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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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gluten-free Chewing Gum/bubble Gum?

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Any body have experience with chewing gum/bubble gum. Please let me know which ones you have had problems with, and which ones you have found to be gluten free.

Thanks, Keith

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GFreeMO    113

Trident is gluten free. Check under the FAQ on their website. It will tell you that all Trident is gluten free.

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Kim27    2

I haven't found any chewing gum with gluten. I don't know about bubble gum.

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lovegrov    148

Don't know of any gums that do have gluten.


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ArtG    1

This is my first post. I was diagnosed June 16. 2011 with Celiac. Had a follow-up appointment today with the gastroenterologist who say me chewing gum. He said I should not chew gum, it had gluten, and then he said, or lick envelopes. Well, how am I to know these things. I went on a gluten free diet June 17 to the best of my ability. I have checked this site often in my research.

I contacted Wrigley about the gum, I like the 5 gum. This was their reply, quite fast. But frankly, I am more than confused at this point.... 20 parts per million? I asked the doc about Costco Frozen vegetables the package states it is packaged with other products that may include soy, wheat, dairy etc, Doc suggested I find another product.

Dear Mr.,

Thank you for writing to inquire about ingredients used in Wrigley products.

All U.S. Wrigley products are labeled within strict compliance of applicable laws and FDA regulations, including the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004. Any materials identified as allergens within this Act (milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans) are labeled within the ingredient line.

The FDA has issued a proposed rule on gluten-free labeling, allowing food products containing less than 20 ppm of gluten (sourced from wheat, rye, barley, oats or cross-bred hybrids), to be considered gluten-free. [Federal Register: January 23, 2007 (Volume 72, Number 14)]

All U.S. Wrigley chewing gum and confection products have been assessed to be gluten-free with the exception of the products listed below, which contain ingredient(s) derived from wheat or are made on shared equipment that also processes products with wheat and may contain trace amounts of gluten.

Accordingly, these products are labeled as containing wheat-derived ingredients:

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Gemini    785

Like some others have stated, I haven't found any gum which does contain gluten, although I stick with the Orbit brand. Their bubble gum is pretty good and it's sugar free also.

The envelope thing is a Celiac myth which will not die. There is no gluten in envelope gum. Your doctor is not a Celiac? They shouldn't be giving out advice on what to eat or what is safe for contact with the mouth. They are almost always wrong.

Some people (like myself) are extremely sensitive Celiacs who react to products made on shared lines with other products containing wheat, barley or rye.

Some others can eat from shared lines with no problems. You will have to figure this all out as you heal. You may be more comfortable just omitting these

from the very beginning because you may discover that as you heal, you could become more sensitive to gluten. Don't let this all freak you out as there are many foods that we can eat and many brands which accommodate Celiacs and you will learn this as time goes on. The 20ppm threshold is the number that many companies test to so they can market their product for the Celiac community and call it gluten free. US physicians believe that this is the threshold that Celiacs can consume without causing damage to the small intestine. They have done studies and research to back this up but I am not an expert on this myself. Testing can can only go as low as 5ppm but if everyone were held to this standard, it would be extremely costly and I am not so sure it is necessary. I will eat something labeled gluten free made on dedicated lines and I don't worry about it past that. I have recovered extremely well doing it this way so I stick to it.

There is a big learning curve to this so don't despair...you will get the hang of it.

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    • If you do have celiac disease, antibodies can continue to rise and attack for days, week or months after a gluten exposure.   I hope you feel better soon.  
    • Thanks for the thoughtful replies, everybody!  I want to highlight that it's just been almost 4 weeks since I've eliminated gluten (and I've been very strict about it) - prior, I could eat gluten with no issues that like this. A sandwich would rob me of energy, but not in a way I could associate with having eaten the sandwich. How insane that four weeks off of gluten could produce this new exposure reaction for me   1.5 weeks into being gluten-free I felt well enough to taper off my OCD meds and so, while I haven had had any noticible negative reactions, SSRI withdrawals can resemble gluten exposure (although the symptoms I don't think are often delayed) - so I wonder if a weird mix is happening there.  And also... I'm mostly just stunned that my body could react so extremely now to what it used to take with relative ease a mere 26ish days ago. It's good to know this is an actual thing and not me being dramatic about my new eating regimen.   It literally feels like death and like I'll never getting through it - but I'm staying reasonable about it and woke up this morning feeling less terrible (although I've had to make several trips to the bathroom - tmi I know).  Thanks so much!
    • Would like to add to this- while eating gluten I would get a random hive here or there. Since giving up gluten a few days ago, I've had a hive pop up yesterday and today. I'm at such a loss as to why I'm feeling worse. Is this some sort of detox? Is this something experienced by others?
    • Isn't it bliss to be able to eat normal food again!  And yet - things can't be right yet, as like you, I pay for it later.  The sparkling wine was a real surprise to me: I don't like alcohol normally and I drank it to be sociable - if alcohol has this affect on others with gastritis, I now understand why the last consultant I saw asked if I drank.  She was obviously going to tell me to stop!  What an irritant! I've got a month until I need to come off Zantac, so I need to stop these treats.  Partly I upped my intake of normal food as I was concerned about weight loss.  It showed me that yes, my weight will hold or go up if I eat more fat, so I think it is only that which is causing the weight to come off.  At least, I hope it is. Still, at my age I don't want too lose too much - I have a fear it will make me look like a prune!   Stress continues to be a factor for me which ain't helping. But I'm determined to beat this!  
    • Awww Jhern...I'm sorry you are feeling so bad.  (((((Hugs))))) Please ask your Dr for a full thyroid panel to get a complete picture.  That includes TSH, free T4, free T3, TPOAb and TgAb...the last 2 are antibodies.  With a TSH that high, I would feel terrible...tired and achy for sure.  Most people, including me, feel best with their TSH around 1.  Some labs show an outdated range of .5-4.5.  I would bet that you would benefit from some thyroid medication. The weight gain could be from healing and absorbing nutrients too. I hope you get some answers and start feeling better soon!
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