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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Atkins And Celiac Disease

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Reba32    41

Let me preface this by saying I have had gastric symptoms pretty much my entire life. I'm 42 years old. Pain, gas, constipation, nausea etc etc and so on. I'd been diagnosed with "migraine stomach", IBS, allergies, and the ubiquitous "well, we have no idea what's wrong with you. Eat more fibre" :blink:

Around 1998 I started losing A LOT of weight. I went from a size 12 (Canada) to size 2 in about a year. We couldn't figure out what it was, I'd eat, and still kept losing weight. A few years later, I started gaining weight, and gaining and gaining and gaining. Then I moved from Canada to the US after getting married, and had about 2 years without health insurance, or money for doctors. Was literally going crazy from crazy symptoms. And continued to gain weight, despite starving myself on low fat, low calorie, high carb diet plans.

when I finally got a job and some health insurance, during a routine anual physical, they drew blood and found that my thyroid levels were out of whack. (the PA then told me I had hypo thyroid, it was actually hyper thyroid, Grave's disease). I was put on antithyroid meds and yes, I gained some more weight. A LOT more weight! 20 pounds in one month! GAH! And it kept going up and up and up, no matter what I did. Plus, the constipation, gas, pain etc kept getting worse. "well, sounds like IBS, eat more fibre" :blink:

Finally one day when my fairly new jeans that had been loose 2 months prior, were about to snap me in half and they actually had bruised my thigh! I had had enough. I looked up Atkins. I had tried pretty much everything else, short of calling Jenny, so what the heck right?

I read and read and read all I could about Atkins, joined the online community to learn some more, and then got started the week before Thanksgiving 2008. And by Thanksgiving I felt soooooooooooo much better, it was amazing! And why was that you may ask? Because for the first phases of Atkins you don't eat any grains!.

There was a woman on the forums who said she had Celiac Disease, and she described what it was and then I did some more reading and went "hmmmmmm". Then there was a whole bunch more people turning up saying they'd just been diagnosed, or they've had Celiac for years, and Atkins is the best, and easiest diet they've followed!

Now to placate my husband, whose life "had become hell" because I wouldn't eat bread any more, after nearly a year of being gluten free, at the end of October last year, I started a gluten challenge, so I could get the definitive diagnosis. I KNEW I had Celiac, but he wouldn't believe me unless a doctor told him so. SO, I tortured myself for 8 weeks just to shut him up. Didn't work, despite my positive diagnosis, he still bugs me :P

But there ya go. Not only can you lose weight on Atkins, and keep it off, but you can diagnose lifelong diseases finally too!

Anyone else a low-carber or Atkineer?

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Roda    186

I've been following the South beach diet. The first two weeks I lost 13 lbs. I didn't eat any grains either. I was already diagnosed for almost a year before starting it, just wanted to loose some of the extra pounds. I have had some issues come up recently so I have not suck to the plan. I attribute my (eventual) diagnosis to my youngest son. He had so many food issues when he was a baby. He reacted to rice and oatmeal cereal and a bunch of other foods through my breast milk. I eliminated dairy, oats, rice, and tree nuts out of my diet. I ate lots of meats, fruits and veggies. I was not gluten free, but probably gluten light.About 4 months after I started adding things back in my diet is when I started with all of the symptoms that started me going to the doctor. I was eventually diagnosed 2 1/2 years after that. Of course I figured the connetion after the fact. I'm glad you figured it out. It is such a relief to know what is wrong after so long.

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Reba32    41

Atkins has a new book out this week called "The New Atkins for a New You". It's an easy read, and has lots of info on the science of how the plan works.

Even if you don't have to lose weight, following an Atkins whole foods plan just for general good health, and it can even help with a gluten free diet, because it is naturally gluten free until you get to the last rung of on-going weight loss. Then you just don't introduce the gluten grains. I'm too carb sensitive I've learned, so I may never re-introduce rice and corn (just the smell of corn these days makes me ill anyway!), but honestly, I don't miss them at all anyhow!

