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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Entocort Prescribed But I Am Unsure.....

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Dear friends,

I am needing some wisdom and advice here. I went to a new gastro doc today, and he prescribed Entocort 9 mg a day. Now here is why I am confused, I was diagnosed in September of 2010 did ok then got sick again in December, after many months of doctor visits and tests, we took all the steps in our home to be completely gluten free, even the dogs!!! I dont eat out or eat from other peoples kitchens, started on probiotics and my amazing B12, and basically we just eat very healthy and natural. I went back to work, my energy level isnt what it used to be, but getting better, the pain is pretty much gone, the big D still sometimes shows up, but nothing like before. The reason he is worried is my weight loss, I have lost 93 lbs in 11 months, now mind you the biggest percentage of this was when I was really sick, I am still losing but moderately, I am not underweight, I personally think I look good, but after today he said the weight loss is still a concern, and he wants to put me on Entocort, I told him I was already on this in March, and didnt do well with it, but he kept on and on about the weight loss and how I need to eat more, I told him I was eating 6 small meals a day, because it worked well for me. I do eat but I just dont eat all the crap anymore!!! I basically walked out of the doctors office completely in shock, I finally after many months feel good, and then basically he tells me I'm not ok. Someone help, I do not want to take this drug, I have done so well just going all natural, I am finally feeling good, why would he say this to me? Am I crazy or does sometimes going to the doctor make you feel worse after you see them.......

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This is a new doctor. What was the purpose of the visit, from your point of view ? When a doctor sees a patient, they typically assume that they have come to them for some sort of prescription, whether or not that is true.

More concerning is that you told him you've done this drug before, didn't do well on it, and he's still pushing it.

Entocort(Budesonide) is a prescription glucocorticoid steroid for the treatment of Crohn's disease. Have you been formally diagnosed with this, or just celiac ?

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This is a new doctor yes, my surgeon recommended him, I was just basically going in for a new patient consultation, no issues just a meeting to let him know that I was there, and I needed a new gastro in case there was issues. My GP sent all his notes saying he was happy with my progress, and I went in feeling great and left feeling very unsure.

And no I dont have Crohn's disease, the only other diagnosis is severe gastritis and they treated that with Omeprazole.

I kept saying to him wouldnt there be some weight loss with the fact that I was eating so much better, truthfully I used to eat alot of fast food and was overweight, and now I eat a healthy diet, but he just kept plugging the Entocort, I am finally feeling good, and I tried to tell him that but he just kept on and on about the weight loss. So confused :unsure:

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Please remember that physicians give advice. Handing you a prescription is far from an order forcing you to take it. You have every right to decline to take the advice given. No one knows your body better than you.

I agree that I would be even more concerned that your doctor prescribed a drug not appropriate for your diagnosis, and one that has not worked well in the past. A medical license does not make someone a good listener or incapable of making a mistake. This might be a great indicator of the need to find another specialist. I would be quite hesitant to return for any complex issues with the apparent lack of understanding on a simpler one like weight loss.

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Maybe the doctor was concerned and thought you might have this type of persistent celiac, where the gut does not heal despite of going gluten free. Steroids are known to help with this condition.

If you truly have refractory celiac disease, this is dangerous and it should maybe be treated with steroids or something else.

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My gastro consistently harped about my low body weight. My FP (female) told me she thought I looked good and that tons of women in her practice would pay good money (with gastric bypasses, etc.) to be as thin as I was.

I'm putting on weight now, but it's been 15 months gluten-free. I think my gastro will be happy. I'm not sure if I am. :D

Another thing with doctors is that it seems like they need to have closure for the office visit. They need to prescibe something. Sometimes we need to direct them. Like "Can you just check by B-12 and Vitamin D levels instead, because that drug doesn't work well with me."

That said, I told a specialist that I wouldn't take Lyrica and not only did I accept samples of Lyrica but she called in a prescription to my pharmacy and they keep calling me to tell me that my rx is ready for pick up. I haven't taken the samples and I won't pick up the rx.

