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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Non Coeliac Gone Gf-strange Symptoms

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I don't know if this is in the right place-bare with me.

My husband was dx with celiac disease 9 months ago.

My youngest child has recently been dx with dyslexia with severe behavioral/emotional dfficulties.He's been expelled from school.

There are quite a few links out there with dyslexia and other problems improving on the gluten-free diet.Thought I'd try him on it as we've nothing to loose.

To encourage my son into this I told him'If you do it,I'll do it'(gluten-free diet)

We are 3 weeks in,no noticable signs of improvement for my son as yet.

However I noticed weird things start happening to my body(this is so weird!)

First of all,within a week of going gluten-free the ezcema I have had on my face ,and scalp has completely cleared.My skin hasn't been this clear for years.

Also I have always suffered from constipation ,now (gluten-free)I'm a once a day girl(from a once a week if you're lucky.)

I seem to be eating a larger quantity of food but I've lost 8 pounds without trying.

All sounds great,but when I go to my friends house once a week,we always eat chicken and salad in a pitta bread.Not a problem you'd think as I'm not a coeliac.

Here's where it gets weird.The first week after the pitta bread I ended up in bed for 2 days with a migraine & vomiting.Just a coincidence?

The second week after the pitta bread,I woke up the next day with a banging headache and can only describe the feeling as akin to a monster hangover,but I didn't drink any alcohol.

Week 3 after the pitta bread,I woke this morning with these symptoms:


'Hungover' but had no alcohol

Racing heart

Massively sore tongue,eyes stinging.

The most scariest thing was 2 hours after the bread I came over red hot,sweating profusely,with nausea ,and the strangest 'tingling in my tongue and hands'

Now what's this all about?I don't know if it's the wheat or the gluten,allergy or intolerance.Never expected this to happen.My hands are still trembly and I want to sleep for a week.



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Humans in general don't take well to wheat. So, it isn't too crazy that you saw health improvements. You could have an allergy or problems with gluten.

Going back on gluten will be harsh for your system, like you described. Just because you went without it and it is hard on humans systems.


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There are quite a few links out there with dyslexia and other problems improving on the gluten-free diet.
Really? would you mind posting them, I am very interested in this since celiac runs in my moms side of the family and her niece (my cousin) has dyslexia. Has the diet helped your sons dyslexia?

Anyway... back on topic.

I think you could have a sensitivity to wheat/gluten, an allergy wheat/gluten, or possibly celiac based on your symtoms and reactions. Have you been tested for celiac or wheat allergy?


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I'll try and post a linkhttp://www.fabresearch.org/view_item.aspx



As I say,no visible signs of improvement yet,but we'll try anything,cos boy is that boy hard to handle!

Docs won't test him for celiac disease as he has no bowel symptoms,so I'd be refused if I were to ask for one.(nhs system in uk doesn't allow you to choose your doctor)He'd think I was paranoid 'wanna be Coeliac!'(LOL)

Maybe I'll start with skin prick allergy testing,see how much it costs ....


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Docs won't test him for celiac disease as he has no bowel symptoms,so I'd be refused if I were to ask for one.(nhs system in uk doesn't allow you to choose your doctor)He'd think I was paranoid 'wanna be Coeliac!'(LOL)
That's too bad :( he should understand that you just want to help your son. Of course you don't want him to have celiac disease. You just want to help him get better.

I don't understand how some of these people become doctors. They are smart but some of them have no people skills and they don't think outside the box. "Well if my outdated textbook doesn't have it then it's not true".

Don't get me wrong here... I know there are many wonderful doctors :) My doctors are in the wonderful category compared to some of the stories I have heard.


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    • Ok, so I have another question for all of you professional Celiacs. I read an article recently that talked about a study that was done on people with Celiac's disease, which said that some of them (a small number) had high levels of arsenic in their systems because of all of the rice products that they eat. Now, I don't eat a ton of rice, but we do have gluten-free pasta a couple times a week, my son and I like rice Chex, and I know there's brown rice flour in the pizza crusts I use and in the gluten-free bread that I eat. How worried about arsenic poisoning do we need to be? I'm not downing rice at every meal but I do eat it daily, I'm sure. I rarely eat rice, rice. Usually it's the rice flour that's in things. Is this one more thing to keep me up at night? Because now I'm like, "Oh this is great. I'm trading gluten for arsenic." I need to eat carbs. If I just eat fruits and veggies and meat I'll lose weight which stresses me out. I want to be able to eat toast with peanut butter and eggs but I worry my toast is killing me. Am I being a little dramatic.
    • So I've been gluten free for 6 months. I gave it up the day of my endoscopy and never looked back. I was a fairly silent Celiac. My blood work was always normal (never anemic, malnourished), I didn't have all the horrible symptoms that others do. I think I caught it early and that those things were definitely coming. Since going gluten-free I notice that my belly is better. I still have days where it's not great, but in the last month I've noticed that it's consistently pretty good. I don't hardly ever get stomach aches. I've lost 16 lbs and I'm never bloated. Those things are good. But, aside from that, I don't feel much different than I did before. I'm still tired a lot. But I have two kids under 4 and I run a non-profit. I have horrible anxiety and that's only increased since finding out about my Celiac (it's health anxiety and it freaked me out big time that I have an AI disorder). I feel like my complexion looks the same (never had an issue with that).  I just read stories on here that talk about how the brain fog lifted quickly, or how people don't feel tired anymore, etc. I'm still a zombie sometimes. Has anyone else has this experience? Maybe my body was doing such a good job compensating for my Celiac that I wasn't really very symptomatic to begin with - and that the tiredness I feel isn't due to gluten.  Oh, FYI, I had a full thyroid panel done in December and it was all normal. 
    • Your daughter could have non celiac gluten sensitivity. That would correspond to negative celiac tests coupled with positive reaction to the gluten free diet. Whilst there are similarities to celiac presentation it appears that neuro symptoms are more common in ncgs patients.  That seems to be the case for me anyway!  The condition is as yet poorly understood but there is progress being made, check out a topic I just started on the pre diagnosis thread with some info and links.  The remarks by umberto Volta in particular are just about the best summation I've yet seen on where the research is at.  I will post a link later.
    • The gi may be able to see some signs of celiac visually but the chances are you will have to wait a couple of weeks for the biopsies before there's any confirmation. The damage to the villi is too small to detect with naked eye I think. as long as your eating some gluten each day you will have done all you can for a diagnosis. Not long now so go ahead and treat yourself to a nice cheesecake, fish and chips etc.  
    • check out CoQ10, not related to celiac (as far as I know) but for balance issues.
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