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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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6 Months Gluten Free And Still Sick

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ok so im 23 and it all started this time last year when i started to feel tired and generally unwell. i got progressively worse to the point where i had such bad dizzy spells i almost had a car accident on my way to work. by december i had to stop working because my nausea and anxiety were dibilitating. i saw 5 doctors who all found nothing and said i just had a virus. i stayed in bed until february when i was home alone one day, hadnt been able to eat one bite for 4 days straight. i could hardly stand up to walk to the bathroom due to my upper abdominal pain and was so weak it would puff me out by the time i got back. i lay down on my bed and called an ambulence. when i got to the hospital they found that i was severely dehydrated, had a dangerously low blood sugar level, and weighed only 38 kilos. i looked anorexic and they had to have a psycholist make sure that i wasnt.

i spent 2 days in hospital getting countless tests and scans to find nothing. then they finally scheduled an endoscopy for a few days later. i was sent home and basically lived on sports drinks to keep me alive. after my endoscopy i started to eat again. they found that the villi in my duodenum were completely flat, but the biopsy didnt show that i was celiac. the doctor put me on a gluten free diet anyway and i started to get a little better. as the months went on my health was like a rollarcoaster. some days i was able to go out and drive to the supermarket etc, and some days i was back to not eating again. i ended up in hospital again and they found nothing and sent me home. i have a wonderful GP and she tested me for everything else under the sun. all my nutrient levels are fantastic, as is my liver and pancreas. but she did find that i have fructose and sucrose malabsorbtion. she referred me to a fantastic dietition who helped me with a gluten, sugar, fructose, and lactose free diet. even though i have stuck to this strict diet and am definitely much better than i was, im still too sick to work or do other normal things. so i had a second endoscopy to check whether my villi are still flattened out or not. that was last week, and they told me that i have "mildy scalloped mucosa" which comes with celiac, and i have to wait for the biopsy results to come back. so now im just wondering why is it that 6 months later i still have scalloping of the duodenum? why am i not healing? or am i just healing slowly? i have an appointment with my GP this week who will contact my gastroenterologist about what they have found. has anyone been through anything this severe with celiac? or am i just really unlucky? id really like some feedback on what you think about all this.. thanks


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Hun it can take up to two years for everything to be totaly healed :( It takes time, 6 months really is just a drop in the bucket.


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Miss Bonnie I can sympathize with you. I am post celiac diag 1 1/2 years. I am just now feeling a little better and have (so far) held down my new full time job. I was off work for a year after many emergency room visits and many doctors scratching thier heads. I have been Gluten free and dairy free for over a year. I noticed other things make me sick too. Oats in particular even the gluten free kind. I cannot go to a bakery because the flour dust in the air can make me very sick. Cross contamination was a big problem for me. I had to replace all of my wooden utensils and scrub down my kitchen. I know you probably know all of that but I do sympathize. Hang in there!


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You said you are lactose free but are you still consuming other dairy products? Casein could be the problem not just lactose. I would eliminate all dairy if you have not.

Also have you tried to keep a food and symptom diary to see if you can figure out what is bothering you on the days you don't feel well?

I was also hospitalized several times and bedbound for a few months prior to figuring out it was gluten. At 6 months gluten free I was still not well enough to exercise or go back to work or school. I was amazingly better in many ways and able to do a few basic household chores but I got tired fast and my legs hurt a lot in those early days as I rebuilt muscle lost while bedbound. If you are have issues with energy or muscle spasms or anything like that make sure you are on a good gluten-free multivitamin, ask the dr to test your iron, D and B12 and also maybe ask what you can do in terms of physical therapy to get back to the shape you were in before you got sick. Just remember it is a gradual process to get healthy when you have been that sick and not like flipping a light switch off and on.


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I too ended up in the hospital, went thru so many tests, docs found nothing. My kidneys were acting up and at first they thought it was stones, I have a problem with stones as well. My pancreas was swollen, my blood pressure was high (never had it before), and my gallbladder was swollen. These were linked to herbs in a liver cleanse I did. My stomach was a real mess.....it felt like the lining of my stomach had been stripped clean and acid had been thrown into my stomach. I was in alot of pain.

What had happened besides having a reaction to the herbs, is the cleanse revealed my health issues. I am gluten, dairy and high fructose intolerant. I felt like I was coming back from the grave, I was hardly functioning like yourself. If I could clean my floors in the hosue I felt lucky and I would have to keep stopping because I was exhausted.