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    • Hello everyone Thank you so much for all your contributions and tips, I'm sorry for my absence but I've had a big project deadline to complete. Over all, I think things are on the mend for me too.  I was quite cynical at the doctors' approach at first. I'd have much rather had a scope to find out what was happening, instead of being prescribed three months of omemprazole or zantac to see if it helped.  Unfortunately the gen on the zantac contraindictaions list stipulated that zantac should only be prescribed if your doctor is sure what is wrong with you, as it might otherwise be covering up cancer!  Those aren't the things a hypochondriac wants to read!  Anyway,  during this that time I've taken one months of omeprazole (20mg) and as that gave me D I changed to two months of zantac (most days only 75mg a day, but doubling the dose on odd occasions when the burn seemed to come back).  During much of this period I've tried to keep my diet low in fat, spicy food, drinking very little caffeine, drinking strong camomile and slipper elm, and I think a key help has not eating for a 12 hour stretch overnight because I think that really helps the stomach heal.  I hope my system is finally recovering and hope to come off the zantac towards the end of this month.  It is hard to phase these things out slowly when you are already on the minimum dose, but all the tips about marshmallow, licorice and slippery elm etc will no doubt come very helpful then!   I have come to the conclusion that this is a new weakness in my system and I'll have to be very careful to avoid gastritis in the future, by no longer taking asprin (unless the doctor ever tells me I have to), not over doing fat, greasy food, etc.  The last time I drank some sparkling wine or fizzy drinks was awful, so I shall avoid them too. Throughout this time probiotics have helped me with the C, upper left quadrant pain  and wind that the zantac seems to have produced! And of course all the help from you guys. Will keep you posted Whitepaw on life post-zantac!
    • Ennis, can you tell us how to tell the difference between a UC flare and a glutening? It must be confusing for folks diagnosed with both to know at first which it is that is happening.
    • i ended up with dairy intolerance over 10 years ago, and celiac over 4 years ago, then this year got ulcerative colitis diagnosis.

      Dairy issues are caused by the fact the enzymes to digest it are produced by the tips of your villi, these are damaged first and most by the disease and you end up with dairy intolerance. Some people can add it back after a few years of healing. Other allergies and intolerance issues will also develop the longer your on gluten.....it will really just shorten the list more, as damage ramps up, digestive issues arise, and your body starts confusing other foods as a culprit and developing allergies.

      Your UC complicates things and is honestly going to make you much madder then the Celiac as per its flare ups. UC common triggers are gluten, soy, dairy, and in some cases like mine it is triggered by carbs and sugars like glucose and fructose.....yeah I had to go grain free and change to a nut, seed, leafy low carb veggies and egg white diet.
      Since you can not have nuts but do not mention meats I can say your lucky. I developed a issue where I can not digest meats due to my damage. I might suggest you look into a keto/paleo diet. Where you eat meats, eggs, leafy greens. a higher fat/protein diet.

      Now after 8 months on this diet I am seeing even more improvement and had have several issues resolve and am putting on weight.
    • You say your on a gluten free diet, just a check. Did you get new cookware, check every ingredient, throw out old contaminated cutting boards, jars of condiments, etc. Clean out everything? You first have to decon your house in a way and make sure it is not in anything, including cosmetics and soaps, as these get on your hands and evenutally into your food. Gluten is a protein smaller then a germ, it only takes a tiny bit to start to raise your antibodies, and bleach does not kill it.  Please check hte Newbie 101 form.

      Now to address your questions, a whole foods only diet, nothing processes will speed up your healing, changing to making your own foods with simple ingredients (keeping it under say 5-7 things) and nothing processes or not labels gluten free (with certification, none of that made in the same facility) is the best way to heal faster.

      Keep a food diary to keep track of what you eat and any other problems, many of us have other food intolerance and allergies crop up. Also make sure your getting a little bit of everything nutrient wise.

      Iron and supplements, iron works with vitamin c and b vitamins and some  others. You have to be taking vitamin C with your iron to get your ferratain up. I personally have this issue also. I can give you some suggest some other stuff to help clear up the fog, even if your levels are alright they still help on a gluten free diet. Liquid Health Stress & Energy and Liquid Health Neurological Support 1tbsp each twice a day. I recently changed over to a sublingual iron from trace minerals....takes some getting used to be is supposed to be easier to absorb.  Magnesium, Look into either Natural Vitality calm or Doctors Best in the powder, both these mix in a drink. With calm you have to start off at 1/4tsp and slowly up to the full dose over a week....it can be a bit harsh on the gut if you find this to be then use doctors best. I rotate vitamin C between a pill, and sublingual depending on price myself. I find pricing on the above goes to either LuckyVitamin.com or Amazon as they fluctuate.

    • A dairy issue would not cause positives on the celiac panel.  You may even get dairy back after some time on a strict gluten free diet.  I am sorry you are having to deal with these issues but strictly following the diet may help not only the dairy issue but also may ease the UC. Ask any questions you need as we are here to help in any way we can. Do be sure to check the Newbie thread at the top of the Coping section for some valuable info on all you have to do to stay safe.
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