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ksymonds84    6

I remember in my 30's I did low carb and swore it cured my IBS :D Actually, my G.I. Dr. Lewey told me that he can't prove it but suspects that being on a strict low carb diet then returning to a regular diet can trigger celiac genes to turn on. Just a theory of his.

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Reba32    41

Well, I'm quite positive I've had Celiac/been gluten intolerant pretty much my entire life, and was always just misdiagnosed up until I figured it out myself.

I had done elimination diets several times trying to figure out what was wrong, since I was probably 4 years old, but never gave up wheat, barley and rye all together like I did when I started Atkins. After about a month and I felt better than I could ever remember, I figured it had to be something!

I'm not alone either, there are a few on the forums at the Atkins site who have also discovered gluten intolerance or outright Celiac since starting Atkins.

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    •   Ironic, We went entirely gluten-free in our home after 2016 for how bad my neurological , joints, mood gets now in addition to my former gi, skin, and other issues . My son shows signs of my early symptoms and voluntarily went off gluten, corn, and milk like me as he did his own food like diary symptom tracking. My daughter continues on gluten outside the home. We warn her of our concern for at times in toddler hood she was constipated and would bloat.  We asked their Dr to test them as I was undergoing my testing and she said no until I had my diagnosis. As we know these things take time and my son went gluten-free . He said after watching mom on my gluten challenge that he will not go back on it .  We await technology further research and we silently watch our soon to be teen girl for we know even if tested negative it can show up one day.  She says I know mom I know. The more Whole Foods here in the home we notice she actually craves gluten / processed foods less and is slowly transitioning as well.  Does your child also naturally eat less gluten and processed as well away from home? I wonder if the taste buds / craving change as the parents diet changes food options.  Thoughts?
    • Funny though, my brother and I were just discussing this. He has celiac and both his son and him are gene positive. Both were TTG/EMA negative but never tested for DGP. My brother had damage on endoscopy. They have not scoped his son. He feels his son is symptomatic but not his daughter.  I have conflicting positive and negative DGP, recent damage on biopsy and negative TTG/EMA. Two years ago my son had negative TTG and DGP. No EMA. I plan to have him gene tested and full antibodies screened again.  My brother has opted to have his children follow a gluten-free diet. I am currently allowing my son a normal diet.  But my own chaos with diagnosis, and my brother's too because he was TTG negative, makes me ultra sensitive to the possibility.  My son's ped doc has a  daughter who was recently diagnosed with celiac.  it was in the family so her mom, my son's doctor, suspected it as soon as she started getting digestive issues and losing weight.  she pretty much told me that she was glad that they didn't put her on a gluten-free diet as a child so she can enjoy eating the things she wanted to Throughout her life.  I have to say I agree to a large extent. There are many diseases that we could get At anytime. we cannot change our lives for that reason alone.  However that being said, my family has both thyroid disease and multiple sclerosis as well.   I know all too well the naive statements and assumptions that doctors can make in the face of science still working to find conclusions.  There are other types of TTG the doctors don't typically test for.  I am well aware of this, and sensitive to it. As a parent, I'm going to allow my son to continue on a normal diet for now, but we are going to pursue testinG  And I'm going to watch it very closely.  
    • It might generate based on traffic searches  or posts etc. My guess. I read them and respond because I wasn't on here as a member in 2012. I only use to visit then. So it's new to me V. happy friday   😋  
    • Just saying her TTg was 0 & her IgA was 27 doesn't tell us anything. Every lab can have different values so we need the reference ranges not just the results. Can you look back at the lab report & get those & post them please? Did they tell you she MUST be eating gluten every single day until all testing is done? Don't make a fatal mistake & take her off of gluten yet.
    • When the doc did the endoscopy, did he take biopsies? How many? From what locations? Get your records!!!! If he didn't take biopsies for celiac disease then he can NOT say you don't have it. 99% of the time, villi damage can not be SEEN by the GI doc during the endoscopy. And yes, the doc has no clue when saying it doesn't matter that you were gluten free for 3 years!
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