You said docs told you your nutrient levels were fine. Did you see the blood work yourself? I was told the same and then when i got a copy of my blood work I was shiocked to see all the "low" marks. I looked up the the medical coding and found out that was part of my problem. At that point I didn't know why, later would find out it was malabsorbtion. Had a bone scan done and found out I had lost bone mass in both legs and my spine. And that where I put it together. My body was suffering from the lack of vitamins and minerals my body was able to absorb and if your villi are flat it would be my guess this is what is happening to you as well.

I can only tell you what worked for me and hope that it helps you as well. I had to protect my stomach, doc gave me a prescription for acid reflux which I took 2 times daily plus 2 doses of Pepto in between. I looked up all foods high in acid and avoided them. Just that right there was enough to relieve my stomach with time. I actually did this for 5 months, slowly backing off on the meds.

Every symptom I had a looked up on the Internet and linked it to a vitamin deficiency and started on extra vitamins, on top of my prescribed prenatal vitamin I was also taking. This was no overnight miracle but the persistance paid off. For me I did:

Vit D- to help absorb calcium, irritability and dizziness or vertigo, crawling sensation on skin, bladder issues, joint pain, poor concentration, memory

B12- for tingling in hands or feet, anemia, nerve damage, buzzing in ears, neuropathy issues

Magnesium- confusion and poor memory, fatigue, disturbed sleep, irritability, general lack of interest, muscle twitching, muscle contraction

Zinc- supports immune system, hair loss, taste,

Potassium- regulate nerve transmissions and muscle contractions, restless legs, charlie horses

Iron- for anemia

Silicon- helps maintain bone density and strength by facilitating the deposit of calcium and other minerals into bone tissue

L Carnitine- burning, tingling, stiffness in toes, feet and hands. Pins and needles feeling in feet and hands

Thiamine (B1)- hot/burning feet

My B12 and vitD deficiencies were the hardest to correct. As I read I found that B12 in supplement form is hard for the body to absorb and most will go right thru the body so I increased my intake to 3 a day, it did help. Did the same with vitD. I am not totally back on my feet yet, this is 7 months later. It has taken a great deal of persistance and as long as I can keep away from the gluten and high fructose I continue to get better. Read every single label.....I found there was wheat flour in my cooking spray, things I never thougth about before.


