept on my doctor because it was obvious something was going on -- there was a hit on low Vitamin D and finally after 50 blood tests she ran my tTG -- only slightly positive but positive. I was given referral to GI and told to ask for someone that "wants a Celiac Sprue case". Turns out we have one of the best Celiac facilities right here at UCSD, unfortunately it took 26 years of UCSD primary docs to get me pointed in the right direction. My biopsy confirmed moderate to severe damage from Celiac Disease.

I've been gluten-free for 5 months and my digestive system has improved...I hardly bloat anymore. I was really hungry for about the first two months. Unfortunately my fatigue, joint pain and heat intolerance have become much worse. Still looking into other possibilities for some of my symptoms, but remain hopeful that gluten-free time will bring more healing and I'll be able to claim a solid timeline for how long it took to heal.

Each time I read of someone being diagnosed much younger than I it makes me very happy and grateful that some doctors seem to be getting better training to look for Celiac -- although there is a long way to go on that front.

Improved health to you!


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    • That explains EVERYTHING. I had Aetna PPO about 4 years ago, and it was horrible. Absolutely horrible, and expensive. They jacked up the price the year Obamacare came out, from $550 a month (family) to $725 a month and I got stuck paying it for a year. I dropped them like a rock when open season came around. They are a greedy and worthless insurance company.
    • Hi Ahhhnold (is that like Shwartzenegger?! ), I am also waiting for my endoscopy. In the meantime, the people on this message board suggested that I request the celiac antibody panel to be drawn. Do you know if that was included in your blood work? If not, you can ask your primary care doctor to order it while you wait. That might shed light on just what's going on in your body. I had mine drawn yesterday and am waiting for the results, but they typically can be back within a few days. Why not give it a try?
    • I know what you mean. On one hand, I don't want celiac disease, but on the other hand, it would be a "fixable" problem that would explain so many of my health problems... all the way back to age 11, honestly! From my understanding, from the very nice and knowledgeable people here, only one test being flagged high counts as a positive or potential positive. Letting the GI specialist know this means that they will (should) take extra care when doing and endoscopy and taking samples for biopsy. Good luck! I hope you get your answers!
    • A protein in corn that can be utilized by itself as a thickening agent or extracted in some cases to be used as a protein additive in highly processed foods like some process meats, gravy, sauces, etc. More often found in pet foods. Not related to wheat gluten or something the typical celiac needs to worry about. Me on the other hand am highly allergic to corn, if you have the same thing avoid it, along with modified food starch, vegetable oils, vegetable proteins, (these mixes normally contain corn) and several other processed forms along with the obvious corn starch, corn syrup, corn, masa, corn flour, maize, etc.   Damnedest thing, they now often make biodegradable bags from corn starch/corn gluten, same with some new disposable ware....found out about the bags after breaking out in a rash from one I got at a health food store......
    • I'm 3 weeks away from my EGD and Celiac biopsy. I wish it was tomorrow. I started having stomach pain a few months back, had ultrasound, Bloodwork, H-Pylori test. Ultrasound normal, blood work normal, H-Pylori test negative, diagnosed with gastritis and given Nexium. It went away completely for about 3 weeks then came back with this constant belching, when I say constant I mean like sleeping 2 maybe 3 hours at night, the stomach pain would kinda come and go but the belching was non stop. Finally got referred to a GI specialist. While waiting on my appointment I decided to see if it could be an intolerance. First went dairy, no help. Then finally gluten. Within a week I was much better. Finally relief. I saw my doctor told him the diet was helping, he ordered an EGD and Celiac biopsy. But since I saw him a week ago I feel like I'm getting worse again. So yesterday I ate gluten free waffles and had a horrible day, so much gas and belching all day. I couldn't understand, so I looked at the box and found it's got soy. I read that people who have Celiac have trouble with soy as well. So today I've been, gluten, dairy, and soy free which mean I can't eat crap. But I've felt much better today than yesterday. In the mean time I'm curious, when they go in with the scope and do the intestinal scrape for the biopsy, how long do you have to wait for results? I'm so ready to do these tests and get some answers.
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