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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Giant Eagle 'list' And Nutritionist Contact Info

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I finally got the direct email of the Giant Eagle nutritionist who can answer questions - the problem is it can take several days for her to email back. (If you call the toll-free number on the product, all the person on the phone does is email the same nutritionist and tell you she'll call you within 3 days with an answer. Not great when you're making dinner...) A lot of you probably already have this info, but for some newbies like me it may help. I didn't see any recent Giant Eagle posts when I searched.

It's: nutritionist at gianteagle.com (I won't type the actual address, she needs to devote time to us, not to spammers.)

So she sent me a 'list' of gluten-free Giant Eagle products. It's not very big, but it's a start. I get the impression Giant Eagle is starting to offer more options and label better - but it's still not great. Unfortunately the little Giant Eagle near me is soooo convenient. (I also drive a little farther to a WalMart somewhat near me, since they make their 'Great Value' suppliers clearly disclose gluten. I think, however, some of those suppliers are now doing more CYA and simply slapping on that 'may contain traces of....' disclaimer. I recently saw that disclaimer on the Great Value instant rice.)

The nutritionist said I could share her info and email in a forum, so here's some cutting and pasting of her list and a few questions I had asked - specifically about their frozen chicken breasts and tenders (I buy a ton when they're on sale - but now I find out Giant Eagle can't back up whether they are gluten free or not):


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