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Building Momentum

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it might just be me and my crazy drive to "conquer" or "accomplish" but every now and then I get this desire to go do something different with my life that I would really have to work hard in order to accomplish that goal. Like today I started looking up a job like fire fighting. Something where I'd get to rescue other people and do good even if it was chalk full of sad times. The adrenaline rush of forging forward is sometimes what gets me seeking out difficult things to accomplish.


For all I know this could be something related to what my Grandpa had, post traumatic stress disorder or just a mental memory of fighting cancer and celiac disease and stuff in life has permanently imprinted a desire to strive in my mind.

"Wooot!" It's like a wave of euphoria or endorphins?? But awe man I wanna kick some butt! :D


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I have often considered becoming a volunteer firefighter, but with my current schedule impossible. I did join one in the summer of 2010, but again I was too busy to really get trained (AKA save someone) and then I moved.

They do have some positions that are less physically demanding (at least they did in the area I lived). Plus, I think a major part of becoming a firefighter is building up the endurance to actually be one.

I think you should go for it, maybe not as a career change but volunteer, if there is a volunteer department in your area and you would have the time.


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Our area is served (serviced?) by a fantastic group of volunteer firefighters (we have two up the road from us). The siren goes off, and within fifteen odd seconds you see two sets of taillights hightailing it down the road. Totally awesome. :wub: They are first responders on everything here from heart attacks to traffic accidents to acutally, wait for it.... fires!!! And they are dedicated in their training. Luv those guys!


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