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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Liquid Iron Supplement: Floradix Floravital Iron & Herbs Liquid Question

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Trymester    0

So, there was a post not too long ago about Liquid Iron Supplement: I take Floradix Floravital Iron & Herbs liquid. IT is supposed to allow iron to be absorbed more easily for those that are not having success absorbing the iron from tablets or pills. In that thread (located somewhere in this forum), someone else mentioned that it wouldn't absorb the iron properly unless one's Magnesium levels were normal. Do you agree with this?

1.) How does one check their magnesium levels on a blood test? Is it clearly labeled?

2.)Um...will those of you who take Magnesium supplements name which brand work for you? Which have actually shown improvement for you? Solgar, Now Brand, etc.

Please share your opinion. I appreciate it.

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rosetapper23    236

I believe the nutrient that is needed for facilitating iron utilization is manganese, not magnesium, and I believe I'm the person who wrote it initially in that earlier posting. I've copied the following information from http://www.healthsupplementsnutritionalguide.com/Manganese.html, and the information you seek is listed in No. 11 below:

How Manganese Benefits Health. Manganese is an essential nutrient in many ways. Its key role is in the activation of enzymes that are needed for the digestion and utilization of foods and nutrients.

It also plays a role in reproduction and bone growth. It is sometimes called the 'brain' mineral, as it is important to mental function.

The main ways that manganese benefits the body are summarized here.

:: Manganese Benefits & Functions

1. activates enzymes needed to digest and synthesize fatty acids and cholesterol, and metabolize carbohydrates and proteins

2. important for energy production

3. activates enzymes that enable the utilization of other key nutrients like vitamin B1 (thiamine), biotin, choline, ascorbic acid, and vitamin E

4. manganese-activated enzymes are also important to normal bone and cartilage growth, and keep bones strong and healthy

5. needed for collagen formation in skin cells, which is required for healing of wounds

6. component of metalloenzymes needed for a number of functions that include synthesizing glutamine, and glucose metabolism, which helps regulate blood sugar balance

7. needed to make manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD), one of the key antioxidants that protects cells from free radical damage, and so helps maintain a healthy immune system

8. required for production of sex hormones, fertility, reproductive health, and lactation

9. maintains healthy nerves

10. supports optimal function of the thyroid gland and thyroxine production

11. essential for proper iron metabolism and so helps prevent anemia

12. works with the B-complex vitamins to generate overall feeling of well-being

Oh, and with regard to your question about magnesium, this is a supplement that just about everyone should be taking, regardless of whether he/she has celiac. Some brands are difficult to digest and cause diarrhea, but I've had good experiences with both Nature's Way Magnesium Complex and Bluebonnet's liquid magnesium.

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Trymester    0

Just stopping in to say: Thank You very much for your reply. I am very busy right now and will look at that info. a little later when I can properly "digest" it. Um...in the store yesterday I saw Maganese or Magnesium in powder form. It was the NOW brand, which was recommended because its free of gluten, soy, and many other potential problematic foods.

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Trymester    0

I haven't read through the Manganese benefits yet (I've been busy), but I just randomly read in wikipedia (usually a good source) that 1 serving of pineapple provides 91% daily value of Manganese

Then again, because our systems are damaged, we may not be able to absorb it from the pineapples. Because I eat pineapples often. Maybe I am getting enough. I guess I should look at my blood labs.

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thleensd    25

I take Floravital, it's a lifesaver for me. BUT, Iron absorption is easily affected by other things. This explains it pretty easily:


YES, I believe we should all be taking Magnesium (I take a liquid form), but when you take it is important. Take Magnesium with Calcium and D...but don't take it at the same time you take your iron.

BTW, the Mag I take is "Mega Mag" by trace minerals research. I usually drop it in some apple juice and chug it (shot style!) ... doesn't taste that good.

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Minnie777    0

I take both Floravital yeast free(half dose only) and Flora liquid Calcium /Magnesium.

Also: liquid Garden of Life Vitamin Code Multi, Hubner Silica gel liquid, liquid Glucosamin, lemon-flavored Norwegian cod liver oil (liquid in a bottle, not the capsules)

all mixed together with water. It's not the best tasting cocktail, but it agrees with me and seems to work well.

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    • I am confused too.  I appears that your blood panel was indeterminate, but that your NP had you on a grain free diet for five weeks prior.  You went back on gluten for two weeks (recommendation is 2 to 4) for the endoscopy.  Maybe it was not enough time for your antibodies to build up and start attacking your small intestine.   Doctors can not say for sure that two weeks is enough.  Probably for most, but maybe not all.  I say this because I never even test positively on the TTG and EMA EVER (but my biopsies proved otherwise and my anemia resolved forever on the gluten free diet).  The number of biopsies taken (6 or more recommended) and the location should be determined.  I would ask for all medical and lab reports.   Your child had a positive DGP IgA like me, yet if I recall, they are dismissing celiac disease.  I think a second GI consult might be prudent.   Your symptoms?  If you have celiac disease it can take a few MONTHS to feel better.  Why?  Most often mistakes are made in the diet.  It happens.  There is a steep learning curve.  It flat out just takes time to heal.  I think most members will tell you that healing does not happen that fast even though science tells us that villi regenerates in just a few days.   There is usually a lot of collateral damage. Finally, something is wrong.  Maybe it is NOT celiac disease.  I though for sure my niece had it, but Crohn's was found instead on a pill camera.  She had consulted with four GIs!!!! So, keep advocating for your health and your child's.  
    • I looked at your past posts, but I’m not sure i know what you were eating then and what you’ve stopped eating now. Also what sort of medical workups you’ve had and what were the results. I understand your biopsy was negative - but I also saw on one post that you were worried they only took one biopsy. Do you have the analyst’s result report there with you? Does it say how many were taken? It’s hard for me to hazard any kind of a guess without a little bit more information, including any medications you are taking. I’m sorry you are feeling so awful. What symptoms are you having? Plumbago
    • I've posted a few different topics, so I thought I would just update in one post. I am seeing my GP later today, but apparently my biopsy results were negative. I have no further information on this. What I do know, is that I have been feeling much worse since giving up gluten after my gluten challenge. Half the days I have barely left the couch. I am so confused and upset. They had warned me this may not give me answers...I'm barely eating anything, I feel so sick. I feel like I felt better eating bread, so maybe that's how I'm supposed to be eating? At this point I just need to eat more than a banana, which is all I can stomach today.
    • It doesn't change DH, but it always makes me smile thinking someone means Dear Husband instead of the rash.
    • It's done this since I started on here, many years ago.  Kind of funny when people type g f meaning girlfriend...... 😄
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