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    • People are able to find a very old topic and add to it (bumping it up to current).  We need to remember to check the dates and realize that these people from 10 years ago may not respond.  Also, remember that product info, ma be even medical info, can change in that amount of time.
    • When I was changing doctors due to insurance issues, I got one doc who I told I had celiac, and had been gluten-free for 2 years. He ordered a blood test and said I DID NOT have celiac cause the blood test came back negative....I looked at him like it was crazy, told him course your not going to detect the antibodies in test if I am not eating it. Told him to go back to med school and never went back. Similar experience with another doctor around that time....funny memory glad I found one that knows about the disease to some extent.
    • ÖThe potential celiac or  NCGS  diagnosis is given to me by the Celiac researchEr.  I do not think it's official until after we meet again.  actually I have not heard of that doctors work. I will look it up and see if I can listen to an interview. Thanks for sharing.  some of the symptoms that I continue to have Had on a strict gluten-free diet or similar to what I have now  and some of them disappeared. Of course During that time I was thrown on Xanax and some Protonix even though I don't actually have acid reflux. So there may have been some symptoms that were caused by those medications but I've been off Of Them for months now.  I guess headed pressure would be one of the more prominent symptoms  that I still had on a gluten-free diet although it's much much worse recently well I'm gluten.  it was almost like I can feel a strange sensation in my gut and the head at the same time but it's nothing like what you would think it wasn't cramping it wasn't... I don't know how to describe it. it does not feel anything like sinuses it's a really strange feeling like my brain Is inflamed Or being squeezed.  When I first started getting it it scared the living crap out of me because I thought I was going to end up passing out. I would be afraid to drive alone with my young son. Now admittedly I was diagnosed with inflammation of the small intestine in late August and was gluten free throughout the fall but started eating it again in late December. So I may not have given myself a tremendous amount of time to heal from the August duodenitis.   Currently I have pain in the right rib cage area,  I also get a tremendous amount of pressure in that area mostly when I'm sitting. Kind of like when us pregnant women had a baby's foot stuck up in that area.  I get nausea on and off, some shortness of breath, dizzy,  when my brain gets that  pressure my eyes often feel it as well, and I get some transient numbness and tingling in my hands and oddly in my face.  last summer I had Random episodes of blood pressure drops as well. I would start to really not feel well and noticed that eating actually helped those episodes. I was exercising a lot At the time but ate constantly  and was maintaining my weight. One doctor theorized it might be my blood sugar dropping so I bought a monitor but I never caught that. The only thing that I did catch was when I bought the blood pressure monitor and started taking my blood pressure when these episodes were happening.   for the most part I had pretty good health up until about a year-and-a-half ago and a very strange six months or so about 13 years ago where a lot of neurological stuff happened as well. I had vertigo, visual disturbances, eye floaters, muscles twitching, ants crawling sensation on my scull, some really strange stuff. It lasted about 6 months and over time it just went away.  except for the eye floaters, they stuck around. I'm not particularly concerned about them it's just that they were not there one day and I had some visual disturbances and Bam there they were and they never went away. I have a half-sister with MS but we ruled it out for me at that time and we also ruled it out last summer as well.   I did the whole 12-week thing that they're suggesting for your daughter. We figured the six weeks wasn't long enough.  For the most part other than a few weird things I honestly didn't get strange symptoms until the end of the six weeks so 12 weeks made sense. I think I actually ended up doing 10 weeks before the biopsy This time. Nothing but the increase in IELs.  I know they only biopsy the duodenum and I wonder sometimes if it's not just lower down. But with the negative blood work except for that one random test I don't know if it's really worth pursuing any more testing at this point. I'm so tired.  I know my brother is seronegative but that's pretty rare although I have no idea whether or not they've ever done a study on if that happens to be familial.  I also would really like to know if people who test positive for TTG 6 have any gut damaged. Because if that's the case perhaps there is no seronegative celiac disease  Have you read Dr. Fasano's work?  he writes back both Celiac and ncgs.  How long are you doing your challenge for again?  I know you may be anxious for answers as well but my suggestion just from personal experience would be to go as long as you can. 
    • I should qualify that I'm actually consuming the equivalent of 1-3 slices of bread in the form of vital wheat gluten. Sometimes I have bread, if I'm eating out. But I don't really want all of the carbs and I want to demonstrate that it actually IS the gluten causing the problems and not a Fodmap issue.  My reaction to bread and my reaction to the gluten are the same.  I'm actually shocked at how quickly things have changed. My hair is starting to thin again (boo hoo 😩), and my stools are completely different and it's only been about two weeks. The headache and dizziness and nausea are the worst.  Ennis, you are right. You would think that all of these symptoms would show on blood work. Grrr. I'm hoping that the GI I'm seeing on June 7th will run a preliminary full celiac panel.  It will only be 4 weeks by then.  Will it show something?  My sister has her PhD in immunology and I remember her saying how difficult research in immunology is because you need clearly high antibodies to demonstrate anything. 
    • I am going to have to remember this: "Doctors who fail to notice there are recalls out on their God complex". Brilliant! I'm wondering what symptoms failed to resolve?  All of them?  Some of them?  Neurological ones?  I'm sure you have read Dr. Hadjivassilou's work. I listened to an interview with him and he stated that neurological ones can take a year, and even small amounts of CC set you back. So that is something to consider.  jmg's advice is so sound. Thank you! NCGS - grrr. That one really annoys me. My daughter was first brushed off as Fodmap issues because she also had SIBO.  No one believed me that the SIBO and gluten reactions were not the same.   So she was told it's probably NCGS which is likely really a Fodmap issue.  Resolve the SIBO and she can go back to gluten. No.  Now that she is SIBO free, the neurological symptoms REALLY show through. But she also has terrible stomach pain when accidentally Glutened. Because of the neurological symptoms, now the GI says hmm, she could have celiac but just wasn't far enough along to test for it. Does she want a 12 gluten challenge?  What part of she loses the use of the right side of her body didn't you understand?  No gluten additional challenge for her.  But I have now noticed my reaction and my history of headaches and anemia and unexplained weight loss and hair thinning and stress fractures. So I'm going through the gluten challenge. It's for me, it's for my daughter, it's for  my niece and nephew who all have early symptoms that I recognize but my sister won't take seriously.  And I'm running it as a bit of an experiment.  I have eaten a low Fodmap diet for a year because of my daughter's SIBO. I purposely added high Fodmap foods first to see what happened (no gluten).  All good. I added bread, noted the reaction. I added JUST vital wheat gluten. Exact same reaction as bread.  In fact right now I'm pretty much just doing the gluten that is equivalent to a couple pieces of bread, eating bread or pasta when I occasionally go out. I am NOT going to have them tell me it's not gluten when it clearly is.  It seems that certain celiac research centers have all of their eggs in the NCGS/Fodmap basket at the peril of their patients.   Again, ironic truth, good luck with the Gluten-Free, give yourself time and be patient.  I can tell you that strict gluten-free was more than I initially thought. It took some time before we eliminated all of the CC. I was personally shock at how little it took to cause problems. I would definitely like to know how you are doing. So many people move off of the boards and I wonder how they are doing.   
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