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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Insomnia With Itchy, Antsy Bottoms Of Feet?

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Hi folks,

Have noticed several threads about Celiac/gluten intolerance and insomnia, and wanted to post something specific about Insomnia and FEET...

Have been plagued with insomnia ever since acquiring C.F.S. (over two decades ago), but lately the insomnia is coupled with the most annoying ITCHING and "ANTSY" (TINGLING) STUFF going on in the BOTTOMS OF MY FEET. I don't know if this is related to food intolerance(s) or maybe related to some problems with my SPINE (have degenerative disc areas in cervical (neck) spine and lumbar areas). Once this FOOT THING gets started, it can keep me awake all night. It is not like the intense ITCHING that goes on along the SHINS when I've been toxified with problem food substances. It is more like a nerve-related "tingling." Hard to describe.

Last "night" I finally fell asleep about 6:00 a.m. this morn, and only after taking some of the Hyland's "INSOMNIA" sublingual tablets! This can go on many nights a week, and then I might luck out and have one good night of fairly peaceful sleep (for me, good sleep is about 3-4-5 hours without having to get up multiple times).

Just wondering if others have this BOTTOM OF THE FEET thing and if so, have you figured out what's causing it or what might alleviate it?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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are you a celiac? or gluten intolerant? how long have you been gluten free? have you had your B12 levels checked??

alot of gluten intolerant people and celiacs get numbness/tingling in their hands &/or feet due to LOW levels of B12. my sis in law had a B12 level of 211 and she was dizzy and had the tingling in her hands and feet.

ALSO-> Restless Leg Syndrome has sometimes been an issue for Celiacs.

maybe you need to get your vit.B12 & vit.D levels checked- those are the most common vitamin deficiencies in Celiacs.

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Hi cassP,

Answered your questions via Messenger. And yes, last couple of blood tests did show Vitamin D deficiency and have been taking supplements. Don't think the tests done a few days ago addressed B12, so will have to get that tested.

I also heard that Quinine/tonic water can calm restless legs and am thinking maybe it'd calm restless FEET, too...

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Quick followup on this thread:

As soon as I stopped the Lisinopril, the itchy/twitchy feet thing stopped, so I'm pretty sure that was the source of the restless FEET syndrome that caused so much insomnia. Am trying to do daily walking to address blood pressure, and maybe it will also help with the sleep problem... Time'll tell!

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    • Do a little research?  Google and then check out the manufacturers and see what is available in your area?  Read some threads about products that people are discussing and look them up?  I think most of us know what we can get in our area but would have no clue about where companies ship to or how they handle wholesale transactions. You haven't said what type of business - a bakery? Grocery?  Restaurant?   I think that if you are really serious about a "gluten-free business" you would put a bit of work into it. 
    • That doctor is delaying unnecessarily! If he's been sick for 2 months already, another 3 months is cruel and unusual.
    • IT could be many things, I find I have a gastric dumping issue with some meals, I know some food intolerance I have will trigger it. I know If I do not start my day with a big glass of hot liquid and magnesium and have it before a meal, that meal will sit it my stomach till it makes me sick and vomit it up 4-6 hours later. I know for me meats do not digest. they just sit in my stomach til I vomit them back up. Animal fats and certain oils do not digest same thing. just float in my stomach til I puke them up when they start going rancid in my stomach 4-6 hours later. I find digestive enzymes are a MUST. I take 2-4 times the suggested dosing, and even extra bromine with heavy protein meals.

      There is another issue where some people have weak stomach acid there for the stomach does not digest food nor dump it. If you have this issue then betaine hcl will help this. For me it was not my acid but a enzyme issue.
    • I want to establish a gluten free business and i want to know the accredited suppliers for gluten free products in order not to get cheated by fake products from suppliers  is there a list available ? And can they export to other countries ?!  Thanks 
    • I am sorry that your daughter (and you) are experiencing this.  After diagnosis, celiacs need adequate follow-up care.  When was the last time her antibodies were checked?  Have they come down?  Are they still very elevated?  This link verifies what I said: http://www.cureceliacdisease.org/faq/how-often-should-follow-up-testing-occur/ By testing you can help rule out active celiac disease.  It can take most celiacs a year or years to recover from celiac disease and all the collateral damage that can come with it.   Then you might consider a dietician who is knowledgeable about celiac disease.  Often going gluten free is not enough.  People tend to just find substitutes for their already unhealthy food choices.  She should focus on fresh fruits, veggies, meat, nuts, dairy, legumes, rice, etc.  and avoid processed foods until she has really mastered the diet.  The learning curve is so steep!  Read our Newbie 101 thread found at the top of our Coping section.  It contains helpful tips.   Autoimmune thyroid is very common with celiac disease.  Be sure to have her thyroid checked and antibodies tested for the thyroid as well even if other thyroid lab markers are okay.   Besides the lack of periods, have her other symptoms improved?   I wish you both well!  As a Mom myself, I get the worry!  We want our kids to be safe and healthy!    I am glad you are championing her health!   Oh, did the rest of the family get tested even if symptom free?        
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