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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Just Want To Thank Everyone!

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I know it has been said many (tons) of times but I have to say it again because, here I am - a new member and, this forum has made such a difference.

This has been so educational and whole areas of experience are so important.

A friend of mine and I were visiting and I know she is bipolar so I asked "Do you have D by any chance?"

"All my life..."


"Oh yes, and migraines."

I was all over her to go and get tested and I am so excited that there might be an answer to some of her issues. Even to get rid of the GI issues would help so much.

And now I am starting a support group here and they have a safe place to come and share everything... this site! I feel very thankful for all this offers here.

Y'all ROCK!


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You rock!!! Look what you are doing? That is so cool!

I'm so happy for your friend!

My sister has a friend who has Hashimoto's...because I have been talking to my sis about my thyroid and my Celiac, she told her friend with Hashimoto's to get tested for Celiac because it is very common.

This is one person at a time....but this place really does Rock!!!

Made me well and I tell everyone about it.

We need little stickers....Green Celiac stickers that say "I went to Celiac.com today." Kinda like the "I voted today" stickers....

that would get word round too!


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It's true. What can you say when things all of a sudden make sense and you are being validated. Then you explain it and someone says "That's me too!" It kind of snowballs. I can hardly wait till that support meeting... 3 more days.

Do you know what is cool.. the drugstore here has taken on the job of ordering Gluten Free products for us and the girl in charge... has Celiac! That is the best scenario I could think of. The owner of the store that did this before was looking at it as an income only. This will be a service... and they will care. They are even buying a freezer for frozen goods!

I guess I should move out of here.. this isn't technical or forum info anymore.


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