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Gluten Ataxia

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So I stumbled on a website talking about ataxia, and the link to gluten-intolerance. The symptoms are listed as :

* Poor coordination in physical movements and poor control of muscle movement

* Inability to control the speed or the power of a physical movement

* Headaches

* Inability to speak or form words correctly; speech impediments

I just remembered a problem I was having last year before going gluten free, where I was having difficulty getting words out of my mouth. It was the strangest thing to experience. My sentences were also sometimes very slow and I had to really concentrate to form the words. It would happen in episodes - some days I was fine, other days I really struggled. It didn't help having brain fog at the same time, made me feel like I was getting dumber.

Just realised I haven't had this problem in a *long* time... like I had forgotten I even had this problem. Strike off yet another random issue that I didn't realise was gluten-related!

Other random ataxia symptoms I had - poor coordination yes, but not too bad. I would sometimes close my hand in a drawer because I didn't move it fast enough for my other hand's liking, or scuff my hand against a cupboard because I miscalculated where my hand was and should be :)

Lots of bruises from bumping against desks, and again I haven't noticed many bruises lately at all.

All this has cleared up quite quickly - gluten free 8 months and counting - but I only had these symptoms for a few months before I figured out the gluten culprit, so I probably didn't have much damage.

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Congratulations! I had similar issues and have not noticed any problems of this nature in the past couple months. :) (gluten-free since November 2nd 2010) So glad to be free of this and the brain fog!

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That's wonderful. So glad to hear your symptoms are resolving. Feels great doesn't it.

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Add me to the list of having this symptom go away when I went gluten free. It really is amazing all the things that gluten causes!

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I began a gluten free diet about three weeks ago for ataxia. I've read so much on it that I am convinced that it has something to do with the symptoms that seem so random, but are connected. Hearing that others are finding relief gives me great hope. Thanks!

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Oh hey, I just another look at this article, and the lady on which it was based commented an update on her progress. She also left her email, if anyone would like to contact her.

Great news is she's slowly getting better!


Sarah Bosse here. I just realized today that I could comment on the article above and give an update. I'm glad to see so many comments here.

If anyone would like to email me, n a t u r a l l y g u t s y at g m a i l dot com.

I have not been glutened since January 2010. My balance and coordination has continued to improve, as well as my visual problems. I don't think the peripheral neuropathy has improved; my legs still burn. The visual problems were the last to improve. I don't think I'll ever be 100%. I still fall over easily, cannot look up while standing/walking, and I cannot walk in the dark (I use vision to compensate for balance problems). I cannot kick a ball, even a large one. But my hand coordination is near-normal now. My speech still slurs at times.

I'm glad that those who have gluten ataxia do have a chance of getting better when gluten is 200% avoided. I take extreme precautions, but it's worth it. I feel that if I got glutened again, my symptoms may take me back to where I was several years ago within just a few weeks and I may or may not recover to where I am today.

I noticed several folks mentioned Paleo/Low Carb diets. I have been on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for over a year now (also treating Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth, IBS, Celiac, etc). I've added Atkins restrictions and eat about 35 net grams of carbs per day. No starches, no grains of any kind, no grain products, specific fruits and veggies allowed, all uncured meats that are unprocessed are allowed as well, and most fats. The progress I've seen has been somewhat slow but quite remarkable. I feel like God has used this diet to save my life.

I'm glad to share my experiences and listen if you need an ear. Just email me (my address is above, no spaces).

Sarah Bosse (Gutsy Girl)

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    • That sounds like food poisoning to me, since (1) corn has no gluten in it and (2) you have been eating corn fine your whole life. The only other alternative would have been if they used a coating or spices with gluten in it, but it seems unlikely to me for some reason.  Hope you're feeling better.   
    • I agree with what others said. You should do the research prior to posting about opening a business based on gluten free products or foods.  
    • My cycle is sensitive to gluten. As my conditioned worsened misdiagnosed after the birth of my second child I suspected my thyroid was off. A primary care Dr tested it per my request and I was determined normal results.  Even as gluten-free now if I get CC my period gets knocked offline and I sense my thyroid and adrenals are not functioning at full throttle but ironically I never show that per tests. I'm subinical - To assist my body back to my homestatsis and restore order to my period I find eating foods and taking supplements with focus on B vitamins, and supporting my adrenals help.  Warning my experience is once knock offline when my period cycle "fires" back on it is strong like when I was young and Newly menstruating. My body fires back on and is mad at the glutening. as cycling lady said your daughter may need to meet with nutritionist or have her levels tested.  My opinion it will come back but when the body is focused  on healing sometimes the period is dumped a bit, and with absorption issues the typical nutrients are going to healing so one needs to assure they have enough nutrients for other systems function like menstral and adrenal. good luck I'm optimistic it will return perhaps her body is prioritizing nutrients to healing. good luck
    • I myself run a gluten small gluten free bakery and do gluten free chef work. I looked at getting certified myself as a business. You can have your company certified by GFCO if you wish. I would suggest only buying from suppliers also certified by them. I myself only buy nut based flours from certain companies the specialize in gluten free only products. My bakery is a grain free bakery also. If you looking at getting your business certified it is very expensive. The cheapest route is a bit over 1k last time I contacted GFCO. For multiple lines, and online sales your looking at much more. They have to send in a agent to look over your set up, talk to you about CC, suppliers, packaging etc. it is not cheap either. You have to buy all new equipment, you can not used anything pre owned. Here are some links to look over. I can help set you up with some supply companies and ingredients suppliers if you need anything. Just tell me what your looking for and what your planning. I myself wish one day to open a gluten and grain free food truck and have been striving on fundraising for it for about a year now.

    • I had gone pumpkin picking at my mother's house the past weekend all I had that morning was a cup of coffee and then when we got to the pumpkin patch I decided I wanted to have roasted corn. I wound up eating about 3 which was not good on my behalf, after the pumpkin picking we went home it was me and my children and my husband and I was fine for maybe about two and a half hours, then all of a sudden I got this horrible horrible abdominal pain it lasted all the way until the next morning which was Monday morning. Monday morning when I woke up I couldn't move at all I have been throwing up all night into Monday and Monday into Tuesday. I'm still not sure what's going on with me it is now Wednesday and I'm a little bit better but I still have this pain in my stomach I'm not sure if it was food poisoning or I just can't eat corn but I have eaten corn my whole life growing up usually out of the can or Frozen and never had a problem like this. If anybody has any advice to give me or if they know about this or had it happen to themselves please let me know because I really don't know what to do I can't take this pain anymore my head is pounding I'm afraid to eat anything. Thanks a lot
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